[NT] Free $10 Credit with Beachfront Hotel App (New Sign-Ups) (Rapid Creek)


Free $10 credit for downloading and signing up to Beachfront Hotel’s bar app.

Search in Apple/Google Store for “Beachfront Hotel” to download the app. Screenshot looks like this.

iTunes App
Android App

Beachfront Hotel
342 Casuarina Dr,
Rapid Creek NT 0810

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The Beachfront Hotel


  • +1 vote

    Loved the old days of the cage bar

    Mr Bloody Wilson said he well remembered Lim’s Hotel from the time he performed there in about 1985.

    “It was f***ing rough as guts,” he said, “I have probably never played anywhere as rough since.


    $10. Great, gunna ge me some NT draught.

  • +1 vote

    What a choice of photo the auto thumbnail grapper has found for us. People who suggest codes don't have a sense of humour need only look at this post.