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[XB1] Assassins Creed Odyssey $5 + $4.95 Delivery @ Harvey Norman/Joyce Mayne


$5 seems not bad for the game! Cheapest since this deal

Joyce Mayne

No love for PS4.

Credit to Pricehipster

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman
Joyce Mayne
Joyce Mayne

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  • +2

    It’s an amazing price!

    Can’t see amazon matching this

  • +2

    holy balls. this dropped quick. This is an amazing price :|

  • Can't see any option for pickup so minimum spend looks like $9.95 incl. postage.

    • C&C was available when I made the post. Updated the title. 4.95 shipping at Joyce Mayne

  • Would it come sealed?

  • damn, no love for PC

  • +2

    Gerry confirmed as xbox fanboy

  • +2

    whats current trade value?

    • +3

      $16 store credit last Friday at EB.

      • -1

        Do EB have a limit on how many you can trade in of a game at once? 28 of these would net you a One X with the current promotions. Roughly $140 total cost.

  • -1

    Any way around shipping costs?

  • I bought it will see if it actually ships.

  • You just missed it!
    We've run out of stock, but there are other products like this to choose from.

  • +1

    Took too long. Oh well, one less game for the backlog.

    • +1

      my thoughts exactly…

    • Haha, I don't even play them, got a stack of unopened games.

      My trigger point used to be under $20, looks like it is $10 now as I got this and Far Cry. I did play Far Cry 4 and one of the Assassins Creed games though. So figured under $10 is worth a shot.

  • +1

    So much game for so little money! I'd almost feel bad paying this price….almost.

  • It helps to call your local. I called mine and they had one left. Heading in to get it now. Thanks OP!

    • There’s nothing quite like turning up excitedly to pick up your $5 game only learn good ole Gerry’s sold it out from under you 😔

  • Great price indeed. Hopefully they actually send it out to those who chose delivery. I've been waiting since June or July for them to "find" stock of the last run of $5 games they had :P

    • +1

      Mine was shipped just after 1pm

  • Order has been cancelled due to no stock.
    This is the third time Gerry has screwed me over

  • I'm still waiting for this order to be fulfilled too.

  • Received mine about a week ago.

    Still waiting on Far Cry from Domayne though.

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