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[Pre Order] Bonus $150 JB Hi-Fi Coupon with Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL @ JB Hi-Fi


Another contender for your pre-order. $150 in gift cards also available at Harvey Norman & Google Store.

Bonus $150 JB Gift Card!
Pre-order Google Pixel 4 XL and get a bonus $150 JB Gift Card! Online delivery and Click & Collect pre-orders will receive a gift card via email 2 weeks from order completion. In-store pre-orders will receive a coupon via SMS 10 days after collection. Offer valid until 23 October 2019.

Coupon Terms (thanks to kerfuffle)
Coupon redeemable until 30/03/2020. Maximum $150 discount is calculated off the current ticket or promotional price. Coupon redeemable on purchases excluding Telstra & Foxtel Services, Miele & Asko, Dell & Apple Built To Order, Prepaid Cards & Gift Cards, Pre-Orders, Extended Warranties & Delivery. Coupon redeemable at a JB Hi-Fi Australia stores as a single transaction only. Coupon can only be used once and must be surrendered upon use. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Balance is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Coupon offer not available at JB Hi-Fi Airport located stores.

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  • +13

    I feel like I'd prefer a gift card from JB than the Google Store. JB has majority of the products sold on the Google Store, while on the other hand, Google Store ain't got shit, bruv.

    • +6

      I agree the JB gift card is much easier to spend, but in terms of dollar value the best option seems to be signing up for a 2TB Google One plan ($12.49 month by month) which nets you a 10% credit on the Google Store in addition to the $150 preorder bonus. This is contingent on you being able to spend the $292.90 on the Google Store, of course.

      Additionally I don't see why you couldn't downgrade or cancel your plan once the credit is applied (30 days after purchase, so you'd still be up by $100 give or take after two month's subscription).

      • This seems to be the way to go
        Doubt they would take the credit away if you were to cancel your plan

      • Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. Who wouldn't like 86% more credit if you know how to spend it. Thanks for sharing!

      • +1

        "Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional codes, or with other bundle offers and instant rebates running at the same time."
        Not sure if that applies to what you're proposing?

        • It's not a promotional code, bundle offer or instant rebate.

    • Yep. And if there is something you want on the Google store, you could use part of your JB gift card to buy some Google store credit there and save the remainder for other JB stuff rather than having the whole lot stuck in Google.

      • +1

        It's a coupon. You can't use a coupon to buy Google Play credit.

        • Ah, I missed the exclusion there.

          Pity, I do that all the time at EB. I can get 10% discount on EB gift cards through my wife's work, so I do that then use those to buy the prepaid cards for PSN, Google, etc, so it effectively turns into 10% discount off those stores. I just assumed these JB ones would work the same.

          • @AngusD: Pretty sure normal JB Hi-Fi gift cards can still be used for buying PSN and Google credit but I haven't tried in a while

  • -1

    Find it odd that many flagships didn't go AX wifi this year, particularly the ROG Phone given ASUS is behind that….

    • we installed AX at work, but our wan links are much smaller.
      problem with phones is the mobile chipset, they don’t even transfer at USB C speed when you connect them to a PC.

      • What is "USB C speed"?

        Are you talking about the theoretical of USB 3, 3.1 or 3.2 (or whatever crap they call it these days)?

    • +1

      What's with the negatives? Geez some people are precious.

      • +1

        Probably because there's no point having wi-fi6 at this point. Our internet speed is slow, wi-fi6 routers cost heaps $500+, can't imagine what the enterprise access points would cost.

        • You realise wifi 6 doesn't just benefit from internet speeds?

          • @DisabledUser139667: Like what? More bands? Are you struggling with your one at home? Do you need better latency? All the above? Then cable your device. Wifi6 cost more than it's worth to implement at this point. Do you really want a $1300 Pixel? It's about cost vs gain.

            • @bogak: Target wake time - which may save battery life (when your device is not in used, without this feature, your phone might still keep the wifi on in background - however, with battery saving mode, OS might turn the wifi off).

              It's true that WiFi 6 network gears are way too expensive right now. However, the client side adapters aren't that expensive. AX200 can be have for $30 so Ryzen 3xxx or Intel 8th/9th gen boards can be WiFi 6 ready. So at least on the client side, you don't need to pay a premium to be WiFi 6 ready.

              That said, between 90Hz display vs WiFi 6, I'd rather 90Hz display.

              • @netsurfer: I'm probably more annoyed about the gesture feature. I'll swap that for AX.

            • -1

              @bogak: AX is starting to become common in new devices, between this and the updated Google WiFi units I think Google missed the boat.

              They also removed Ethernet points too…

              I don't need AX, however doesn't mean it's not a nice feature.

  • +14

    Pixel 4 is high price with low specs. They probably don't care about the sales of it.

    • +4

      It's relatively well priced by flagship standards, and better than US I believe.

      • +3

        Well priced but specs wise not comparable.. Apart from the camera

        • +4

          90hz screen and the software/updates are big factors too.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser139667: Yes, but year old CPU, low storage space, no free original backups, no stereo speakers, big bezels etc are also big factors right? Small batteries with 90hz screen is also something I'm interested to see what the affects are.

            • +1

              @onlinepred: I think the SOT is going to be terrible. 2800mAh on the regular pixel 4. Still on my og pixel xl and considering just getting a battery replacement and keeping it till it dies, really cbf with new phones at these prices

      • +12

        But lower storage, no original quality backup, no stereo speakers, no fingerprint reader, doesn't even have headphones or a headphone jack, still can't do 4k 60fps video like every flagship. It's crazy

        • -2

          It does include buds? Pixel USB-C earbuds. As for the headphone jack, well most flagships don't have those so you can't dig on it for that.

          It's positives are very significant for many, it will likely have the best camera irrespective of specs and it does have the best software.

        • +3

          The fingerprint reader has been replaced by their new face unlock feature, and are people still really upset about the lack of a headphone jack in late 2019?

          • -6

            @magic8ballgag: I don't want face unlock. If I wanted a great phone with face unlock, I would buy an iPhone.

            • +6


              I don't want face unlock.

              That's fine, although Google didn't design a phone purely based on your preferences, just so you're aware.

              No one is forcing you to like or buy this release, the Pixel 3 is still available.

              • -2

                @magic8ballgag: Well I have to get one for work, it won't be my personal phone though, would rather buy a better overall phone for less $$$, but then again I'm the kind of person who looks for value rather than a brand etc.

          • @magic8ballgag: Well yeah - the usb is a bloody hassle and the removal of the headphone jack is an anti-consumer trend. It gives the companies the ability to mimic Apple's closed eco-system and sell purposely required adaptors to use their systems to the full.

            Yes, I'm really bitter about this!

            • @misterbung: Most technology is becoming wireless, it's not a trend, it's just modernisation and the industry maturing.

              You're not alone, but this change is inevitable, so it's best to embrace it instead of being bitter.

        • +8

          Some of that is nit picking in my opinion. No headphone jack? People have been complaining about that for years with all phones that have removed it.

          No stereo speakers? This is probably a concern for the absolute minority, how often are the average user using the speakers in such a way that the quality is that important?

          Lower storage? How much do you need? I have 128gb and after 3 years without ever deleting any photos or videos, plenty of music etc, I have used less than 50gb.

          Do people use 256gb or even 512gb? Absolutely, but these would be the minority. I suspect Apple offers these options as they have people who have been in the Apple ecosystem for over 10 years, so people aren't bringing just 2-3 years of photos/music/apps/data from their old phone, they are bringing with them 10 years+.

          No original quality backup? So what? OG Pixel offered original quality backup in Google Photos and after nearly 3 years this is a feature I have almost never used, the average user is taking happy snaps, whacking it on Instagram or Facebook, sending it to their friends etc, I don't think the quality of the backup is a concern to many.

          To me the camera, the software and user experience make up for a great deal of the price.

          • +1

            @Nebargains: At this price it's not nitpicking. Just because you don't really use any features in a phone, doesn't nullify my points. It's overall a big downgrade in many areas over last years phone. Nearly all flagships have more features.

            The camera doesn't even compete, by the looks of it, video recording will still be worst in class, still doesn't have optical zoom, and wide angle is barely wide.

            Software wise they have added nothing new. If you want software, go apple or samsung, they have loads of features and samsung costs far less.

            • +5

              @onlinepred: It sort of is though, as the price certainly hasn't increased this time around.

              You seem to continue to exaggerate the 'pitfalls' of the Pixel, and the 'advantages' of other smartphone manufacturers. People choose the Pixel because it comes with a guaranteed three years of updates (feature & security), and comes with a non-bloated OS.

              • -1

                @magic8ballgag: Bloated? It comes with loads of apps people don't use. This whole bloated argument is years old. If you want updates and patches you should buy an iPhone as it's much better value for money. Pixel updates more than often cause many issues. Just look at XDA/reddit with many pixel users upgrading to android 10 having major issues. Given that it's feature updates are often reserved for the latest pixel model, or the features are just QOL for pixels as every other phone already has those features, I wouldn't put value in the 3 years of feature updates.

                • +4


                  Bloated? It comes with loads of apps people don't use.

                  Samsung smartphones come with the exact same apps, plus more! So yes, it is bloated in comparison to the 'stock' Android experience offered by the Pixel.

                  You really can't use 'iPhone' and 'value for money' in the same sentence, especially after Apple's last two iPhone releases.

                  Again, what you put value in is not the be all and end all. Most of the people that are buying a Pixel (and will continue to) do put value in all of the things that you clearly aren't interested in.

                  • @magic8ballgag: Pixel is bloated compared to stock AOSP mate. They have loads of apps most will never use. You are also using the wrong term, bloat is carrier software installed on the phone, you are talking about features.

                    The iPhone 11 is better value than the Pixel 4. Most people who put value in the pixel, should be pissed off by ripping customers off. Otherwise they are just following sheep rather than actually assessing products and buying the best/best value.

                    I have S10E and P3XL. I've had all Pixels and nearly all nexus phones. I've had a total of 7 RMA pixels. My wife is on her 2nd RMA P2XL. Pixels are great for super basic users. I bought a cheap P2Xl for my mum as an example, it has no features, can't do much, but what it does do it does easily most of the time.

                    Slowly but surely Pixels are getting more and more "bloated" - or feature rich. Because they are super basic and offer no real smartphone features out of the box, you need to install many 3rd party apps. I mean they only just included dark mode as a feature. They only just now implemented a theme engine and ability to customise some small aspects of the OS.

                    Anyway, i know this is an argument that won't go anywhere, I know it's hard to change passionate opinions and followers.

                    • +3


                      Pixel is bloated compared to stock AOSP mate. They have loads of apps most will never use. You are also using the wrong term, bloat is carrier software installed on the phone, you are talking about features.

                      And Samsung is ever MORE bloated than both the Pixel's launcher and ASOP.

                      I remember you now, you are that person that complains about the Pixel in every deal submitted here, stating how you've had endless RMAs.

                      I'll end with this: whether you agree or like it, a lot of people actually prefer a basic OS with limited features; because it means a more seamless and sufficient user experience.

                      • @magic8ballgag:

                        And Samsung is ever MORE bloated than both the Pixel's launcher and ASOP.

                        I don't think you know what you are talking about.

                        • +4

                          @onlinepred: I don't think you agree with what I'm saying or my opinion, which is fine, but it's known that the OS and launcher on all smartphones manufactured by Samsung is slower and 'bloated' with unnecessary 'features'.

                          • -1

                            @magic8ballgag: A launcher is an application that you interact with to see your application shortcuts/widgets. The OS that Samsung use is Android. You can install the Pixel launcher on a Samsung. And again, if you don't like features, then you should stay away from this pixel, it adds a lot of features no one will use, like digital wellbeing, duo, them engine, daydream, plus all the google apps you love. And if you knew anything, you would have seen many speed tests putting s9/s10 well ahead of P3 in temrs of speed, they use better hardware which is why, UFS 3 is much faster than UFS 2.1.

                            • +2

                              @onlinepred: You're assuming I don't already know all of that.

                              I'm aware that the launcher can be changed, but realistically what percentage of smartphone users are actually willing or knowledgeable in doing so?

                              You have mostly listed pre-installed applications, not features, and whilst these applications may take up insignificant storage space, they certainly do not slow down the OS or take valuable resources such as RAM etc.

                              • @magic8ballgag: Literally the issue with P3XL haha. Not enough RAM, and too much apps running in the background. Common fix for P3XL is to disable digital wellbeing to make it lag less.

                                • +2

                                  @onlinepred: With your specific handset, maybe, but I don't think it's a blanket rule for all Pixel 3s. Whatever the Pixel has running in the background from factory, I would put money on the fact that Samsung smartphones have much more.

                                  • @magic8ballgag: And they also have more RAM, which is why the Samsungs perform better. They have more ram, faster ram, more storage, faster storage.

                                    Yep 100% digital wellbeing wasn't the cause, but for some it fixed their performance issues, for others it didn't. Even after the update Google put out address the poor performance (even though it took them nearly 6 months to do so), it still didn't fix the issues for many. The latest upgrade is causing lag on the lockscreen now. I hope they will address that sooner rather than their typical 6 month fix cycle.

                                    I'm just hoping that in their cost cutting ways, that they actually bought good hardware this year for things like BT and WiFi.

            • +3

              @onlinepred: Samsung is the exact reason I bought a Pixel. At this point, a baked potato would be a better experience than OneUI…

            • @onlinepred: So which phone would you recommend instead of the Pixel 4?

              • @Trishool: It really depends on what you want. What are your main priorities in a phone? And how much ideally would you like to spend? I still think Pixels are good phones, but only good value when they are well below the $1k mark for 128gb models.

          • +1

            @Nebargains: I agree with all of your points except the last. Google has offered the 'original quality backup' feature from day one with all Pixels, so I'm disappointed they haven't continued to offer that with their latest iteration.

            • @magic8ballgag: I'm so sad they didn't offer this backup feature with pixel 4 =(. I recently broke my pixel 2 so I was waiting and ready to buy pixel 4 (not the XL version) but after the announcement I'm now deciding between pixel 4 or iphone (as I am keen on getting the apple watch as well)

              • @eltito: Get the iPhone if you can get the pro version. At this stage it's almost a no brainer.

    • I agree with you, I'm pretty sure the price for Pixel 4 will drop quite soon. Its just not appealing enough for the given price.

      Personally, 3A still a better option than 4 for the value. Much better battery life for sure, and the 2nd camera of pixel 4 is 2x tele lens not wide angle ones which is way more useful.

  • Eh? The Pixel 4 XL 128G in Black, has 2 prices ($1199, $1429) - what am I missing? Jump in quick if its a price error…..

    • +3

      Sure you're not getting confused with the normal Pixel 4 128GB which is $1199?

      • +2

        ah right, must've misread. I blame lack of coffee :)

  • +4

    Pretty disappointing as for a flagship phone..

  • +8

    battery capacity is 2800mAh…not impressed

    • +1

      no excuses, especially when iphone 11 is 3100+ mAh

      • +1

        Yep given the 90hz refresh rate too…I'm on a Pixel 3 with 2800mAh and the battery is pretty annoying.

        • how long does it last you?
          light/moderate/heavy use?

    • -2

      sticking to my huawei mate9pro 4000mAh for now

  • -1

    Anyone else ordered and not get their confirmation email yet? Ordered mine about an hour ago

  • +5

    Why there is no 128gb of 'Oh so range' color

    • +1

      Exactly that's what I thought!!

    • Oh so sad, no orange.

      • The orange colour is a limited edition colour so perhaps supplies of 128gb either are not available yet or strictly limited to some specific retailers or the google store only.

        • Orange only comes in 64GB

    • Hope Google will add orange 128gb to AU store soon.
      Or I'd rather use my pixel 3.

      • They said the orange is only 64gb

  • Xiaomi MI 9 ($600) or Google Pixel 4 ($1000)?

    it's basically the same specs

    • +3

      One is Google branded

      • Googled.

    • +1

      im on my third (and last) xiaomi phone… so over their flaky firmware and disjointed updates.

  • +2

    So spend $1429 and have the privilege of getting $150 worth of more consumer goods.
    Personally I'd rather spend less and get less!
    Also who buys a Google Pixel anyway.

    • +5

      I do - people get passionate over phones. Couldn't really care if people are pro iphone, samsung whatever, but for me, I love the native Google experience.

      Currently on a P30 Pro, and whilst it does some things very very very well, I can't wait to move over to a P4.

      • -2

        U make no sense.. I get the passionate over phones part but moving from p30pro to p4 is almost a downgrade

        • +2

          On paper it probably is. But the user experience with a Pixel is far nicer than a Huawei for me.

          I'm not one of those who tells you what phone you must have, for me, I have fallen in love with the pixel range. It does what I need it to do very well.

          Pending battery life tests I'll make the move.

      • Wow, you buy new phone every 6 months?

  • +4

    Just gotta ask, for those that are disappointed with the update, what were you hoping for? it looks like a pretty decent update to me:

    • Better camera (faster f-stop)
    • Extra tele camera
    • Better software
    • Bigger 90Hz screen (same body size)
    • SOLI radar (not sure if this is available in Australia though)
    • More RAM
    • New design
    • +4

      PiXeL r OvERpriCED!!!

      Can't put a price on the proper Android experience imo. I've had a P2 and P3, both have been great.

      • -8

        I think you can. Google have the most class actions against them compared to every other flagship phone. They cost the most, are the most faulty and unreliable, specs minumum a year old, reduce features each year. It's basically an S10 with less features overall.

    • +1

      I wont be upgrading at launch from my Pixel 3 because of the battery.

      The battery life on the 3 is bad enough. The same battery with 90Hz screen could be unbearable.

      I might consider once the price drops.

      • +3

        Yeah it's concerning. This might be the first time I consider the XL.

        Only other thing that sucks is the removal of the fingerprint sensor. I much prefer it.

    • +3

      Not too disappointed personally but

      • Needed a snapdragon 855+, the curent 855 is so old
      • Needed a three camera setup with a ultra wide angle lens, specially for a phone that known for its camera
      • Removal of Unlimited Storage at original quality
      • Front facing camera is the fixed focus one from the 3A
      • 4K video is still limited to 30fps
      • No fingerprint scanner
      • No stereo sound
      • +4

        The 3 still has a market leading camera with one lens.

        More lenses does not equate to better camera.

        • +1

          It is physically not possible to take wide angle photos with a Pixel, its not market leading on that category. You can argue about whether a wide angle lens is required, but given most flagships do have a wide angle lens, the Pixel is lagging behind.

          If you market yourself as a phone for taking photos and are 2-3 years behind other flagships (ones with both telephoto and wide angle) then I think it is disingenuous to claim the phone as "market leading" for photos

          • +3

            @A Banana4scale: So the vast majority of publications who compliment the camera need to stop doing so?

            Wasn't aware a wide angle lens was the approved standard to judge a phone camera by

        • +2

          The three camera setup is less about camera quality, but more versatility. Telephoto is less of an issue due to Pixel 3 have Super Res Zoom. But an ultra wide camera can capture a lot more scenarios. Just for example,I had situation where I am trying to take a large group photo but there was no room for me to move back, so people had to cram themselves into each other.

          Besides, video is also a very important part of phone camera. 4K60 is useless for me, but some users might prefer that. And hopefully pixel 4 won't have that awful mic of pixel 3.

          • +1

            @youkatei: Honestly, this wide angle coolness is a lot of BS to be honest (unless landscape photography is a big deal to you). There were phones which had wide angle lens included from 2 years ago. They did not sell like hot cakes. It's just when Apple does it, it becomes the standard. Last year, telephoto, it was all about portrait shots and bokeh. This year, the new toy is wide angle lens.

            The thing with wide angle is that if it is not used properly, will deform outlines and produce exaggerations. Generally, most people look better in the telephoto range (that range makes us look a bit thinner).

            • @netsurfer: Yeah I agree with you on ultra wide's quality. I do take a lot of landscape photos, but for me it is more about capturing memories - able to get some cool/trendy shot of my family/friends, or just show the scale of the view I was seeing is more important than how close to life the color/scenario is on my photo.

              Different needs for different user I guess hahah

      • +1

        It does still have stereo sound, just not front facing speakers like before. This setup will work like the iPhones, using the earpiece as the 2nd speaker.

      • +3

        *the 855 is very similar.
        *Iphone 11 is more expensive and has two cameras
        *unless you're self obsessed , the front camera doesn't even matter that much
        *Pixel has the fastest face unlock so no need for fingerprint.

        I reckon 1049 is very reasonable for a snapdragon 855 phone with local support and great software , it's very similar to an iphone 11 which is also not cheap. The iphone 11 has the benefit of a much better processor though

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