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[VIC] Up to 44% off Infiniti Cars (Eg.QX70 Was $84,273, Now $46,888 Drive Away) @ Infiniti Brighton


Infiniti leaving Australia, so looks like sale is on… Some sharp pricing at least in Victoria:
QX80 - $94888 drive away
QX70 - $46888 drive away
Q50 - $36888 drive away
Q60 - $44888 drive away

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  • Is this deal available in Adelaide?

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    Wish there was a showroom in Brisbane or somewhere close. interested in the QX70 at that price.

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    price match/beat in NSW? LOL

    • Good thought

    • Can we buy it in VIC and ship it to NSW?

      • yes we can, we need to pay stamp duty in NSW which they will remove from VIC.

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          Have done this recently, Service NSW (VicRoads equivalent) will even put it into your name in NSW (with your Vic address) so you can transfer it to Vic when you get back without paying stamp duty or having to get an RWC (obviously you'll pay stamp duty in NSW when you transfer it into your name).

          You just need to get a "customer number" from Service NSW to do so. It's actually easier to buy a second-hand car in NSW than it is in Vic (because in NSW so long as its got rego on it you don't need a pink/blue slip to transfer into your name…compare to Vic where you need to spend $150+ on a RWC from a shonky mechanic who will "find" things wrong with the car and force you to pay to fix them before giving you the coveted green certificate).

  • They've pulled out of EU market, and I reckon they will pull out of here as well. $35k drive away for base model Q50 is a good price IMO, if you can put up with the alleged dated interior. Nissan have no one but themselves to blame for not updating the cars to compete with the competitors. Was eyeing up a Q50 3L but oh well.

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      They've pulled out of EU market, and I reckon they will pull out of here as well.


  • Probably a good market for someone to set up an online spare parts website.

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    Doesn't seems to be an Infiniti dealership in Adelaide.
    Tempting to buy a Q60 from Vic and drive back to Adelaide. Has anyone done this before? What's involved?

    • I am thinking the same as my friend rang the dealer for me in Adelaide, the best price is $51K (Q60) drive away.

      • was doing comparison with Lexus RC, then notice Q60 wasn't even crash tested in Australia ……..(http://www.howsafeisyourcar.com.au/Search?make=infiniti&mode...)

      • Which dealer was it? There is no Infiniti dealership in Adelaide.

        • My friend got his brand new Q60 (2018 model) thru Nissan dealer in Adelaide but the car was transport from Perth (extra $1800) to Adelaide.

          • @jccb: why not buy from east coast?

            • @RichardF89: Don't know, it was handled by the Nissan dealer in Adelaide.

          • @jccb: I see, so is the warranty handled by the Nissan dealer in Adelaide?
            Tempting to buy from vic but not sure how the warranty will handled after Infiniti exits Oz completely.
            Is $51k for Q60 2.0 Pure?

            • @ozblocd: Yes, for his car, the warranty is handled by the Nissan dealer.
              It is $51 for Q60 2.0 pure.

              • @jccb: Thanks. Are you still interested in buying from vic? :-)

                • @ozblocd: I am very keen but waiting for the call back to find out more. :)

                • @ozblocd: I am very keen but waiting for the call back to find out more. :)

                  • @jccb: What are you getting? where? If you don't me asking… :-)

                    • @ozblocd: Q60 - Adelaide :)

                      • @jccb: Please let me know if they have a good deal on Q60.

                      • @jccb: How did you go? Got one yet? :-)

      • $51k for the V6 Red Sport? Or the I4?

  • It'd be a good time for buying a used one with possibly low mileage then.

    • used ones are still expensive

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    It seems how they will honour warranty and servicing past late 2020 is still unknown, i spoke to dealer at doncaster,
    he said nissan will do it, but not according to the website https://www.infiniticars.com.au/owners-faq.html

  • This Datsun with bonus rust @ $150K makes this look even better.

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    Infiniti sold 3 QX70s last month in whole of Australia. No wonder they are exiting!

    • how do you find this number?

      • The industry body for Auto industry releases the monthly retail numbers for all manufacturers. I checked it out there. Also Car review websites etc. post these numbers in the first week of the month! Something like this article

  • fair few ppl popping into the showroom today whilst i was there.. i got the base q50, he didnt budge anymore on the price, he was willing to go to $43k on the q60 base(grey) that he had, it's not viewable until friday though. they have the q60 red sport used on site though

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      Were they moving at all on the prices of the red sports?

      • Sorry i never asked, it Was out of my budget

  • does any one know the differnece tbween QX70GT Auto VS QX70 S-design?
    cant work it out for the life of me

    • The S-Design is a special edition with dark exterior accents and purple stitching inside.

      • thats it!
        the only diff is a few cosmetics??

        i think the price is 10k difference as well

        • qx70 s-design is s-premium (which sat above the GT) plus the comestic upgrades Agret mentioned

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          Here's the press release about its introduction in 2015


          At the front end, S Design versions get black and dark chrome grille, airvents, side vents and fog-light housings, while the tail is treated to dark chrome tailgate trims.

          Black roof rails, mirror caps complete the look along with a set of 21-inch black alloy wheels that replace the silver versions of the same size.

          On the inside, the QX70 S Design upholstery features purple stitching on the leather steering wheel and gear selector and, when the Graphite seat leather option is selected, the contrasting stitching continues throughout the cabin.

          Specification in other areas is unchanged over the standard QX70 S Premium.

          From what else I can find - "The Premium Package adds heated and cooled front seats, a power adjustable steering wheel, iPod integration system, folding outdoor mirrors, and aluminum paddle shifters to adjust the gears when using the manual shift mode." although the iPod integration system is probably standard across the range now.

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      Few features the GT doesn't have v's the S design:

      Forward Collision warning
      Intelligent brake assist
      Intelligent cruise control
      Lane departure prevention
      Lane departure warning.

      You would think a vehicle of this price would have the above as standard?

      But still I am going tomorrow to test drive one and more than likely purchase one.

      • I was going to recommend to an elderly relative who had a similar budget

        But it seems ignoring rrp.
        A carsales demo qx70 is worth about 50k, so a 46k pricec is not as good as as 88k retail comparison

      • Please keep us posted on your impressions

      • How is going with your test drive?

        • Ok just got home….. although they have almost sold all of them I really see why they never sold many at rrp.
          It has good power, we liked the look and feel of the interior…indicator/wiper arms are on the reverse side(so that was fun) but overall really let down!
          Even for $46000 we still walked away. It is basically a POV pack! Doesn’t even have front or side cameras?? Only one for reversing.
          We currently have a 2016 Nissan Qashqui TI, and apart from the power the Qashqui feels so much better and has all the features that the qx70 lacks.

          • @kirock81: you said the interior look and feels good,
            thats good to hear, because everyone says it looks crap (which I agree with, from pics on the internet)
            but glad it feels good too

          • @kirock81: Thank you for your experience

        • We were really looking forward to get into one…. such a shame it didn’t meet our expectations.

          • @kirock81: Can you share with us what GT colours or stock was remaining?

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              @solace: Only silver was left available when we were there.

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      Also if you go to another Infiniti website you can download the brochure which when you scroll to the bottom will show the different options in each model.

  • Any good deal in NSW?

  • Hmmm, will parts be a pain the the arse to obtain once they withdraw from Aussie markets? Does it mean we will need to import the parts and pay a premium for them?

    • Highly likely.

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    I went to test drive the Q50 over the weekend. Here are some reviews based on my opinion:
    The front seats are very comfy and the car is smooth and quiet. Interior is alright but the exterior doesn't look anything like a premium car.

    The steering is what disappointed me the most as it is absolutely terrible. It didn't feel connected to the road so when I tried to slightly tilt the wheel, there was no response. I would think this steering is unsafe for Australian roads as I had to turn the wheel more than I should have when going over roundabouts.
    The backseat is also very tight and the positions to place your arms are unnatural because they place it so high on the doors.

    The GPS also didn't work when I tried to use it and apparently, you need an SD Card containing the map inserted into the reader, in order to use the GPS.

    The lacks of safety technology and the fact that they still require foot parking brakes make this car so overpriced.
    I still think it is expensive at 36k and don't know who would be stupid enough to spend 66k for it when you have too many better options.

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      Thx for your review

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    Did anyone buy any car?

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      I ended up buying one from Brighton. Still waiting for delivery from QLD to VIC.

      Will be good if we as the last few infiniti buyers in Australia can get in touch and form a little community because going forward spare part for these cars might be non-existent. Perhaps we can organise parts import together lol

      • delivery from QLD to VIC? even VIC doesn't have stock!!

        • VIC stock (for QX70) was already finished to start with. My understanding is most infiniti dealers are closing down.. What Infiniti brighton does is gathering stocks from all over Australia and sell in Brighton, which is likely the only Infiniti service centre left in the future (That's what the sales guy told me)

  • I spoke with Infiniti Brighton and they claim to only have 2 QX70's left apparently. Base model only. Is it possible that they will keep finding a couple each week until they've run them all out? The actual price is closer to $49k when you add the $2k for metallic paint. Also spoke to Castle Hill (Syd) who only have 1 Premium S left and they're asking $62k. Of course that could be negotiated down. Might check it out on the weekend - have tall teenage kids who might not fit in the back seat tho.

    • yeah they said the same thing to me 2 weeks ago..only 2 QX70s left blah blah, while waiting for the salesperson to come back from somewhere, a different sales person told me they only had 1 left. They were all over the shop, car sales people…
      Truth of the matter is they have one year to clear stock and its still early days so who knows where the price will go or how much they actually have to clear.

      I personally didn't buy one cause the indicators were on the opposite side from what I'm used to…its the little things lol
      Drives ok though. Servicing is around 700-800 a year from memory. Premium unleaded. Urgh…

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    I test drove the QX70 S-Design at Castle Hill y'day. The car drives nicely, has decent acceleration for an SUV as you'd expect with 235kw and cornered flat on the one occasion I tried to push it. The car is quite small in the back - I was able to fit a XL road bike in with the seats down but the width was a little tight.

    Asking $62k and hinted there wasn't much room to move on that. I didn't make a firm offer but couldn't justify any more than $55k on the basis the GT model was selling for $47-49k per above. Even if I could buy at that price not sure I would. Thoughts?

  • Grabbed a dealer used 2018 QX30 sport with 5000kms for $33,200 from doncaster inifiniti(land rover). They had a handful of other models available.

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