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Sony WH-1000XM3B Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - $316 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Looks like Myer decided to add more stock after mysteriously going out of stock yesterday before the 20% off began. Free delivery on these too.

I don't think they're selling that ugly cream colour.

20% off Myer eBay

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  • Almost gone it says on eBay. Will be gone by the time I post this.

    • Gone! Out of stock. Seems they had only 34 for sale. But this is becoming the general price now. For those who missed just wait for some time and some retailer will come up with a discount.

      • 2 minutes to sell out. Nice

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    Thanks OP! hopefully the noise cancelling works great to block mum's shouting

  • Gone already

  • You buy the black one and you can join the hordes in Melbourne. I reckon the silver one is nicer :(

    • I only ever notice people with the black Bose headphones. I'm guessing most people don't walk around the streets wearing over ears?

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        QC53s, part of the Melbourne uniform. Pairs nicely with a black Kathmandu jacket.

        • +1

          I like to stand out from the crowd with my grey Kathmandu jacket.

  • Damn, I been really wanting a pair of these for a long time, just missed out.

    • Possibly wait for Black Friday sales.

  • Would the noise canceling work while mowing the lawn? Or does it have to be below a certain volume to work?

    • Good question. I’d be hesitant though to risk getting my shiny Sony headphones dirty while mowing.

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          Argh, confused them with WF1000XM3

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      Honestly I've been a tad disappointed with the NC of these headphones. I've had them for about a month now and the way YouTube reviewers rave about its NC capability I was expecting the whole world to be drowned out as soon as I put them on. Don't get me wrong, they're still good but I can still hear people talking on the train, footsteps etc.
      If you were mowing, I'd imagine it to reduce the sound a bit but not to any great degree.

      • +2

        Have you ambient turned on and that's why its letting bocce through? Mine block out almost anything. Don't hear a peep on the train

        • No unfortunately not, full NC.
          For example, right now I'm wearing them at my desk, NC on, and I can still fully hear everything the person at the desk behind me is saying on their phone call.

          It might just be my expectations or placebo effect though, will get a couple of colleagues to test out theirs & see if there's any major difference.

          • @Super Saiyan: Hmmm weird. Is that with music on? I often don't hear someone attempting to speak to me that is standing right next too me. I have good hearing too, just to knock that off the list. Maybe they ate faulty. The only way that i can hear talking is with ambient noise turned on. I generally turn that on when walking, otherwise can't heat cars. Have you calibrated them?

      • I have them on when I do mowing. It drown out quite a lot of noise. Really happy with them.

      • you need to play music through them

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    Just received a cancellation email from Myer and a refund email from PayPal…

    • Damn that sucks dude.

  • The silver headphones are in stock for the same price as these black headphones with 10+ available… apparently.