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Boost Prepaid $240 | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Telstra 4G | @ Boost Mobile


Great plan at a very nice price. I believe it's the first time the $300 plan has been discounted. Ends Nov 10. Enjoy :)

  • Unlimited Calls & Texts in Australia to Standard Numbers.
  • Unlimited International Calls & Texts to 30 Countries.
  • 3600 Standard Minutes & Texts to a further 25 Countries.
  • 240GB Data with 12 Month's Expiry.
  • Free Apple Music Data Streaming.
  • Utilises Telstra's 4G Network.

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    Just confirmed with Boost this is for new customers only, cannot port from Telstra on $240. If on Telstra will need a blank sim and cost will be $300 not $240 same for existing Boost customers.

    • I couldn't see that on the website. What will they do if we buy this? Can't port our number from Telstra on sign up?

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      I spoke to them over the phone as I'm on Telstra post-paid at present. I confirmed that the process needs to be:

      Order the blank sim
      Buy the $240 voucher
      Once both sims have been received, call Telstra to switch from post to pre-paid
      Call Boost to activate SIM and Port-In.

      I explicitly asked if I was eligible for the $240 and she said yes. I couldn't see anything in the T&C's that says it's for new customers only, but I'll let everyone know how I go.

      • My $159pm plan expires Nov7th.

        I don’t get why I can’t just buy the sim and activate it Nov8th?

        Only downside I lose international roaming and calling (when OS)

        And Telstra AFL

        • +1

          Telstra AFL should still work, as registration based on which network you are registering from, well it worked that way this year for me.

      • I just called them for a second time and got refused the deal again as I'm a Telstra postpaid customer. They tell me I am not considered a new customer and would need to pay the full $300.

      • what do you mean by "Order the blank sim"? From Telstra or Boost? Where to order?

      • same here but I did it a few months ago.

        To make things easier for you, you need to call Telstra to convert the postpaid to a prepaid, then boost can take it over.

        It took me a few phone calls to convert to boots. but eventually, they did it.

      • +1

        For what it's worth, I followed this yesterday. Switched from post to pre paid in one phone call, no issues. Didn't need to recharge either as I was porting out same day.

        Called boost, activated nano blank nano sim, started port. Port took a couple of hours and finished 8pm Friday night.

        Called them back to apply the $300 - the lady mentioned it's not a recharge voucher and is only eligible to be applied for a new service. I explained that I was told it could be applied to me as a former Telstra customer as that's what Boost advised and there was nothing in the t&c's stating I needed to be a new customer to be eligible.

        She relented easily and said I could activate the $300 card as a new service and then transfer the credit over. Process took them under 5 mins and I'm now on Boost, with the $300 applied and I was a Telstra post-paid customer less than 24 hours ago.

        Just stand your ground and you'll be right - you're not doing anything wrong as their t&c's don't state new customers only.

        Good luck!

        • I've just paid the $240 for this Sim today.

          My Telstra post paid contract ended last week. Can't i just port over to Optus pre paid then port back by activating my new boost sim?

          If correct, what's the quickest and cheapest way to port over to Optus pre paid?

          • @sunbro: Previous posts from several months ago mentioned that there may be a porting fee unless you go to Telstra prepaid. Although I'm guessing there will be a cost to activate with a Telstra prepaid plan in order to complete the port to Optus due to the new security requirement that all telcos need to do now: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/7773675/redir

            Let us know how you go!

    • Yeah I just got off the phone to Boost who told me as I am currently a postpaid Telstra customer I cannot port my number across on this deal.

      • Port to Telstra prepaid - port to Optus - you are a new customer now

    • This is false

  • can i plug it into Vodafone PocketWifi?

  • That's GREAT. Now waiting for the Amex PayPal offer to get effective…

  • At my home location (postcode 2070), I was struggling with Telstra network for more than a month before I finally ported out my two lines yesterday.

    Was getting missed/dropped calls and texts, with full bars 4G and 3G signal. My phone is Galaxy S9, wife's is iPhone 6s, same issues. Been in touch with Telstra once or twice a week, every time they acknowledged the problem for my location and promised to fix it soon, with a new ETA each time. It's never been showing up on their Outages page, still isn't.

    YMMV, but maybe it's worth checking how well Telstra network is doing at your place, before making long-time commitments.

  • Made the payment via paypal, but it came back to checkout screen again but I can see i'm charged from bank. What to do in this case? Talked to customer care they say go to Telstra shop after 24 hours. :(

    • Yes it's badly designed. I crossed my fingers and clicked "Continue" again and it came up with a new page showing Order Complete and all the details. No email received though so I would suggest taking a screen shot.

  • +1

  • For International Roaming, does below means $15 Add on gives 3GB roaming data+ $15 worth of calls while roaming?
    The $15 Add On includes 3GB of data and $15 credit that can be used toward:

    Standard rates for data, calls & text to satellite and premium numbers (e.g. 19xx numbers), operator assisted calls (most 12xx numbers), use overseas (excl. data roaming & MMS) and international calls and text from Australia not included in your recharge.

    • Pretty sure it's saying you get 3GB domestically and $15 credit towards calls and texts while you are overseas (which is about 20 sms you can send). It's not clear how you'd have data access overseas at all, given that credit excludes it.

  • Just ported today from Aldi to Kogan on the $14.90 3 month deal.

    I found Aldi reception to be slightly slower than Kogan previously so hopefully Telstra retail speed and reception will be an improvement to what I experienced with Aldi once my Kogan 3 months is up.

  • If I buy this pack from Boost, when is the latest date that I need to activate the SIM and get my number port over?

  • +1

    I got the $135 pack for one year, 80 gb. The telstra signal was very poor in basements, even within cbd (jb hifi basement) and inside docklands woolworths and in interior of apartment buildings. Not sure if it is a telstra issue or with my phone. My phonr is iPhone SE. Earlier I was with amaysim which had good signal.

    • Neighbour! Yeah Telstra reception is quite poor in Melbourne CBD and Docklands. I have latest iPhone and same issues, including Victoria Harbour woollies. Switch to shopping at the new District woollies if you want signal :)

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    C'mon Telstra, let Boost support Apple Watch!!

  • -1

    me again and my concerns over excess charges…if you have kids then you'll know what i mean

    • +1

      This is prepaid service…

      • +1

        I’ve got a 16 yo currently on catchconnect (220gb). She’s used 100gb over 6 months which is very good. She knows it’s not unlimited though. If she uses up all the data then she’ll need to live with no data 😂

  • +1

    Boost mobile comparing to Aldi Mobile, both using Telstra's network, which one is better? I'm currently on Aldi, in the basement of the building, usually very weak signal or none at all, is Boost any better?

    • Also doesn't use the full Telstra network. But from your problem Boos won't be any better

  • How long do we have to activate it?

  • -1

    Hi, Can I recharge $50 plan to that for incrrasing GB after getting 240GB plan?

    Anyone did that bwfore


    • No you can't

      • Thanks, So there is any option to incrrase the GB?

        • No. Buy another when you run out of data

  • As a Telstra postpaid with a month to go, am I correct in that I change to Telstra prepaid, then buy an aldi (or similar sim) and port to that. Buy a $240 Boost sim and then port from Aldi to Boost and thus avoid the delays and make sure I get the $240 deal?

    • +1


      • Great, thanks

    • Why do we need the step to convert to Telstra prepaid before porting out to a different provider?

      • Keen to ask too

      • There are some Whirlpool forum threads on this that state it is the fastest/best way to do it all, so I followed suit. That way it is Telstra taking you out of your Telstra contract I assume?

        • Fair enough. So could you change to Telstra pre paid and then to Aldi on the same day so you didn't need to recharge or have any downtime? How about from Aldi to Boost? Or did you need to pay for recharges on the prepaid SIM cards before Boost activated?

          • +2

            @thestig: My Telstra postpaid to prepaid occurred within 90 seconds after online chat. My phone service disconnected and was prompted to add a recharge. I added $10 for 7 days and 2gb. My Boost sim is on the way which, from what I have read, will have the $240 already on it.
            So I will use my $10 of Telstra prepaid, buy an Aldi sim in the next couple of days, maybe put $5 or $10 on that if need be, port onto it and then attempt to port into Boost. Might cost me $20 but considering the saving on this Boost deal and hopefully skipping the Telstra>Boost porting disaster I don't mind.

      • What is the best way to port from Optus postpaid (contract expires on 26/12/19) to Boost?

        • Port as you normally would…

    • I think you don't need to port to Aldi then back to boost. You can just request a blank sim then transfer over, but if you dont want to wait for the blank sim then it might be quicker for you to do so ;D
      Good luck

      • Can you then recharge $240 on a blank sim for this deal though? I thought I read somewhere that you need to buy a sim with $240 preloaded and port across to get the deal?

  • Please help me to understand, I'm currently on postpaid plan service till early January. is there a chance that i would buy this promo and keep till i finish my current plan and then port my number and activate the promo? TIA for anyone that is so kind to answer my question.

    • +1

      You can of course

      • Thanks! great

  • Looks pretty competitive indeed. For comparison Kogan is roughly $20.90 for 20GB per month as well and I was thinking of just buying one of those and chucking it in a 4G modem/router at home as the home internet.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Is there a difference between a 4G Modem and 4G Router (not the most tech savvy person with these devices)?

      • +1

        A modem will generally be what establishes/converts your internet connection whereas a router can be self contained (closed network) and doesn't necessarily have to be connected to the internet. It will "route" your services/traffic between devices and allows them to all be assigned a separate identity (IP) also.

  • +2

    Had a chat with the customer service, the service can be activated in the next 6/12 months.

  • Would I be okay to assume that if i purchased now, and say activated in 6 or 12 months, and the data allowance went up from 240GB to say, 300GB, that activating after this occurred would have the new data allowance?

    • Possibly but the activation code itself may be linked to 240Gb recharge only.

  • Ffs bought a $300 one for $270 last week

  • Thanks, my current Telstra BYO deal runs out 15/11 - good timing!

  • Looks like some countries are gone from the international call inclusions.

    • Well thats very informative indeed……..care to enlighten us on which ones?

  • Been waiting for over 3 weeks for my wife's number to get ported from Optus to Boost. Would they be able to cancel the port so I can get a new sim card with this offer instead?

    • Just to update on this, I was able to cancel my port since it was taking too long and will purchase this offer and submit another port request.

  • silly question but if i choose to have a new number and then suddenly decide i want my work number ported over to this plan, would that be possible even after having a new number?

  • +2

    With this deal. More people will port to boost meaning more port issues

  • Does Boost get the same coverage as Telstra direct? So it would be better than aldi etc for rural coverage right?

    I am on kogan which is about to expire but going on a trip soon and wanted telstra coverage.

    • I am pretty sure it does. I got 243/51 on a speed test the other day and yesterday I was watching Tiger Woods play on Foxtel in a lift!! The reason I think the coverage would be the same is that Telstra owns Boost.

      • Telstra doesn't own Boost.

  • Great deal! Purchased.

    For those with Boost is there a code that comes with the SIM or is the SIM pre-loaded? Might get a $2 SIM from the servo and start the porting process if it's going to take ages like many have said.

  • How long do you have to connect the service before it expires as I'm a little confused on the info i'm reading here
    Thanks guys

    • +1

      General consensus with every sim card including this deal, no matter the expiry date, is to activate within 12 months of purchase date.

      • Ok thanks for that much appreciated

  • Thanks OP…Just bought…I'm set for another year.

  • My uncle is with postpaid VodaFail and would like to jump on this deal. What is the process in porting out his number from VodaFail to this Boost Deal?

    • +1

      You get the sim activate online and as a part of the process gives you an option to port number. Put the details in click activate and away you go, 1-24 hours later your on boost. I think boost also give you a temporary number so your not stuck if Vodafone has no credit.

      You might need to acknowledge an SMS or something too.

  • +1

    When do u need to activate the port? I’m on a 4 month free Circles.Life but would like this deal after my 4 months are up.

  • do I need to change SIM when porting from telstra?

  • +1

    Has anybody received there's yet? Keen to know if the expiry in the sim is an indication of activation period?


    • Expiry on mine states SEP 2021

  • tried to purchase this last night. paypal went through tho no signs of payment going through. will try again later today. Any one having/had this issue ??

    • Mine boost emails went into junk mail. Check there

  • Great value.
    Good signal and data speed by telstra.
    I am happy with 80gb 12 month plan hardly use up half of the data.

  • Does the Startrack delivery person ask for ID driver's licence on delivery?

    • Security check
      You'll need to provide valid ID (e.g. driver's licence, passport) to the courier to complete the security check. For additional security you’ll need to provide the same photo ID you used when you purchased online. Once the courier confirms your photo ID you can take delivery of your order

      • +1

        Most of the time they won't even bother ringing the doorbell, let alone ask for ID.

        They simply leave it at your LPO, then drive off and card you expect the post office to do the ID check for you to pick up.

        ID check for them is a waste of money. They deliver on per parcel commission basis

        Call them lazy or whatnot but that's how they earn to live

  • +2

    I have initiated the porting from a Vodafone post paid at 1.15pm today. Will report here when it completes.

    • +2

      Ported successfully the same day.

      Needed me to contact chat support. They corrected my address and re process the port. Worked flawless.

  • one month to port - who know how many hours on the phone and how many emails - placed a formal complaint - sim dead - new sim sent to the wrong place - finally another week sim comes and service started. Cost me an extra 50 bucks to keep a service because of this delay.

    • Report it to the Ombudsman.

    • TIO IS YOUR friend. Only takes like 5min to fill the form.

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