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Entry Level Gaming PC | Ryzen 3 3200G CPU | RX 580 GPU | A320M MB | 120GB SSD | 8GB RAM | SFF Case | $469 Delivered @ TechFast


Great specs & price from our friends at TechFast. Consider upgrading to 16GB RAM & 240GB SSD for just $98 extra and you'll have a very capable 1080P gaming desktop. Doubt you'll find anything near this price. Apply code ARSE-RYZ for discount, with delivery anywhere in Australia. Offer ends Nov 10, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

GPU qualifies for a free game via AMD's Raise the Game promo. Redeemable here.

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  • Benchmark videos of similar build here
    Looks decent for a 1080p gaming rig.

  • I should have got this instead of the 3500x - GTX 1660 deal last week and saved $160. Oh well

  • +7 votes

    Thanks for another beatdown TA!…I think?

    Lots of high spec rigs here with original end dates extended to this weekend.

  • Hi Luke,
    I can't find any active deals on R5-3600/1660ti or R5-3600/2060Super
    Any chance of offering one?

    • +2 votes

      Hi mate. We're getting 1660 Super instead of 1660 Ti now, and are offering the Ryzen 5 3500X as the "core" value CPU as it's cheaper than 3600 for the same gaming performance. TA's last beatdown was for that system, where the 1660 Super Upgrade is +$99 and 3600 is +$150. Our pricing on 3500X is very low so the 3600 is comparatively more expensive than previously due to quantities/deals.

      • Hi Luke,
        Do you have an ETA for the 3500x at the moment? Thanks.

      • Hey Luke, if I've paid for an upgrade with the 3500x system to the 1600TI, will it still include the Ti or will it now be swapped for the Super?

  • how would the new cod online be on this pc? at 1920x1080

  • Bought this similar PC from techfast early this year (except for more fancy RGB case), no issue playing in 1080p on my end (DMC5 and RE2)

  • I know I've commented on a lot of these deals recently, but dang, this entry level combo might just be the one.

    Thanks team

  • Always great deals. Just wondering if it is possible to get a deal on one without the GPU? Parent's computer just kicked it so need something to meet their needs (internet, outlook and some videos).

    • The reason this deal exists is because of the cheap rx580 cards that they scored.. removing the rx580 probably wouldn't decrease the overall price by as much as you'd think

  • I know next to nothing about computers, but out of curiosity, how much would it cost for the best possible desktop you could build?

    • People spend like $5000 if they're going all out on a new high end enthusiast system..

      • Oh you can spend more than that ;)

        SLI Titans will set you back $6000 to start with and that's just the video cards sorted.

        Maybe you want 14 cores at 5.2Ghz and you managed to get the $2,800 (USD) XE processor. That's just the CPU done next …

        Then you could go nuts with 2TB NVMe in RAID configuration or (profanity) it just build a RAM disk for yourself and buy a few TB of RAM for your system storage.

      • Keep going mate, the amount one could spend on a custom desktop is pretty limitless 'these days'.

  • RX580 is just entry level now. wow…

  • Damn these deals are so good, it's amazing you guys manage a profit after GST.

  • Would this work well as a development desktop, running visual studio, multiple SQL server instances, office etc

  • This seems to be a great deal but should I add the extra 8gigs of ram, bigger ssd to 240gig, 1tb hard drive and wifi adapter and keep everything else the same, It would come to $655 shipped, I'm need help I really want a PC but I'm wanting to be careful with my purchase.

    • +2 votes

      Obviously its my business, but comparatively in the market you're several hundred dollars in front still with all of those.

      • More like couple hundred but you get a plastic case, slow ram, and no name/ unrated PSU, and no activated OS UNLESS you upgrade - the hidden downside many people not aware of. But great business to you Luke

        • To be fair it’s a metal frame with a plastic body type of case - overheats more easily.

        • Well,

          Best case scenario buying parts
          GPU = $180
          CPU = $130
          Motherboard = $80
          Total = $390

          = $80 for:
          plastic case
          slow ram
          no name/ unrated PSU
          and no activated OS

          Could you please let me know where to get for $80
          A non plastic case + fast ram + good PSU, I will disregard the OS

    • Keeping it as it is will provide the best performance per dollar.. buy more storage later and add it in yourself.. 8gb probably enough for now really, add more later if necessary

  • Is it worth upgrading from the 550w power supply to one of the others 700w plus $39, 750w bronze +99 $750w gold plus $250, I don't think the last to I would do but maybe the plus $38 unless it's junk.

    • This system won't be using anywhere close to 700w and more wattage does not mean you'll be getting a safer power supply nor will it be more efficient. The $99 option is ok if you don't want to (or know how to) switch out a power supply but you can definitely score a 80+ gold power supply for the same money from a reputable brand, it just might not be 750w unless you get a good deal, but should be around 500-650w.

      • I've been looking at this for hours, The case is junk so I don't think anyone should even use it but the cases on offer are actually cheaper to buy then it is with there upgrade prices Same with SSD, Power supply and everything really so you probaly just order this and Chuck out the other components or use where possible and upgrade them with cheaper better parts and utilise the graphics card, Upgrade the mother board to the 350 and the Cpu is what I'm thinking, But I've never done it before but I don't think it's rocket science I don't think it will be a cakewalk however but I think it's exciting probaly to do, I think there making there money on the upgrades.

        • Yes, if you do buy this, I recommend you upgrade all the important components yourself within a year and other components if you feel like it. Honestly the only part that you should replace asap is the psu since if it dies and kills your computer, you'll have to deal with customer support and it could take 2 months to get your pc back. Other components like the cpu and ram you can upgrade when you feel like it or have spare change. Storage is very cheap so you can just look for a deal on a 1tb or 2tb hard drive and you should be set to download heaps of games. Also note that you can sell the parts you switch out.

          If you have a mate that could help you out with computers it could save time, but anyone (mostly) can do this with enough patience and youtube video watching. The most important thing is to know where and how to plug something in before doing so.

          Overall some of the components in the computer aren't great, but there quite good for the price as you probably won't get something this good for this price anywhere else.

    • Replace the PSU immediately if you get this system with a Corsair or themaltake or one of the known brands. for about $50 - 60 and keep this as just a temp backup. You don't want this junk PSU taking out vital components if it goes booooom!!

  • What is the turn around time? If I order one now will I receive before Christmas?