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Budget Gaming PC | Ryzen 5 3500X CPU | GTX 1660 GPU | A320 MB | 240GB SSD | 8GB RAM | SFF Case | $636 Delivered @ TechFast


Awesome specs & price for anyone looking to pick up a gaming PC for Christmas, especially with the 16GB RAM upgrade. Doubt you'll find anything near this price. Apply code FASTARSE for discount, with delivery anywhere in Australia. Offer ends Oct 31, unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

Mod Note: Extended until 4th November as requested by Rep

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    Thanks TA! Just on the RAM upgrade, we've dropped the 16GB upgrade from $79 to $59 on this system only. My head still hurts from your price negotiations 🤕

  • Damn TA do you negotiate for fun? At work? On the toilet?

  • I think I need my coffee. Thought it read “FATARSE”.

  • but while clicking on the link it shows 6GB ram? But in the heading its 8 GB here on ozbargain?

  • That's a lot of computing power for the price.

  • How would this compare graphic wise to an Xbox one by comparison (I know this is a tricky question!)

    • They aren't really comparable, one is a PC and one is a console however the GTX 1660 is a very powerful card and you will get much better performance in that regards.

    • You're always going to get more frames on a PC, depends if you're going for Frames or spectacular looks

    • It's vastly superior.

      But not really comparable. Consoles run a decent bit cheaper nowadays and, due to the closed system, allow games to run far better then equivalent hardware would manage on Windows.

      If you're just asking about experience? If you're fine with windows and the launcher problem it's multiple times better.

      • Guy who switched from a ps4 to a 2200g/570 system last year.
    • Roughly 20% faster than XB1X. Obviously, excluding games like pubg where cpu plays a key role.
      If gaming is what you are after and you can wait 1 more year, wait for the next gen console(s). 8 cores/16 threads CPU (probably clocked lower) and a GPU with some form of hardware ray tracing support.

      But, if you want a low cost gaming setup right now, with the included SSD and faster GPU, this is tempting. SSD size is too small so you will need either a larger SSD or a big hard drive.

  • Would I be able to throw my Gigabyte GTX 1060 on this motherboard? Would I have any compatibility issues?

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    For anyone interested in different GPU combinations with this new 3500X CPU, we have the:
    Entry Level: RX 580 8GB for $549 $578 (mod: edited)
    Mid Range: RX 5700 8GB for $899
    Mid Range: RX 5700 XT 8GB for $1049
    High End: RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB for $1399 (mod:edited)

    • Your builds are so good/cheap Luke that I don't think I want to build my own anymore. I'm seriously considering that high end model now!

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        My plan is working.


        • You've won OzBargain!

          I'm sure it's been asked and I'm sure it's part of keeping costs down but any plans on builds with USB-C?

          • @Clear: It's not on our radar for the rest of this year but we have begun speaking about it. What's your intended use?

            • @luketechfast: My main use is for USB 3.1 Gen2 portable SSDs that's normally found in Thunderbolt 3 MBs, while other people might benefit from the ones offering USB-PD as well.

              • @Clear: is there pcie card for those ?

                • @phunkydude: Yes that's how I'm currently doing it but would rather the PCIe slots to be less cramped. Or having the option of a front USB-C port ;)

              • @Clear: The benefit for USB-C USB 3.1 Gen 2 port(s) on a desktop motherboard is limited. Other than the plug being reversible, there is no other benefit. I did a quick test on one of my MBs with USB-C / 3.1 gen 2 port.

                • While my USB-C tester detected USB-PD support, when actually doing the charging of a phone, it is stuck at 5V 500mA. Also, it doesn't look like the board supports on/off charge (so when the computer is turned off (power supply remain on), the phone won't charge.
                • USB-C alternative mode is not implemented. For Ryzen based systems (without embedded GPU), it doesn't make sense to use it anyway.

                The situation obviously is different for laptops. Part of the reason is that USB-C/PD could potentially save laptop makers for making proprietary power plug and adapter.

                • @netsurfer: And what board did you test it with?

                  • @Clear: I tested it on a board running intel H370 chipset (Gigabyte). Gigabyte tend to put high current on their USB-A ports so I am a bit surprised to find the USB-C port not having similar feature. I can test it on MSI B450 Mortar if you want. I expect the same result anyway.

                    It's too much effort to do proper USB-PD (what voltages do you want the M/B to support) and alternative mode needs effort too. You don't get any brownie points for implementing either of them. Thuderbolt 3 is a different story, but I doubt my NUC with TB3 supports true USB-PD.

                    • @netsurfer: The suggestion of USB-PD was more of a "it would be cool to have" rather than actually needing it. As well as being curious how well it's implemented. Seems to be not so well.

                      • @Clear: Yeah.. :( Tested on B450 Mortar, the situation is actually a bit worse. Until the port is initialised properly (i.e. in Windows 10), the phone won't charge.

                        It's basically the same as USB-A/3.1 Gen 2 port except using the USB-C plug. I cannot get my tester to test the USB-PD modes supported on these ports suggesting USB-PD isn't implemented. On a proper USB-C/PD charger, the tester does report all the PD modes supported by the charger.

                        Anyway, the data transfer speed is 2X of gen 1, and that's the main bit that matters.

            • @luketechfast: Which board has built in wifi?

              • @Ninja9: None of the boards we currently offer have on-board. It's a premium feature that costs a lot more and we haven't had a lot of call for it so far.

              • @Ninja9: If you want WiFi at a cost effective price, consider getting a PCIe card which will work with AX200. AX200 is normally around $30 and has WiFi 6 + Bluetooth 5. A lot of mid level M/B with WiFi uses a much cheaper option which is not worthwhile.

                It will need fair amount of work because plugging the antennas into those two tiny sockets on AX200 is not easy.

      • I know the feeling! Wanna build my own bad, but Luke's doing his best to get me to go with them again.

    • The deal linked: Entry Level: RX 580 8GB for $549 is actually $578, perhaps you got confused with the Intel i3 9100F deal?

    • Luke - Do you have any high powered machines without graphics cards?

      • Not on any front at the moment sorry! We focus on CPU/GPU pairings so every no CPU we get in has on-board graphics!

    • 2080 super actually… not just 2080.

  • I've currently got a RTX 2070 card, anyone can give some advice on whether it'd be a good idea to get this system and replace the card?

    Compatibility / price-value wise?


  • Have got an old i5 4570. Would this be a solid upgrade for my GTX 1080 or should go a bit better of a CPU?

    • 100% with a GTX 1080 you'd definitely want something more than an i5 4570

      • Thanks.

        3500 X here or should I look for something better? Have a Predator X34P.

        Can use the 1660 for a family PC.

        • Would recommend the 3600. But the 3500x will be very capable as well if you don't want to spend the cash.

          Difference is SMT (HT on intel). Will be more relevant in the next few years I reckon.

    • I have a GTX 1080 paired with a 3570K at 4.4 GHz. I can tell you the CPU at that speed is 25% faster than a 4570 stock. My CPU bottle necks my GPU by approx 10% at 1440P and approximately by 35 to 40% at 1080P depending on the game (Like tomb raider and Far cry series). I thought of upgrading to 3770K and be happy with it, but then another similar user who was already on 3770K told me that there will be a lot of micro stutters and upgrading was the best option.

      Coming to 3500X, ideally with 2 extra threads compared to my [email protected] should go well and should be OK - in fact go hand in hand with the GTX 1080 GPU (my assumption as there is not enough data on the internet), but then it will be limited to the GTX 1080. No future GPU upgrades would be possible without bottlenecking the CPU once again. So I went ahead with a 3700X hoping to upgrade to a 3080/3080TI or when a good AMD alternate comes out next year. Hope this helps.

      PS: I also thought of upgrading to a 3600/9700K, but then a 2080 Ti already gets the best of it at 1080/1440P and 2 years down the line, the 4080/4080TI would definitely bottleneck them. Hence pulled the string on the 3700X.

      • To sum up vinayAU's long response - Yes, upgrading from an i5 4570 to a 3500X will net you a noticeable improvement.

        The 3500X will feed a 1080 much better. Most noticable difference is likely to be less stuttering due to frame dips given your min FPS is likely to be higher than on the 4570.

        • Cheers, see I can also upgrade to the 3600 too. Will give it a think over for the extra 6 threads.

    • Right now, there is very little difference for GTX 1080 between 3500X and 3600 (at 1080p) based on actual in terms of gaming. However, if you do a bit of video transcoding then you probably want something better than 3500X.

      Ryzen 5 3500X is a good cost effective choice. However, everything is relative… We dunno how the emperor (Intel) will strike back next year. Based on what we've seen, intel still has a lot of work to do for 10nm.

  • What upgrades would you recommend for this one?

  • Keen to pick up a budget-mid range replacement for my very old i5-3470 + Radion HD 7800 … but quite confused with all the TechFast deals going around. Any thoughts which one is the best value? This is for gaming, I don't usually push for the top performance but would like something that can last me a while.

    • depends on your budget, if you want something that will last a long while this isnt it, look at the 2080 super packages they have

    • First, which monitor you have? What resolution you want to play your games on? What games?

      This is a cost effective solution now. It is hard to tell because it is going to be a battle of Intel vs AMD/TSMC. We know next gen consoles will be 8 cores / 16 threads (albeit clocked lower for better thermal profile). Hard to imagine next gen console GPU being weaker than 1660.

      Let me try to put in plainly for you. This system is basically like an overclocked XBox One X with a far superior CPU (which doesn't matter that much in gaming) and a 20% boost GPU. Right now, if you want a setup something that will surely beat next gen consoles, you will be spending more than 2X the price of this one.

  • +1 for the discount code (and negotiating deals for us)!

  • Thanks dudes, that's Christmas sorted!

  • What's the size dimensions of the SFF case?

  • The ARSECODES never fail to amuse. Seems like a great buy.

  • I'm moving abroad in a few months. Has anyone flown with a pc in their suitcase before? Are there any problems with doing this?

  • +1 just for the discount code name