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[NSW, ACT] LG OLED65C9PTA 65" OLED TV $3036 + $40 Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


Great price for the 65" LG C9 OLED.

Postage excludes: Adelaide Metro, Brisbane Metro, Melbourne Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

Enter your postcode under the Postage and payments section to see if your postcode is eligible for shipping.

Credit to aspirepranesh for Original 20% off Bing Lee eBay post

Mod Note: Melbourne Metro now excluded from Delivery.

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  • Is it something wrong with their search? Search didn't return any TV.

    • Try this link.

      • Only one? but not this deal or any other TV.

        • Strange… the TV section isn't showing any TVs for me as well now. Worked just before I posted this deal

          • @Smogul: weird! before I made my post, I couldnt find any tv's listed. Was surprised when you got the link for the tv for this post.

    • Postcode issue. Set your delivery to NSW or VIC. When you click a link provide by others, your delivery postcode may change to his.

      • I am at Sydney and I searched by myself.

      • Use Chrome Incognito tab without login and found TVs

  • +1

    This deal is only available to Sydney, Melbourne and ACT buyers for delivery, as per their existing retail footprint:


    Great price though, but not the perfect buy in point given the lack of 120Hz BFI.

    • BFI?

      • Black Frame Insertion.

    • No 2019 OLED beats it though.

      • Correct, we're yet to see that feature for an OLED panel, but it's a regular feature on LCD panels now.

  • +2

    I hate Bing Lee deals… stupid Sydney/Melbourne metro only… wish people would remember to tag them.

  • +1

    Doesn't post to Brisbane Metro!

  • I haven't been looking at C9s but that seems like an amazing price this early in the year.

  • +1

    Amazing price I regret getting the hisense 65PX for $2200 should of gotten this but then I need it then not now

  • Do any retailers price match this?
    Need shipping to Perth

  • I've often wondered how much I could get for my 55" C8 - it's one of the best things I've ever bought… I just wish it was 65".

    • I reckon you could flog it for $1,200 second hand easy.

  • Wonder why they'll deliver this to Melbourne but not other 65in TVs

  • “This seller doesn’t ship to Australia”

    Apparently Sydney/ Melbourne are not part
    of Australia but Brisbane still is.

  • +1

    Need GG/JB or something that actually has an Australia wide sales.

    • Or Videopro for QLD people.

  • Do any of you have any experience with click and collect using a courier to collect? I live in FNQ and always miss out on deals like this. The money saved would more than cover it.

  • Top price. Buy one all.

  • +2

    Grabbed myself one. Now to stay off OzBargain to avoid further price drops! =P

  • Just bought this. Great deal. Why is it scheduled to deliver November 15 though. :/

  • Bought it. No second thoughts. Waited for this day 2 years. Consider this - I asked one of competitors to do price march for this deal.. They tried and tried again and could only drop to 3700. Was told Bing’s crazy and selling this at the manufacturer’s price with nearly 0 margin. Considering this is 2019 product - it is an absolute bargain at $3000. Read reviews - it is well worth it boys (and gals). Cheers

    • +1

      Keep in mind Bing's actual price on eBay is $3,795 - the part that makes it a bargain is thanks to eBay. Bing gets their asking price, eBay pays the difference.

      • Yeah, thanks to ebay, I guess BLee is prepping for Black Friday in advance (clever!): On a side note Toms Guide made quite comprehensive review of this 2019 panel…

    • If I remember it…TGG had it a bit cheaper 2 weeks ago. This should get cheaper if you can wait until Black Friday / Cyber Monday

  • No love for Queensland buyers

  • Unsure if this will help interstate buyers but I walked into a Good Guys today, said I missed out on yesterday’s price (HN and GG had a sale) and wanted to see their price today. He asked me what the price was, I said $3080 with delivery (this deal price).

    He went to his computer and said no worries you can take it now…problem is I need to buy it from JB but I was surprised how easy I got the price down, had a similar experience last month with HN beating bing lees price to $3095 within 2 minutes of conversation. But again I need to buy from JB, it’s such a tease!

    If anyone manages this price from JB and can send me proof it would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I hope the above info helps someone else get this glorious TV for a great price.

    • Interesting… Where you located?
      I feel being in Perth retailers will be unlikely to match…

      • Melbourne but the deal yesterday was national I believe?

        It shows me HN and GG have margin in their RRP but for some reason JB don’t seem to, or aren’t as good at price matching as they once were.

    • Which good guys did you go to?

  • +1

    To pull the trigger or wait until Black Friday.. would it be likely to drop much lower than this?

    • Maybe slightly, pulled the trigger anyway. Finally!

  • +2

    Go the 65 inch 65PX Hisense OLED 4K UHD SMART TV for $2,240 (appliancecentral ebay)with free
    delivery for Ebay plus members. 3 year warranty is a bonus…I have owned this TV
    since it was released and I love it. Vivid whites and deep blacks. I also
    own a q6 Samsung Qled and this Oled is far
    superior to Qled and standard led tech. BTW … as for the sales pitch "You should
    buy a Qled if you have a sunny room !!" … this Tv is in a reasonably bright
    rumpus room and it never looks dull at all. I use it with a windows 10 media centre
    but the inbuilt Viduu smart is good for 4K Netflix , Stan etc. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED !!

  • Thanks OP. Got price matched @good guys with 5% gift cards stacked which came down to $2884.2. can't be happy

    • How many gift cards can you use in a single transaction at TGG?

      • I get Gift cards through my work. I can use only 2 gift cards per purchase online but don't see any limit on conditions for in store usage.

    • Are you outside of NSW/VIC?


      • +1

        Sydney based..

    • Any chance you could post or PM me your receipt? TGG have turned me down at all the stores I've called. I'd be extremely grateful.

      • I wouldn’t bother calling a store to get a good price. Go in there, show them your serious and you know about the TV and you don’t need to be sold on it, just that you need it sold to you for the right price.

  • Crap I really wanted this but I can't get it to work.

    This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

  • So good guys matched it $3036 pickup.
    I also signed up to racq for $26 which gives me 4% off gift cards.
    How are ppl getting 5% off gift cards ?

    • 5% off GC for eBay or TGG? If TGG, could possibly be the 5% cashback deal.

    • If your from Melbourne any chance you could PM the receipt?

    • If you could post or PM your receipt I'd be extremely grateful. TGG have turned me down on price matching for every place I've called.

    • Chexk classifieds too

  • +1

    I've got the 65 c9,upgraded from a 55 c7, the difference for HDR gaming is night and day due to dynamic tone mapping and improved response time. The 55 looks tiny compared. Definitely go the 65.

  • Anyone know what the box dimensions are for this TV?

    • Need to know if it'll fit in back of the car.

  • got price matched in Harvey Norman osbourn park WA for 3036

  • Apologies, C8 series. Makes no difference though, same technology still being used.

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