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R5-3500X Gaming PCs - 5700 XT: $1049 / 2080 SUPER $1399 + Free Game + $29 Delivery @ TechFast Australia


Hi all,

I feel like this is quite big. We've secured the Ryzen 5 3500X and they will be arriving in November. The major difference between the 3500X and 3600 is the 3500X has 6 threads while the 3600 has 12, however both have 6 cores, the same clock speeds and the 3500X just happens to come in quite a nice way under the 3600 in price. Here is a performance comparison which shows gaming is equal whereas the workstation is understandably lower due to the fewer threads. But for gaming, we're sweet.

So, the first two systems we're offering are base spec options featuring 5700 XT and RTX 2080 Super GPUs.

You will also notice that we have added an M-ATX case upgrade option from the Leaper Pro: the Cooler Master MasterBox NR400 for $79. This is directly due to OzB community feedback with particular thanks to a few folks who assisted in the process. Obviously there were almost endless options but we felt this ticked the boxes for looks and functionality - having a mesh front panel for optimised airflow, tempered glass side panel and improved quality and features - and cost (longer assembly is required on our end). Keen to hear your feedback. This is now available on all systems so if you were holding off, now might be the time!

Spec: Ryzen 5 3500X | RX 5700 XT 8GB | 8GB 2400Mhz | 240GB 2.5" SSD | 550W PSU | A320 MB | White Leaper Pro Case
Price: $1049 with 3500X-5700XT-240
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-3500x-rx-5700-x...


Spec: Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB | 8GB 2400Mhz | 240GB 2.5" SSD | 750W PSU | A320 MB | White Leaper Pro Case
Price: $1399 with 3500X-2080S-240
Link: https://techfast.com.au/products/amd-ryzen-5-3500x-rtx-2080-...

Popular upgrades are 16GB 2400MHz RAM: $79, B350 MB: $39 and larger SSDs (480GB, 240GB NVME, and 1TB): $46-$109.

Both systems come with respective AMD/NVIDIA code for the GPU (Ghost Recon or borderlands 3 for 5700 XT and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for RTX 2080).

Please allow longer for delivery for these systems - as said we are expecting the CPUs to land in the first week of November but we will update customers who purchase.

Let me know what other GPUs you'd like to see paired with the 3500X too and I'll whip em up.



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  • +2 votes

    Hadn't expected to see 3500x's! Reckon those'll be pretty popular. Lack of SMT shouldn't be noticeable in games, might be a bigger thing later but if worst comes to worse can always upgrade pretty easily.

    Hoping the CM case goes well. Pretty good price at $80, should help everything breathe.

    The free game right now should be a choice between either borderlands 3 or ghost recon breakpoint if anyone's curious. Raise the game bundle

  • +18 votes

    I feel old.

    ~$1000 boxes couldn't quite deliver this kinda value back in the whirlpool days.

  • +20 votes

    Good job guys. Don't need a new pc yet but when I do I'll look at Techfast first.

  • +1 vote

    Any deal you could do soley on the 5700XT?


    Are the 3500Xs only available to system builders?


      They're readily available via the likes of Aliexpress, the cost difference to a R5 3600 is ~$30-$40.


        Yeah I'd feel a lot better recommending this deal if it was $30 more expensive but had the 3600 instead. Even if you can upgrade it later, the extra threads aren't much more money for a nice boost in certain tasks, and are almost certainly going to help out when next gen games start targeting 8c/16t consoles (at lower clocks).

        The price/perf is still great, but it's sooo close to being just that much better for a negligible price increase.

  • +5 votes

    Hi Luke, congratulations on another great deal.

    Have you considered making the B350s, 80+ gold PSUs and faster RAM standard for deals over say $1200.

    I don't know what price point it is at but there will be a tipping point where customers would just not think that spending $XXXX is justified with a A320, or 8GB of slow RAM or a non 80+ PSU. Personally I don't think I would be too comfortable spending over a $1000 without those changes.

    While the existing upgrade options are nice they come at a decent price premium, it might be nice to have a few deals where these were standard and you gave us the usual Techfast deal magic.

    Just my 2cents

    • +11 votes

      Appreciate the feedback as always. We've discussed internally many times and ultimately it's important for us to have a mix of both, base spec for those who want the lowest entry point, and higher spec where the flava can still shine through.


        Fair enough, thank you for your reply, it is great to see how you are growing and evolving.

        I am almost definitely getting one of your machines when I upgrade, just need the planets to align :-).

    • -2 votes

      Thats the whole business model of these guys, Decent CPU/GPU and make the rest up with poop.

    • +2 votes

      I feel you but mate, this deal is absolutely insane already.

  • +1 vote

    Any deal with pc tailored for designing purpose? ex. Adobe series such as Premiere.

    Would like to have Ryzen 7 3900X and 32GB RAM.

  • +6 votes

    TechFast is the best redemption arc for the year thus far

    • +2 votes

      "a redemption arc is a story where a character goes through a series of obstacles and challenges to make amends for something bad they have done"

      what was the bad thing techfast did? they're basically selling the same products, people are just more accepting now, as they should be because the risk/reward offered is just that good.

      • +5 votes

        Bit of an issue in delivering the product and transparency regarding the process earlier in the year. But I must say they took ownership of the situation and have been upfront the whole way since about anything and everything. They've been amazing and a definite recommendation for those looking for a power-packed PC system.

  • +5 votes

    Incredible deal and thanks for listening to the community

  • +1 vote

    That CPU will bottleneck that 2080 super in some games at 1080p, I know cause my 9600k a 6 core 6 thread CPU does in some games at 1080p.


      I'm quite interested on this one. Are there some specific games? Depending on the cause of the bottleneck (npcs, etc) it may be no more extreme at 4k.


      Honestly nobody should be buying these GPUs for 1080p anyway.


        You do know that 144hz/240hz exist's right?

        Rather high FPS than High resolution.


          Yes I fully realise that, and wonder what universe you're living in where a 5700 XT can't do high refresh rates at 1440p.


            @Larwood: I think you meant that comment for someone else cause i'm clearly not talking about the 5700 xt.


              @Axelstrife: Do you not know the 2080 Super is significantly faster than the 5700 XT?

              • -1 vote

                @Larwood: Ofc i do that's why i bought it, Im not sure what point you're trying to make.


                  @Axelstrife: I said the 5700 XT was too fast and expensive to make sense at 1080p, you said you're not taking about the 5700 XT. How is it not obvious to you what my point is?

                  The 2080S is even faster and more expensive, so it is even less suitable for 1080p. So what is your point in complaining that you're not taking about the 5700 XT?


                    @Larwood: You said "nobody should be buying these GPUs for 1080p anyway."

                    and my reply was to remind you that 144/240HZ is a very good reason to buy these GPU's for 1080p.

                    Then you made a comment suggesting i didn't think the 5700 XT could do High FPS for some weird reason.

                    You're making zero bloody sense right now.


    2080S standalone deals? :)

  • +6 votes

    Now you can browse OzBargain at lightning speed


    Deal looks excellent, just wondering which manufacturer is used for the GPU/MB in the 1399 System?


      MSI Ventus for 2080 Super and Biostar A320MH for A320. Biostar B45M2 for B350 then generally MSI or Gigabyte for B450 and X570.

  • +1 vote

    you only have AMD?

  • +1 vote

    Any chance of seeing this bundle with a regular RX 5700?


    What version of the rx 5700xt will be used?

  • +1 vote

    Gosh that's a lot of PC for a thousand dollarbucks. Nice one.


    Question - If I upgrade ram, lets say to 3200 16gb, does that mean i'll have to upgrade the mobo as well due to the limited speeds? Or does the mobo support all the ram speeds regardless?

    Thanks for the option for the case, coolermaster one looks great. I'm so going to buy one of these after my next one or two paychecks ;p!


      The A320MH website states it supports up to 2666MHz and I don't believe we've ever tested it higher because of that, so a B350 would be required for higher speeds.

      And, cool!


      Tmk the mobo is only a factor when going over the CPUs rated speeds. 3rd gen ryzen is rated for 3200mhz iirc.

      Might be wrong there. In any case I wouldn't be to concerned. My a320 (ASUS prime) runs my 3000mhz CL15 kit at its rated speed.

  • +1 vote

    Hey OP,

    If I were to request the parts to be sent un-assembled and still sealed in their respective packages would that deduct from the total in regards to labour?



      Your order would be picked and shipped on the same day as others who ordered on that same day to be fair to everyone, so skip build and testing, but there is no deduction for labor.

  • +1 vote

    Any chance of an ITX deal Luke?

  • +1 vote

    Will you be selling non-gaming focused PC's in future?

  • +1 vote

    Ripper deal! If you end up putting a deal together with a 5700 (non xt) I think I could jump onboard!


    Luke do you have the option of shipping the parts unassembled so I can build myself?


      Yep, just request it in the Notes field on the Cart page. Your order would be picked and shipped on the same day as others who ordered on that same day to be fair to everyone, so skip build and testing, but there is no deduction for labor.

      Our assembled warranty does not apply but manufacturer warranties for parts do.


    Hey Luke,

    I am after a gaming pc that will handle destiny 2 well. I have around a $1500-$2000 budget. Do you guys do bundles that include monitors, mouse, and keyboard as well as the pc?
    If so could you message me a price on a bundle as I am looking at switching from ps4 to pc.

    Thanks Luke!


      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/487393 the one with the 5700.

      Peripherals wise you're $150 for a keyboard (1,150), $100 for the mouse (1,250) then probably $450 for the monitor (1,700).

      Upgrade the RAM and case for that first build to the 16gb 3200mhz set (+120) and upgrade the case to the coolermaster one (+80) and that's 1,900. Use the last $100 for extra storage (A 1tb sad is about $130)

      Of course the peripheral costs depend on what you want to spend. The keyboard and mouse are mostly set if you want A decent set, but the monitor could easily be closer to $300 if you just want 1440p 60hz or 1080p 144hz.


      My RTX 2060 is smashing the settings in Destiny 2 @ 3440x1440 so it doesn't take much.


    To sound like a noob, what’s ‘OS activation’? Does it not come with an oem OS installed?


      Installed, but not activated. You can buy an activation key from us or elsewhere. All drivers are installed and the system is stress tested.


    Looking forward to some threadripper deals next month :)

  • +8 votes

    Came in here to say that you're doing a really good job setting the bar for PC deals. Thanks.


    Hi Guys,
    I'm no savvy. I am very keen in the 2080/2080S system. I would like some advice here. Will the B450MB provide better performance as compared to a B350 and if not, is there any reason I should buy a B450 instead of a B350?Your input would be much appreciated.

    • +1 vote

      From the little I know, I think that the B450 doesn't provide an advantage over the B350 unless you are getting insanely fast RAM or plan to OC heavily. For an everyday user who isn't going to do too much tweaking it won't make much difference.

  • +1 vote

    Nice job guys. Good to see you evolve and include case improvements now. Happy techfast customer here :)


    Honestly this is a really great deal. But using 2400mhz rams on a Ryzen system is a really bad idea.


    These prices are ridiculous - $1400 is almost the retail value of the GPU alone. I'm absolutely in the market for a new PC but feel this might even be a bit overkill to just play Overwatch…


    Hey guys, how would this build compare with this Aldi rig? 🤔 https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-19-...



    deleted, saw the answer to my question in the comments…


    I bought Ryzen 3600 + 2080 Super deal and very happy with it! Also Luke kindly sent a COD promo code, thumbs up to you.
    Just want to say a couple of words:
    People keep complaining about the cheap quality case, bad mobo, bad PSU and so on, but even if you buy just the CPU and GPU on eBay, you would pay more!!! And it's not including the MoBo, SSD, ram, and PSU.
    This is a great platform for future upgrading. Their main components CPU and GPU are genuine and of a very good quality.
    Feel fancy? Just save 150$ on a nice quite case like Fractal Design, 100-150$ on a good mobo (B450 with m.2 support is around 120$) and you are done.
    I had a whistling sound from my front 3.5 jack, but it's just a cable routing issue, spent 5 minutes to separate sound and power cables. And the whistling sound is gone.
    Thank you techfast!


    I'm planning to purchase a desktop closer towards the middle of next year - do you see yourselves providing killer deals around the end of financial year? ;)

  • +5 votes

    Here is my TL/DR regarding my Techfast experience with a very similar deal, the 2080 Super 3600 system with otherwise same specs as the 3500X 2080 Super above (8GB / 240GB / A320), including my recommendations about how to get the best deal.

    In summary, I am adding myself to the very satisfied customer list.

    However, the way to get the very best deal may well be to buy the lowest spec system with the graphics card you want, sell the parts you don't need, and do your own upgrades - because Techfast's upgrade pricing, at least for the RAM and the MoBo I wanted, is not good value, as explained below. (I have no opinion on the value of the case upgrade but I talk about the case below.)

    Timing: Took 10 days from order to pickup to get it, I chose local pickup in Adelaide and got it last Friday.

    *Customer service is amazing: I wasn't happy with the MoBo upgrade as delivered, and they swapped it for me, no issues whatsoever: even updating the BIOS for the replacement MoBo on the spot before giving it to me. High marks!!

    Likewise my original Call of Duty redemption code didn't work; they replaced it promptly with good communication and no issues. Courteous and responsive. Fantastic!

    *PSU: some people griping about this in comments; but the PSU included in my system actually costs $105 at MSY - it is a Thermaltake Smart BX1 750W 80Plus Bronze (non RGB). This was a great inclusion at this price point and well reviewed, I was very happy with this PSU which runs almost silent. Maybe the lower graphics card system PSUs aren't as good, but if you get the 2080S this PSU is amazing included value.

    *Case: I also don't understand the haters on the case. Given the price of this system, the case should be considered a free bonus.

    I had no trouble adding a full size 6TB HDD to the case. There are a couple of dumb things about it (no obvious place to put a second SSD / a metal piece will block side facing SATA ports on some MoBos) but for a freebie it's fine. I had thought I would move my system into my much larger and more robust Corsair case I am upgrading from, but I decided I am happy with the cheapo case, which has the huge benefit of being very light and portable if you want to move it around. Another dumb thing is the fans connect directly to PSU with old school power connectors rather than to the case fan connectors on the MoBo and so there is no fan control, but again: it's free. Very cheap to add/replace fans if you want.

    *Overall deal: stunning. The price of just the power supply, CPU and Graphics Card alone bought separately is MORE than I paid for the entire system. So the 8GB 2400 RAM, 240GB SSD, the A320 MoBo, and the case can all be considered free.

    And I sold the MoBo, RAM and SSD after the fact and upgraded them all myself, so those low end items subsidised my final system price. I know I won't get the Techfast build warranty because I did this, but I am happy to rely on manufacturer warranty for PSU, 2080S and CPU, which are really the only things I bought the system for (or kept).

    I am thrilled with what I've got from Techfast at this price.

    *ONLY NEGATIVE: Upgrade pricing. Techfast's "upgrade" prices for RAM and the MoBo are not competitive.

    For example, the MSI B450 MoBo I was originally given, the upgrade price was $129, but that board can be bought at MSY for $105. So you are quite a bit better off taking the lowest spec A320 MoBo, selling it, and buying the upgrade board yourself, if you are qualified to install it. (This is what I ended up doing, although I ultimately upgraded to an X570 for other reasons.)

    Likewise, the RAM upgrade pricing can be bested by shopping around on OzBargain. And unlike the MoBo, a RAM upgrade is trivial to do yourself.

    In the 2080S system above, Techfast ask $119 to upgrade to 16GB of DDR2 3200MHz RAM. But you can get two sticks on Amazon AU for $115. https://www.amazon.com.au/Corsair-Vengeance-3200MHz-Desktop-...

    Which I did. Then I sold the original included 8GB stick for $40.

    So I got my 16GB/3200 RAM for $75 net, compared to the Techfast "upgrade" price of $119. Techfast's upgrade RAM pricing is not a good deal, as with the B450 MoBo upgrade pricing.

    (I also sold the SSD and upgraded that myself but I wanted a Samsung NVME. I can't speak to whether the upgrade pricing for the SSD suffers from the same issue as the MoBo and RAM upgrade pricing.)

    *Windows: Lastly, you can clean install Windows 10 yourself or using Techfast's install, and if you buy a valid Windows 8.1 Home product key which is available legally and very cheaply, Windows 10 will activate properly. This is a very cheap way to get a legal, activated copy of Windows 10. Obviously Techfast can't sell Windows 8.1 in a new system, but just sharing this as a cheap option people may want to consider.

    All of this requires you to be a little bit savvy and put in a bit of time to maximise the deal. But Techfast could save us from this conflict by giving "credit" in the upgrade pricing for cost price of the lower spec items they aren't selling you, at least in the case of the RAM and the high spec MoBos. The upgrade price to 16GB/3200MHz RAM should be more like $80, and the upgrade price to B450 should be more like $69, then I would be recommending that people go for those upgrades instead of doing what I did. As it is, if you want a high end system, it may be better to buy the lowest spec system and upgrade it yourself, especially the RAM.

    I hope all of this helps someone.

    But despite the issues with upgrade pricing, I don't want to take away from how good the underlying deal was, and the customer service was amazing.

    So, thanks Luke and Techfast.

    Very happy. Highly recommend.

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