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Telstra 12-Month Post Paid 60GB $65 Per Month & $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card for Port-in and New Number - In-Store Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Pretty much the same deal they have had long standing now for awhile but for the next 2 days only it will be a $500 gift card!!!!

  • $65 Per Month for 12 Months
  • 60 GB Of Data
  • Unlimited Calls and Text (Local Only)
  • $500 Gift Card ONLY For Port In's And New Numbers


Is only for the next 2 days, call your local store at 9am tomorrow to confirm deal!!!

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  • I thought Telstra scuppered long term contracts.

    • Telstra on the Telstra plans are month to month.
      This is jbhifi Telstra plan on the telstra network.

      • Incorrect, there is no such thing as "JB Hifi Telstra".

        JB Hifi is simply a Telstra dealer that has exclusive telstra contracts only available to them for promotional use.
        All plans are direct Telstra plans with the same inclusions as any other Telstra plan(Telstra app, Telstra Plus rewards etc.)

        • Sorry, the name of the plan isn't called a jbhifi plan, the full name is 'JB HiFi mobile BYO plan $65'.


          If that's not a JB HiFi plan maybe you could tell me what I'm paying for then??

          Also not the same inclusions, as there is no international option, no free 5G trial and no month to month Contract.

  • Only used to purchase phones >= $999. $300 gift card if <$999

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      That is the 24 Month option.

      • Maybe but if you go to the URL in this deal it confirms what Jazza is saying. So the URL needs to be fixed.


          URL is the website as you can see at the top of the page, the deals page will i assume be updated tomorrow when the deal goes live.

  • My plan is finishing in a month… if this was available to existing Telstra customers. I would’ve definitely signed up.

  • Says $400 gift card on $65 12 month contract.

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      Is their long standing deal, this deal is live tomorrow.

  • is the 10 dollar port in discount still easy to get?


      Yup. Just keep going through Telstra live chats and ask for a reference number once they agree to it. They might offer the port in credit for 6 months at first but just say that you were told 12 months by a previous agent.

      • I would disagree that it’s easy to get, but I was eventually able to get $10 off for 6 months after many chats and in store visits. But then again I also switched to the $45 plan, so that might have made it harder for me. Were you able to get $10 off for 12 months recently?

  • I guess the obvious question is can you combine with the $150 on the pixel and just cancel immediately…

  • Can I get the pixel $150 gift card as along with this?

  • I switched from Telstra to Optus last december -reckon they'll let me port in for the deal?

    • Obviously… Some, myself included, ported out for minutes… Though they say 1 Month, it's all luck.

      • Oh awesome, thanks for the heads up! I thought it might be 12 months.

        • Yeah I ported out for 2 days, guy warned me that it needs to be at least a month or else the port in will be rejected… And I'm now on the plan, have been for 13 months so far

        • 1 month was the rule we were always told, but even then I’ve never seen it enforced.

      • Just tried to do this at the JB Bourke Street store. Their MNC terminals were all down so the sales staff member was forced to call through a manual connection. Operator over the phone enforced the 30 day rule (I had ported out yesterday). Sales staff member apologised saying 'they never used to check'. Going to try another store this afternoon/ tomorrow.

  • beware,telstra postpaid user transfer number to other carrier will charge $8.

  • Sorry to ask this question, can you buy iPhone with this gift card ?

    • If you mean the iPhone you intend to purchase with this deal then yes. I got this deal a couple weeks ago, and the person serving me put it right through. I didn’t even know you could keep it separate haha

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    Can confirm this is true as I feel bad that OP is already being questioned within minutes of posting haha.

    Although in saying that, I'm interested to know how they found out about this as this was under a 'do not advertise' condition nationwide until it actually begins (idk why they do this, but it's just how it is). If you're associated OP make sure you check the box as our store has literally been banned from posting deals here due to cases like this…

    Anyways further details:

    • $500 gift card
    • $65 BYO 12 Month Plan
    • Only available from 22/10 to 23/10
    • Available for both consumer and business plans
    • Must be porting in or a new service
    • Is Telstra still having the Porting issue?
      Does porting request expire and need to initiate porting again, or will it stay in 'porting' forever until it has actually been ported?
      Also, if there was an issue with porting due to incorrect DOB or name, will Jb/Telstra/who ever initiates the request, know details are incorrect or will the system just stay in "porting" or say something like "error/unsuccessful"?

    • So, can I setup a new service, then call Telstra to port to month by month, then move out?

    • Any word on if they're going to up the $45 plan back to a $200 voucher?

    • Hi @shekster, can you confirm if jb will allow international inclusions (such as 10 or 25 countries that Telstra and other resellers offer)? I'm willing to skimp on some of the data inclusions.


        There are never international calls included in the JB plans.

    • Only available one day? Damnit I'm still on Boost which I guess wouldn't be eligible :(

    • Will there be an increase on the $45 plan at all?

    • I already have a Telstra account, if I bring a number from Amaysim to add to my Telstra account will it qualify?

      ** Edit - someone answered this below.

    • It's only a 2 day sale. How effective will it be if advertising starts on day 1 and it's during weekday?

      JB, you've done it again!!

  • can i just hold the gift card to use on whatever? the previous deals ive seen is it has to be used on a phone.

  • Does anyone know if I can sign up, use the $500 gift card to pre order the Pixel 4 which then includes a bonus $150 JB hi-fi coupon?

  • Its a shame $65 plan has no international calls included.

    • I'm also holding out coz of this

    • Also shame about no Peace of Mind Data 🤧

      • The Peace of Mind Data is a shame itself - it is unethical and almost criminal that it was designed to rip customer off by either not using the full data allowance ( out of fear of excessive charge), or getting fee for a service which costs them nothing ( cutting off data once allowance reached is no rocket science)… I hope ACCC will heed this shortly.

  • If you're thinking to port to Telstra, be prepared for a long wait. Took advantage of the previous same offer, two weeks and still waiting for the port. Telstra appears to have major issues with porting at the moment.

    You wont get the credit (or the phone if the credit applies to the phone) until the port is completed.

  • Do they still have the deal where it's $10 less a month for porting in?

  • Is that 60GB of data per month?

  • Are there any links to the $65 plan on the Telstra website so I can see the details, cancellation charges etc?

  • Tad frustrating for those of us that work 9-5…

    Are there any Melbourne Metro stores that run later hours?

  • Anyone know if it's still possible to change it to the $45 plan through Telstra online chat? And $10 port in credit still available?