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Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses UV400 $24 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Cyxus Technology Amazon AU


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As Described on Amazon:

👓FUNCTION—Cyxus blue light filter glasses can provide all-day protection for your eyes.NO worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision and headache when you enjoy your digital time.

👓UV BLOCKER—Cyxus blue light Blocker glasses good at Blocking harmful blue ray and against the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light and UV400.

👓DESIGN—Cyxus classic square frame glasses equipped with stylish element,it design with curved border frame and offer a variety of colors for customers to choose.

👓OCCASION—Cyxus Glasses is suitable for both women and men,also suitable for most occasions,high transparency of frames will be so elegant and fashionable.

💓LIFE TIME WARRANTY—We provide worry-free lifetime warranty(no man-made)and friendly customer service.

Because our glasses using the Americans HEV-adsorb absorption technology,it can provide UV protection .Cyxus blue light blocking glasse certified by US FDA certification, EU CE certification, RoHS Certification, ball drop test,comply with European EN international standards
so our sunglasses have AU Certification.

18/11: Price drop by $.82

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  • I rate these glasses. Bought a few pairs of Amazon it definitely helps with eye strain and sleep if you're on a monitor all day like I am.

  • alternately use F.lux to get rid of the yellow tint on monitors and any phone these days, have it inbuilt to kick in at sunset.

    • But then how am I going to look smart?

      • haha yes, I guess that's a benefit.

        I wear glasses occasionally (contact lenses full time) and I have to admit, people believe ANYTHING I say while wearing glasses.

  • Thank goodness this latest version has dispensed with the "HIGH NOSE PAD - designed for Asians", and has instead the "SHORT NOSE PAD - designed for Americans" (unclear if that is native Americans or descendants of those invaders).

    • Chinese often seem to use "Meiguoren" (Americans) as a generic word for foreigners, or at least whites.
      I learned to stop being offended at hearing this word, or complaining that I was actually Australian. Same thing to them. :-)

      • Seems a strange approach to take from a marketing perspective, to alienate those 3,550,882 Australians that nominated in the 2016 ABS census as being either of East Asia, Southeast Asia, or Central and Southern Asia ancestry.

      • More likely they just copy and pasted the item description they used when they sold these for the US market

    • Where does it say this?

    • it's okay to be white

  • Showing as $24.82 for me?

  • Hi Op, any of these with 1.5x magnify?

  • Can someone explain how white looks white through these lens in the pictures if they are blocking blue?

    • If they block blue, white will appear yellowish

      • The same company has yellow/orange/red lines and clear ones. I understand the colour ones im just confused by clear models, you see pure white through them in the photos. You see blue irises on wearers.

  • "good at Blocking harmful blue ray"

    Blue light is not harmful. The biggest source of blue light is the sun, and we've managed just OK without any blue blockers for millions of years. Blue light does affect melatonin production, so use these glasses at night to help with sleep.

    • I can say from experience that blocking blue light after sundown has been a game changer for me when it comes to getting a good nights sleep.

  • Isn't this snake oil? 🐍

    • Probably, although placebo might help some people.

      Will blue light filters and blocking lenses make a difference?
      Many claims have been made about the benefits of blue light filters and blocking lenses. In October 2018 The College of Optometrists (UK) said “there is no strong evidence that blue-blocking spectacle lenses will improve visual performance, alleviate the symptoms of eye fatigue or visual discomfort, improve sleep quality or conserve macula health ” .

  • Blocker glasses good at blocking harmful blue rays

    So these would make me immune to watching bad movies?

  • I don't have eyesight issues but I tried wearing glasses once to look smart. I ended up getting big headaches and realising that it was the glasses probably causing them. Would not recommend

  • To eliminate harmful blue ray and the detrimental effect high energy visible blue light and UV400, how about not using a device before going to, or in, bed.

    No need to purchase.

  • Thank OP just bought a pair for the mrs.

  • Is this only for black? Code not working on grey pair.