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Eufy Wire-Free HD Security Cam with Home Base Kit (2 Cameras) $499 @ JB Hi-Fi


I received an alert that this system is on sale, not the best ever price but still a good discount (RRP $799).

I have the 3 camera kit at home and apart from receiving 2 faulty cameras (which were easily replaced at JB Hi-Fi) the system has worked quite well.

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  • The reviews aren't very flash

    • I have this setup with the 4 cameras and i can't fault it so far. I've had them up for just over a month and the batteries still show full. The image quality was above expectations for a wireless setup.

    • Every review I've seen says it blows away the Netgear Arlo cameras

    • To be fair the poor reviews are for the first batch that initially came out (it was originally a Kickstarter) which had lots of teething issues. The more recent reviews are more positive. One of the main complaints seems to be from people who have large properties as the range on the cameras isn't spectacular. I have a fairly small property so this hasn't been a problem for me.

  • hmm - i really want to get this set - but it was $799 for 4 camera set a few weeks ago and was $447 for 2 camera set not so long ago as well (missed both deals).
    to wait or not to wait, that is the question.

  • Would suggest going with arlo instead given the battery on these are not rechargeable/replaceable

    • The cameras are definitely rechargeable.

    • The batteries are definitely rechargeable. Though not user replaceable like the Arlo. However, given the far longer battery life (than Arlo) and less recharge cycles these batteries should last for many years.

      In any case making a choice between Arlo and Eufycam or any other security camera should take all the features into consideration. Not just the battery.

    • i think you meant "Interchangeable/replaceable"

      Eufy cam battery is not "Interchangeable/replaceable"

  • If you want Apple Homekit integration I believe there is a version 2 of these that has just been announced. https://www.techhive.com/article/3446838/anker-unwraps-batte...

  • I just bought the 4 camera set from the previous deal. I set up and tested for indoor. I found the quality is okay. It is lagging. Also, it is pixelated when zoom in for just a little bit. Therefore, I won't expect much if I zoom more for retrieving details. I will test it outdoor sometimes to see if quality was what the others described.

  • Be interesting to get a review on the new ones listed on a few sites. From what I can tell this is a EufyCam 2 compact model.


    It's not listed on any Eufy website I can find. Cheaper option but I'm guessing smaller batteries. It's definitely different to the Eufy Cam E models in the US and by the looks is using the same homebase as the EufyCam2 listed in the article someone linked above.


  • Bought Wyze recently from Amazon and working pretty well. Granted it's not wireless/battery powered..