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TCL P8M UHD TVs - 43" $388 | 50" $399.20 | 55" $528 | 65" $756 | 55X7 QLED $952 (+Cashback) + Postage @ Appliance Central eBay


Some great prices on these TVs from Appliance Central plus cashback on selected models!

Cashback Details - https://www.tclpromotions.com.au/details

TCL 43" P8M - $388
TCL 50" P8M - $399.20
TCL 55" P8M - $528
TCL 65" P8M - $756
TCL 70" P8M - $1056 - $100 Cashback
TCL 75" P8M - $1119.20 - $100 Cashback

TCL 55X7 QLED 55" - $952 + $100 Cashback
TCL 65X7 QLED 65" - $1136 + $200 Cashback

Original 20% off Selected Sellers @ eBay post

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  • Shipping kind of kills the deal

  • Does anyone actually have the P8M? How's the boot time and overall image quality?

    • If you look for the ozbargain Good Guys TCL sale there’s some reviews.

    • I bought the 50" P8M from the Bing Lee sale, ($404) absolutely love it.

      Decent colours and shadows and actually very quick. Boots up within 5 seconds or less and all the smart apps work flawlessly (e.g. Netflix). Sound is great too (I have it wall mounted).

      I'm very happy with it, highly recommend.

    • Got the 43P8M in the bedroom. Great TV for the coin.

    • Yep I picked up the 75P8M when they had the first $100 Cashback pro-mo a few months back. Got HN's extended warranty to give 7year in-house replacement warranty, all for < $2000 Boot time is slow, but not tedious. We're happy with pq and (basic) features. But the Android tv OS is VERY limited, so avoid installing any addition apps on the tv, get an external media box.

    • Got the 75 inch version about a month ago. The boot time is really long bordering 1 minute if you haven't used the tv for a few hours. The chromecast built in is super slow and you're going to want something like an Nvidia Shield to actually navigate some sort of menu and do things with any speed. The picture settings are limited, the motion settings are limited and when switching between HDR and normal content the TV resets the Judder settings so you have to manually switch it back each time. Also if you ever want to use subtitles for Australian tv, the font size is horrendously large, taking up almost 1/4 of the space on the screen so it's usuable and you can't do anything to change it.

      I've got to be honest though, the actual picture quality is decent but they spent so little effort getting the rest of it right. It's unfortunate that there are so few reviews of this TV to get an idea of what it's actually like. The US version of this has a completely different UI/software, one that actually looks very good, but the one we get is pretty bad.

      That being said it's servicable, just don't expect much more than that.

  • I can't find any reviews of the 65X7 but interested in buying it, any one own one or have any hands on experience with it?

    • Because they are all new models, I bet hardly anyone has used them for more than 3 months. All you can trust is a brand name.

    • Have the previous 65X4US model. Doesn't seem to fast boot any more, even when the option is ticked. No regrets (except the falling prices).

    • Bought one last week… For $1340… Dammit..
      super happy with the picture and sound quality..

      Lots of complaints about the Fast Boot setting not working.. Maybe I'm lucky.. But mine works perfectly

      Plays just about every format video file from a USB.

      Sure it's not Samsung/Sony quality.. But it's also much cheaper

  • This model in a 50 inch or a 50 inch Samsung when on sale for around $570? Will do gaming and netflix. Almost a $200 difference.

  • It's free pickup at villawood so this is a great deal.

  • how different compared to C8

    • You can't really compare this TV to the C8. Firstly, the picture quality i.e. motion handling, black levels, contrast, brightness, literally everything is so much better on the OLED. The processor within the TV is also much faster, you can navigate menus extremely quickly and the TV boots up in about 5 seconds compared to the 1 minute of the TCL. There are lots of useful settings which are neatly organized on the C8 and switching between inputs is really quick, where the TCL lacks a lot of settings and is sluggish to navigate. Also the response time is much faster on the C8 and if you plug in your laptop or computer to the C8 you play games at 1080p120Hz on a large format screen, which is a very cool experience. Then again these TVs aren't even in the same price range so yeah.

  • I remember when the cheapest 42 inch flat screen you could buy was 7999 (HN advertised it as a "price breakthrough" at the time).

  • Does this have Roku built-in? Like the Series 6?


  • I'm toying the idea between the tcl 65x7 and hisense 65r7. Opinions?

  • I know all you lovely gals and guys in OzBargainland can do your own searches for reviews, but here’s one for the x7 and it’s pretty rough (the verdict, though the review is very lacking in terms of any benchmarks or testing measures, and protocols). Basically, my sense from reading is, the X7 ain’t gonna be much chop for most of us because the 4K upscaling is a bit of a mess (from the review) and seeing as most things are in HD or even SD that’s a bit of an issue. The other thing that put me off was the mention of game mode being lacklustre (choppy), which would drive me up the wall. So for me, as I have lots of DVD’s, and game using OG-XB1 I’d be not buying the X7 which is a shame because it’s cheap as, QLED, and apparently micro-dimmed.

    Here’s the review anyway for those interested. https://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/tcl/x7/663747/

    Here’s a different review that was more favourable with more specifics on testing results.


    • Agree with the upscaling part, I went personally to JB hifi to have a look at the X7. They were running 1080i videos on it which was strange, but it was a good opportunity to see it upscaling. It was recognizably washed out. The Panasonic($3k worth) next to it which had the same video running from a splitter was comparably better. I asked them to play a real 4k content from their USB and it was beautiful. You need to be watching 4K content for this to be worthwhile (Pay Netflix Premium and at least NBN50).

      With regards to the choppy games, no chance to sample it unless personally played. According to the pcworld review, he played RDR2 which has some FPS issue with the PS4 Pro itself when I google about it. Not sure until someone tests this out with other games.

  • eBay says "This code can't be applied to your order."…

    What's the deal?

    • Just tried the code and it works for me

      • @LGW which one did you bought tcl 65x7 or hisense 65r7 ?

      • do you guys know if cashback is valid with appliance central? I can't find its name on the T&C although it says "Other participating TCL retailers", but appliance central does not display the Promotion materials.

        (In-store & Online): Retailers participating in the Promotion are Harvey Norman, Domayne, Joyce Mayne, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Betta Home Living, Binglee, Bi-Rite Electrical, Radio Rentals, Retravision, Costco, RTE, Winning Appliances, 2nd World, Leading Appliances and Appliances Online and any other participating TCL retailers (in-store and online) throughout Australia. Participating Retailers will display Promotion materials.

        I emailed both appliance central and TCL to make sure but if you guys have any info, let me know.

        • I was speaking to them yesterday about whether they provide an invoice without reference to ebay (which supposedly it won't have) and the guy said it would be fine to claim the cashback, so I can only assume purchasers from them will be OK for the offer.

  • I went to look at the 75" and 85" P8M in store

    HN were willing to match the 75" price if you want local support

    Picture initially blew me away since I haven't looked at TV's in a while BUT I just couldn't bear the brightness being so low even if maxed out

    My place is not usually very bright but I reckon there'll be other deals coming up and I'm willing to pay a bit more for a brighter set perhaps with FALD as well as wider colour gamut which will produce a better HDR picture

  • Can anyone help, should i get a new TCL 50p8m or a used samsung UA55KU6000W for 50 dollars more?

  • Keen on the 65 P8M at the price point (its still available)

    does anyone know if the P8M models come with game mode?

  • Just received my this evening. Connected it to my Sony receiver but couldn’t get ARC to work. It did detected the receiver, but then I forgot what I did to settings, then the tv couldn’t recognise the receiver, ie no model name/number shown. I could use the receiver with no problem so far, just no ARC, so couldn’t play TV audio via my home theatre speakers. Does any one know how could I factory reset the tv? I couldn’t find online how to reset it. Please share if you know. Thank you.

  • Are any of these smart TVs with built-in BT able to project sound into my Bose SoundTouch speaker? I’m going to have to mount a new bedroom tv onto the ceiling so I need a budget tv to cast sound wirelessly.

    pls halp