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TCL X7 65" 4K LED TV + Bonus Wall Mount $1163.20 + Delivery @ GeckoProductsAus eBay


My old TV is on its last legs and went looking for a decent replacement. Read a few reviews and recommendations and it turned up the TCL X7. Seems a pretty decent unit for the price so I added it to my watch list.

Got a notification this morning that the price had dropped $145 (which is weird for an eBay price jacking sale) so checked it out again and found there is a 20% off code for it as well…

$1,795 @ Good Guys and JB HiFi

There may also be a $200 cashback offer on this unit, so it could take the price of this TV to under $1,000…

InB4: "but there is only 6 in stock!! *mashes report button*"… I know there are only 6 left on the store (7 when I read the email at 6am), but it's "close to 10" and its not a massive highly sought after range compared to a cheap Nintendo Switch… Or, mods, feel free to move it to the forum or delete it :)

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