This was posted 2 years 2 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$500 Gift Card With Telstra 12 Month $65 Per Month 60GB Plan (Port-Ins / New Customers) @ The Good Guys


Greetings everyone, The Good Guys is also running this promotion for the next 2 days :)

Offer only available in store.

Terms and Conditions

This was previously removed as I believed that the bonus data was only available to 31/12, but as per the terms, the 20GB bonus lasts until 12 months from connection date.

  • $65/mth 12 Months
  • 60GB Per Month Data Usage
  • Unlimited Calls + SMS + MMS +MessageBank®
  • ETC: $390

As always, enjoy :)

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    NOTE JBhifi is runnig the exact deal currently (dont know how to link to that deal). IMHO there are better options for GC use at jbhifi.

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      Generally you put in the text in brackets, like eg [JB Hifi], followed by the link in brackets eg: (

      This will result in JB HiFi. Hope this helps.

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        thanks! lol it took 5 years on OZB before someone explained it :)

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          When you're posting a comment, there's a 'Formatting Help' drop down option which you can expand to see some extra tips.

          See here

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            @unco: I was going to add that, but the boss was looking for me. ;)

      • Genius

      • Oh I didnt know you could do that! Can cut and paste link on pc but didnt know how to do it on the phone. Many thanks!!

  • Beware of long porting delays with Telstra at the moment - Whirpool Thread

    • Mine went through smoothly a couple of weeks ago

    • +3

      Some useful information from that thread.

      PPV (pre port verification) is a new system that is causing these issues. It's a good concept but the way it is implemented causes issues for the customer and agents as PPV codes cannot be easily sent, nor is there a PPV status in Siebel telling the agent if the code is recieved. From what I've seen, port orders are stuck in provisioning for up to 7 days and the fulfilment notification is blank, basically it shows no update to agents. We've just been told to apologise to customers for the wait. PPV codes can be sent from our new system called console (salesforce) but stores and live chat agents don't have access to it so they need to call a back of house team and wait up to 90 minutes just to get that code resent.
      The only advice I can give if you are porting your number to Telstra is to make sure you enter the six digit code as soon as it is received as that will ensure the porting process has started. Orders this week were incorrectly going into error provisioning for date of birth/account info mismatch and they are being manually resubmitted by back of house.

  • So taking into account TGG gift card, net cost to me is $280 for a 1 year telstra plan?

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      Only if you had already planned on spending $500 at TGG. Otherwise you haven't saved anything, because you're still paying $65/month. But if you're taking $500 off a TV or something you were about to buy, then yes you are saving for that 12 months.

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    So does that mean you can sign up, get the gift card, terminate and pay only $390 pocketing $110 profit?

    • Min cost is $780. so thats the amount you'll have to pay if you terminate after you sign up.

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      Yes, $110 profit, but do you know what you will lose?
      Your credit score will be lost. As the plan is postpaid, your credit file will be checked when you sign the contract. If you early terminate the contract, your credit file will be checked again. These equal to apply for two credit cards at the same time. however, applying 2 new credit cards could get $1000 profit normally. So, do you know why JB HIFI & TGG give you $500 GC?

      • Is it lost if the contract is unbroken though? That seems wrong …

        • The second times' decrease in credit score will not happen if the contract is unbroken (NO ETC).
          However, the first times could not be avoided. It happens when you sign the contract.

          • @zeter: Agree with the sign up impact on credit score however I can't see any information to support the second part of your comment. I have previously paid out contracts early and none of them are reflect in my credit file. Do you have any information to support your comment?

  • Can you use the $500 GC to buy something from The Good Guys Commercial website?

    • no. only credit card or paypal is allowed on TGG commercial

  • so if i want to buy a 11 pro max from jb hi fi, how much do i have to pay? $1899 64gb currently, so it would be $1399 and pay mobile service ransom $65/month for 12 months? $65 for 60gb isn't that good though, there have been $50 and below for 80gb from optus all the time.

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      Then go with Optus

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      Telstra - $65 a month for 12 months plus $500 gift card works out to be $23.33 a month for 60gb of data
      Your optus plan of $50 (which is currently $59) for 80gb.

      Telstra - $0.38 per GB, Optus $0.63 per GB, I'll let you pick the winner here.

      Again, no ones forcing you to buy a new phone here, that is your choice.

      • Oh! I overlooked that, it is just a sim only plan. Then yeah it is a fantastic deal. I used Optus only because it comes with Optus sports do I can eat h champions league.

    • Get a apple refurb direct from Apple and sell gift card

  • I was on this deal previous and it was a lot better when you could reduce the plan to $49/month.

    • Can't you do that anymore?

      • I recently changed from the $65 to the $45 JB plan by asking in a JB store, so it’s still possible.

    • Agreed. I was lucky enough to get on the JB deal when it first got offered. Got the 12 month $65 plan with $500 giftcard, then "upgraded" to the $69 Telstra BYO plan with peace of mind data and $20 discount p/m, making it $49 p/m total.

      • $20 discount is pretty massive, how long ago was that?

  • Can you still change to a month to month Telstra plan

    • no, 99% online representatives won't let you change:(

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    I was considering getting into this, until I read the plan details: Paying $65 a month and no international calls! Seriously?

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    Bonus 20GB The Good Guys Data ends 31/12/2019. So, 2 months 60gb then 40gb.

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      That's when they stop offering the bonus data, but it will apply for 12 months from when you take up the deal.

      From the T&C

      receive a bonus 20GB The Good Guys data per month for 12 months from the connection date.

  • i literally started porting from catch to boost 5 mins ago. otherwise will jump on this deal (more likely with jbhifi)

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    wish they offered a higher gift card amount for the $45/month plan. I can't justify spending $65/month when I currently don't use half of 60GB per month :/

    • Get the $65 and then once it’s activated, go back into a JB or Good Guys and ask to change to the $45, that’s what I did!

      • How long ago did you do this , can you please explain? Thank you.

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          Two weeks ago I bought an iPhone 11 with $500 discount from Good Guys on the $65pm plan. When I was signing up for the plan the GoodGuys rep told me you can change plans later if you want. While I was waiting for my sim to active (it took a few days) I spoke to live chat who said you can change plans to the $45 but you have to wait for service to activate and have go into store to do it. A week later I went into Telstra who told me to go to JB. I went into JB said I was on a $65 plan and asked to change to the $45 plan. He did it for me straight away, he put it through over the phone to Telstra, I spoke to Telstra and confirmed there were no ETC or other fees, they confirmed, and it was done!

  • Still waiting for a Huaweii 30 Pro offer ;-(

  • -1

    I purchased the jb deal last week, the 12 month with $400 voucher.
    Now that it is $500… is it possible to walk in and demand a $100 refund? :(

  • Do you have to activate to get the gift card?

  • -1

    Lol all excited until who said no international call? Might suit hillbillies who never leave town.

  • JB gift card has no expiryyyyyyy

    • Expires in 99 years.

  • Anyone willing to sell their JB gift card, please PM me. Planning to buy a tv tomorrow.

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