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Epson EH-TW5600 Home Theatre Projector Full HD 1080p 3D - $807.80 Delivered @ Custom Home Theater eBay


Great projector. Have one I bought 6 months ago and this is the lowest I have seen it at. In a semi darkened room (some ambient light), the picture quality is amazing at 120" I have it set at. If you cannot darken your room at all, the contrast will suffer a bit. It doesn't have to be as dark as a bat cave, some ambient light is still ok from my experience for day time watching. Lamps last a long time and is quite cheap at $64 directly from Epson. Very well reviewed on Amazon.

2 Years Warranty
2500 Lumens
35,000 : 1 Contrast
Full HD 1080P and 3D
15% Vertical Lens Shift
Keystone Correction Vertical: -30 to +30 degrees. Horizontal: -30 to +30 degrees
Genuine Replacement Lamp: $64


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    I used to sell these in a high end home theater shop.

    Not only were they the most popular, but they were one of the best 'Sub $2k' projectors around.

    I'd PERSONALLY take a DLP for the blacks; but this is an amazing LCD.

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      what good value DLP would beat this model?

  • Cheaper at Videopro

    EDIT: Ops! +$15 shipping , not cheaper apparently

  • I have never had a projector bulb die before something else in the projector stopped working.

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      i have EH-TW5300 5000 hours and still running. always use on economy mode. as the fan is very noisy on normal mode

      • Yea, this one is rated at 7500 hrs in Eco mode. But if using Normal bright mode, 5000 hrs plus is borrowed time. Plus at $64, a bulb change to bring the brightness back to factory fresh is quite cheap and sort of an upgrade after a few years use.

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      I have what would now be considered an ancient TW3500 - the great grandfather of this one. 9 years old or so, original bulb lasted eight years. Overall the projector has been excellent. Not the quietest on the block, nor the brightest, but otherwise no complaints.

    • I have the tw5500 for about 8 years and love it, but I've had 2 bulbs go. one still under warranty (had three years warranty) and then another one after warranty.

    • Ive gone through about 8 bulbs in my w1070 all got between 6000 and 12000 hours (I leave it on almost constantly and yes I have had two bulbs go over 10k hours) so I think you must have been buying crap projectors (username checks out) if that is the case because mine is still going strong lol

  • is it big improvement over eh-tw5300

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    BenQ W1090 for $854 from Catch eBay if you want similar quality but DLP.

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      Agreed, a good option and very nice picture quality, but please note, the BenQ does not have lens shift, so if placement is an issue, the Epsom gives you a bit more flexibility.

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        My my, that's a little salty.

  • one of the best budget projectors ever made imo is the Epson 5040ub aka 8300, not made anymore but there are newer models based on those. Definitely something to consider imo.

  • Hi Guys

    Can anyone comment on how this projector handles sports, ie AFL/NBA?
    my old samsung 65" TV isnt the best, bit of lag when its fast moving.. just wondering if this projector handles sports well or not…
    i know for TVs you really need 200hz for sports, wasnt sure if thats true for projectors as well

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      I'm no expert, but have this projector and love it. We've watched the AFL grand final twice and it was great using a desktop computer and TV tuner. Certainly not much different from my Sony LCD TV.
      We mostly use the projector for Xbox and movies, which it does well.

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    This or the BenQ w1090 are the go to 1080p projectors in the sub $1500-2000ish range. Great price. You can sometimes find either even cheaper from the manufacturers refurbished store. I got my refurbished w1070 for about $720 in 2016. Still going strong (however the w2700 has be throffing at the mouth)

    • I unfortunately am driven mad by the rainbow effect of the DLP and went with the Epson. I did really otherwise like the BenQ I had.

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    I have this and think it's awesome on a 120" screen sitting about 3.5m away. Even when there is some ambient light it doesn't wash out. Is good for sports too! Good post OP.

    • great good to know about the sports!

    • Yea, similar setup to mine. I have it set in a living room with some light control (heavy curtains and ceiling light dimmer). Although not totally dark during the day due to light filled hallway it is still bright and clear. With 2 side table led lamps on dim setting there is just a little detail loss in blacks (I have an elcheapo eBay 120" fixed screen) but still quite watchable. Viewing at night with all lights off is on a different level with amazing contrast and decent enough shadow detail especially for a $800 projector and you can even drop the lamp brightness down to save power and lamp life in bat cave conditions.

      • Do you project on a wall or you have a screen setup?

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          Mine is a cheap no brand 120" eBay fixed aluminium screen I bought on special for around $130. Normal price for these are $150-$170 usually. But if you have a white or cream (light yellowish) wall, you don't need a screen straight away.

  • Does this include the wireless transmit box that connects various devices without cable? If no, how much is the box?

  • Hi, ive been having issues turning this machine on, its like it needs the globe to warm up or something, can someone advise how they turn this on, do you close the lens at all?? Its been really frustrating, thanks. Oh when it does go on, its awesome hehe..

  • does it come with the ceiling mount or is that a separate item?

  • Does anyone know if this projector will work with Samsung 3D glasses? eg. SSG-5100GB
    This seems to say yes, but not specifically this Epson model
    I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience?

  • Newbie question…..How do you connect TV with this? Also, is it expensive to mount this to ceiling. We bought the place and all spaces are there (wall mount location, original screen 140X240 cm). Need to make sure not buying something that won't work….


  • Anyone have any recommendations for ultra short throw projectors

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