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Kogan KAMN27CQ1LA 27" Curved QHD 144hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor (2560x 1440) - $359 + Free Shipping @ Kogan


Hey everyone,
Looks like the classic 27" 144Hz curved Kogan gaming monitor is included in the free shipping deal which is great considering shipping is usually pretty pricey. Can't speak to the quality, it seems to be a bit iffy but that also seems to be a fact of life at this price point.

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    Anyone have one of these?


    Just sending my Dell 32" back because it's too big; this could be a nice middle ground.


      I have used this screen for the past 6-8 months, primarily for gaming but also browsing, movies and some CAD work. So far I've been very happy with it - I've never been super-picky with screens but this one looks a lot better than my old Dell.

      Freesync works fine with G-sync on my GTX1070 without artefacts etc. Brightness is not a strength but perfectly adequate for my needs.

      My 3 biggest criticisms:
      The integrated speakers are almost useless, as they are very quiet and distort easily;
      The stand is solid and sturdy, but has virtually zero adjustment;
      The inputs are limited and located in an inconvenient location.

      As others have noted, the Aldi screen appears to be very similar and has a better warranty, so it's worth considering as an alternative.



        Your thoughts on the top section of the test patterns? Also try adjusting the 'response time' setting in the monitor configuration.

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        Correct me if im wrong, but I'm pretty sure this screen isn't 'g-sync compatible', therefore the monitor won't lock to the frames the card is pushing.

        I'm running this panel with a Gtx 1080 and cant get the two technologies to interact with eachother.

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          You're wrong. :P

          GSync compatible just means it will enable adaptive sync out of the box despite it not being hardware GSync (ie. it's an approved FreeSync monitor). You can still turn on adaptive sync via the drivers, and most work fine as they fail due to an 'inadequate' adaptive sync range, or something along those lines.

          You need to use a DP cable, then enable FreeSync in the monitor menu, as well as in the NVIDIA control panel.

          Again, interested in your thoughts on the top bar of this test, once you've upped the 'Response Time' setting in the monitor menu:


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            @jasswolf: Response time setting is set to 'High". Can easily see a trail behind the ufo's on the top bar.

            Is there a guide somewhere i can read into about altering the drivers?


              @Jakeo: You're not altering the drivers, beyond making sure they're up to date. Plug the monitor in via DisplayPort, then open the monitor on-screen display menu and enable FreeSync (may be referred to as 'Adaptive Sync').

              Then right click the desktop, click 'NVIDIA Control Panel' and it should be fairly obvious from there.

              Failing that: https://i.imgur.com/IckwY9A.png

              As an aside, make sure you've actually set the refresh rate to 120Hz or 144Hz to make the most of this panel.


      I have used 2 of these monitors being used as a dual monitor setup for the past year, and I've found them really good considering the price.

      One issue I have with it though is that the input ports are behind a plastic cover, and as a result it's been incredibly frustrating to plug in connections.

      Does anyone know if the plastic cover is able to be removed ? I'm close to just ripping it off entirely.


    This vs viewsonic vx2758-2kp-mhd ?

    theyre about the same right?


      Get the Viewsonic, I just bought one a few weeks ago and its really good, beautiful colours and screen seems to have a very solid build and performance.

      I was in the exact same boat as you a few weeks ago.


      Viewsonic is out of stock everywhere


    Isn't this the same price as the one from Aldi this week? You'd get better warranty with them

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      You get 30 days no questions return with Aldi, after that you only have manufacturing support from experience.


    not curved but wouldn't this be better deal than kogan brand… Dell 27-Inches LCD Gaming Monitor, Black, S2719DGF

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    I ordered mine on Thursday from the previous deal and it got delivered today (express shipping)and its sitting in the post office. Will report in how good it is


    What does this mean?

    Response Time OD Response Time: 5ms | Normal Response Time 8, 5ms


      OD is Overdrive mode so if not set on OD response time is 8ms.

      Response time is like screen lag whilst playing games etc.


        More like motion blur. Screen lag would be input lag.


          I think you're both right. Response time is the time it takes the pixels to respond to the input, so a "screen lag", but that results in motion blur/overshoot


    For anyone wondering this is a VA Panel.


      are VA panel better than IPS?


        For blacks and movies; yes.

        Also, due to the better blacks, word processing too.

        Games; most prefer IPS; and the 'pros' still go TN for speed.


        Tech wise? Nowadays VA and IPS are both pretty equal. TN still lags behind on colours.

        It depends on the specific panels used within. The actual tech is personal preference if implemented well.


          That's wildly out of date information.

          The latest IPS should be able to handle 240Hz similar to how early 240Hz TN panels behaved, but obviously with better colour accuracy at the edges of the screen due to improved viewing angles. That's why the new LG panel is coveted for 144Hz, but like TN, IPS still sucks for contrast (particularly that LG panel).

          TN has improved its colour reproduction to an acceptable level, and the motion has gotten even better, to the point where we'll see 300Hz panels soon enough (though its unclear what the price premium will be). This is still the gold standard for motion unless you're happy with luminescence and performance of a monitor with pulse-width modulation or black-frame insertion technology to smooth out motion, as this tends to halve the maximum perceived brightness.

          VA is currently significantly behind in response times compared to the best of the other technologies, but has vastly superior colour contrast, but generally requires a curved display to prevent significant issues with colour accuracy across typical viewing angles. There's just been an AUO 240Hz VA panel that's made it into a retail product (Samsung CRG5), but it's 27" FHD and it doesn't seem to be a huge improvement on existing 144/165/200Hz panels. Hopefully this at least means that 144Hz-ish monitors have decent motion reproduction going forward, but we might not see anything more substantial on this front until mid-2020, with maybe a preview at CES.

          So in summary, from a motion perspective:

          • VA with PWM/BFI viable, perhaps solid with 240Hz tech next year
          • IPS viable, perhaps excellent with sufficiently bright PMW/BFI tech
          • TN excellent, incredible with sufficiently bright PMW/BFI tech

          And from a colour reproduction perspective:

          • IPS vs curved VA is a personal preference between contrast and viewing angle, with contrast being more dramatic when well executed
          • TN doesn't trail far enough behind IPS these days to be of concern while gaming
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        100% depends on the panel. Most IPS will be better for general use, as they have the best viewing angles and best experience with minimal ghosting and motion blur unless you get a really bad panel.

        VA has better contrast, but usually at the cost of viewing angles.

        TN is useless for most people, but has the lowest input delay and highest frame rates. However for any sort of colour-dependent work it'll be so much worse than a good IPS or VA panel, and has horrible viewing angles.


          Viewing angles are pretty much irrelevant to gaming and general desktop use. Who doesn't sit directly in front of their screen?

          Colour accuracy is less important in fast games, but can make adventure-style games more "pretty."


            @klaw81: There are vertical and horizontal shifts that are visible in both TN and VA front on (though they are decreasing between tech improvements and things like curved VA), but you're right about it not being particularly important for gaming.

            Where it matters more is for image/video work so that you know you're accurately modifying the image, but that often requires calibration for the space you're working in.


              @jasswolf: I don't believe there's any perceptible colour shifts in any modern screens of any persuasion. It's a non-issue if you're buying a brand new monitor in 2019.

              Agreed that colour accuracy is vital to photo/video editing. But those people don't care about Freesync or panel panel response at all, as 60Hz is plenty fast enough for that application. That kind of user wouldn't look twice at a gaming screen.


                @klaw81: Within 20 degrees of centre, horizontally? Maybe. The other draw back of TN is that the colour shift from below centre (i.e. slouching/reclining in your chair) is horrible, and I think that's where a lot of people get concerned.


    I've been doing a lot of research but I can't find anywhere what the actual input delay for this panel or even any VA panel? I'm not a professional gamer but I used to be and it's important to me that there's no real input lag. Anyone who's bought this and kind of sensitive to that kind of stuff confirm that it feels snappy?


    Got mine on Friday and I’m liking it so far.
    The picture looks great and is quite smooth with its 144hz refresh rate. There is a bit of ghosting, but it doesn’t really bother me. G-Sync works with this monitor, which is surprising.
    Definitely an upgrade compared to my 60hz 1080p monitor.


    Liking this monitor so far. I don't think I could ever go back to Flat screen