Free Github Student Developer Pack Q4 2019 @ Github


This deal is back with more offers and many new software partners!

This deal is perfect for anyone currently studying Computer Science or any other IT-related course.

Eligibility requirements

  • student aged 13+
  • enrolled in a degree or diploma granting course of study
  • school-issued email address
  • valid student identification card, or other official proof of enrolment

There were nineteen new partners that joined this month, they are:

Software Information Pack Benefit
Appfigures App store analytics, optimization, and intelligence. Free access to the Grow plan for 1 year.
Astra Security Security suite for your website, including firewall, malware scanner, and a managed bug bounty platform. 6 month access to website malware scanner.
BoltFlare Reliable, secure, and scalable managed WordPress hosting. Host one free WordPress Website (SSL, Speed Optimization, and more).
BrowserStack Test your web apps, providing instant access to 2,000+ browsers and real iOS and Android devices. Free Automate Mobile Plan for 1 parallel and 1 user for 1 year.
Codecov Implement code coverage easier to develop healthier code. Free access to Codecov on public and private repositories.
Educative Level up on trending coding skills at your own pace with interactive, text-based courses. 6 free months of 60+ courses covering in-demand topics like Web Development, Python, Java, and Machine Learning.
EverSQL Boost your database performance by automatically optimising your SQL queries. Free 6-month subscription to the Basic plan.
HazeOver Get focused while working on projects or studying. Free app license, including minor updates.
Iconscout Design resources marketplace with high quality icons, illustrations, and stock images. 60 premium icons per month for 1 year.
Interview Cake Makes coding interviews a piece of cake with practice questions, data structures and algorithms reference pages, cheat sheets, and more. Access to the full coding interview prep course for 3 weeks.
Kaltura Build interactive video experiences and advanced media applications. Over $10,000 per year of free Kaltura VPaaS credits for as long as you're a student. Managed Cloud hosting for developers. $150 in cloud hosting credits, valid for one year.
NetLicensing Cost-effective and integrated Licensing-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution for your software on any platform from Desktop to IoT and SaaS. Basic Plan for free while you are a student.
Scrapinghub Battle-tested cloud platform for running web crawlers where you can manage and automate your web spiders at scale. 1 Free Forever Scrapy Cloud Unit - Unlimited team members, projects or requests. 1 hour crawl time and 7 day data retention.
Testmail Unlimited email addresses and mailboxes for automating email tests with powerful APIs. Free Essential plan while you're a student.
Typeform Interactive forms, surveys, and quizzes to engage and grow your audience. Typeform Pro for 1 year.
USE-Together Provides a remote pair programming and team collaboration tool. Free Premium subscription while you're a student.
Weglot Make any website multilingual and manage your translations through a single platform. Free 1-year Pro Plan giving you access to unlimited languages + up to 200k translated words.
Wisej Build powerful web applications in Visual Studio with C# or VB.NET. Free Wisej Developer license plus free updates for a year.

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