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TCL 50" P8M UHD Android LED TV $476, TCL 43" P8M UHD Android LED TV $436 @ The Good Guys & @ The Good Guys eBay


Found this on The Good Guys website 20% off TCL TVs. Promotion excludes 65P8S, 65P8M & 32S6800S ends Sunday.

$40 more to jump from the 43" to the 50"


You can also buy these through The Good Guys Ebay store and get another $13.08 off the 43" and get $14.28 off the 50" using the code POTTER making the 50" $461.72 and the 43" $422.92



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  • Don't forget cashback on larger models also in this sale.

  • Good price for a good TV.

    • Do you have one of these TVs and are there any special settings you have set? I have the next model P8S and honestly it’s the worst TV I have purchased in the last 15 years. This is purely due to motion judder and jitter. I have tried to change settings etc but cannot make it better.

      I have called through to the good guys three times and left message to call back but have not heard back yet!

      • I am just using factory settings. This is my first 4K HDR and this is quite a step up for me in terms of picture quality. I am not seeing any judder or jitter.

      • P8S is superior to P8M. I got a P8M from a previous sale a month ago and also think it is a good buy. Motion judder and jitter can be due to various factors, maybe not TV itself.

        TCL ranks No.2 LCD TV manufacturer in global market share in 2018. For general home use, I do not think you can go wrong with it.


      • i was going to have a look at this at TGG. does the motion judder and jitter happen while watching something or while navigating?

        • For me while watching. It gets what they call soap opera effect also.

          Quite bad motion blur watching sports especially.
          Having a few year old Hisense I’m incredibly underwhelmed with the TCL and it can change I will be arranging it.

          It may well be an issue with my screen but I will have to wait to hear back from TCL support.

  • HN/JB/Bing Lee all have these prices for TCL P8M.

    Use PETAL on eBay TGG/Bing Lee if buy a 55" model, $50 off.

  • We have an older version TCL, regret buying it.
    YouTube app keeps crashing. Poor interface and generally not good quality πŸ˜’πŸ˜
    You get what you pay for.