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MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics Card - $799 + Delivery @ MSY (Online Only)


MSY are selling the MSY 8GB RTX 2080 GAMING TRIO PCI-E VGA Card for $799.

Their shopping cart allows you to select in-store pick up but this function does not work. Went to an MSY outlet and was told by staff 'online only' meant you have to pay for delivery. Wish they were clearer with their terms.

Also important to watch their fineprint:
Limited 2 per customer. No back order, While stock last. No conjunction with other offers.
MSY reverve the right to adjust the promotion at any time.

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    Wish amd would release some high end cards to give us consumers more choices.

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      Good old days of fair competition between ATI and Nvidia is gone my friend. I hope this video opens up your eyes: https://youtu.be/WYTPgDvLkmY

      • +4

        Two businesses is not a competition.

        It's a duopoly.

        What usually happens in this situation is both parties are well aware that a race to the bottom is good for neither of them so they fix prices either directly or indirectly.

        As your video points out.

        Intel is set to join the discrete GPU game but rumors indicate they're going for the 1080p crowd. Which makes sense since most users game at 1080p but this means no competition at the top end still.

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    No stock

    • They sold 40 RTX2080s in an hour???

      • the deal was posted to their facebook page at 10.45pm ACDT last night, so sold out in 12 hours ish

  • Lol what, oos already. This cooler just happens to be exactly what i want.

    Oh well, ill be waiting next gen to buy a gpu

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    After checking eBay this isn't a spectacular price but man, the 2080 still seems to be an overlooked gem. Remember, this card is 0 - 10% slower than a 2080 Super …

    Previously people had a problem with the 2080 being so close to a 1080 Ti which resulted in the absurd situation of people paying more for a 1080 Ti even though the 2080 is 0 - 5% faster.

    • For this particular cooler it is. Ive been eyeing the rtx 2070 super with this cooler for a while, best i could see was $840 delivered. The 2080 is a decently better card than the 2070 super

    • Can you recommend any similarly priced items from ebay, I can't seem to find anything for the RTX 2080.

  • -1

    I jumped on this. So low and I was going to buy COD on either PS4 or PC anyway.
    I'll buy on PS4 at launch and return before 7 days and download COD using the free code.

    • +1

      I jumped on this.

      Pretty sure that is not covered by the warranty…

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