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Canon EOS M5 15-45MM Single Lens Kit $804.60 C&C @ The Good Guys


Good price for this camera. "Clearance" item, only pickup Available.

Thanks to baer for original coupon deal

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    I wonder… why would you buy it if there's newer M50 available for the same price or lower when on sale?

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      m50 is abetter choice IMO. this has a better more solid feel. But i am happy to have chosen the M50 over this.


        Why is that ? Have you tried both M5 and M50 ?

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          Yes, tried the M5, Sony A6500 before buying the M50.
          The M5 is more solid, the dial controls I'm quite sure are made not as plasticky as the M50. The swivel screen of the M50 and countless reviews on youtube convinced me. It was the model 'I' needed. The newer digic chip and much better af for less money, all that was enough. Considering I've had SLRs and never really challenged it's limitations, I've accepted the Camera will be abetter instrument than I am a photographer.

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      The M5 was and still is officially Canon's flagship APS-C mirrorless body. The M50 was never a replacement or upgrade from M5, but rather a "budget" version of M5 in the same way that M100 is a "budget" version of M6.

      The M50 has a newer Digic version, and slightly better AF, but it is a basic entry-level camera from a features point of view. It also has a slightly smaller LCD with far less pixels (than M5). It also has a smaller battery (than M5), so battery life is a real issue for M50. The M50 is also 10% lighter than M5 (in spite of being the same size), so general view is that M5 feels more solid than M50.

      The M5 has 4 different dials (a 80D has 3) so that controls of different settings can be achieved more quickly and easily than on M50, where most things have to be changed via LCD screen.

      There is nothing wrong with M50, but for anyone transitioning from a DSLR or using the mirrorless as a compact backup/alternative to a DSLR, the M5 is a better option because of it's superior controls layout.