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MyRepublic Gamer Pro Premium nbn $99.99 Per Month + $1 Corsair K68 RGB + $50 Credit (12 Month Contract)


Long time lurker first time poster.
Signing up for MyRepublic's NBN as a new customer, and there's a 2 good overlapping deals at present (see below).
I would usually have gone the $90 BYO for 100/40, however this in essence makes the K68 $70AUD ($10*12mth - $50 credit), along with the perks of the "Gamer Premium" service. Lowest all time from camelcamelcamel appears to be "Lowest $124.68 Apr 22, 2019".

"Bonus Corsair K68 RGB Spill-Resistant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $1 when you take a 12 month term.
Offer ends November 30, 2019."

"Spooky Halloween Sale: Bonus $50 Sign Up Account Credit
Order any MyRepublic NBN plan between Thursday 31/10/19 00:01 AM AEDT – Sunday 03/11/19 23:59 PM AEDT to get a bonus $50 account credit when you enter Promo Code “SPOOKY50” during sign up."

Gamer Pro Premium
12 Month Contract + AC1600 Modem
$104.95 $99.95/month*
Minimum Cost $1210.40

Unlimited nbn™ 100
83Mbps Typical Evening Speed*
MyRepublic AC1600 Modem for $1 + P&H
*$99.95/mth for the first 12 months, then $104.95/mnth ongoing

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Referral: random (68)

Both Referrer & Referee receive $50 in account credits.

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  • +4 votes

    Signed up before, won't go back.

    Terrible NBN speed.

  • +19 votes

    Warning this company has the worst customer service experienced. It's basically non existent. Think of Centrelink and then rank them higher than Myrepublic. At least Centrelink answers their phone.

    I had to take them to the TIO just to get disconnected and for them to stop billing me.

    After they disconnected me and promised to waive all false invoices they then sent the invoices to a collections agency. Luckily I had all communication in writing to sort that out.

    I'm not the only one with these stories. They are THE nightmare company to deal with.

    Also their internet speeds are shite

    • +1 vote

      I've had nothing but bad experiences with this mob too, and they never connected the service.

  • +4 votes

    Previous myrepublic user when they first came to Australia. So glad I'm not with them anymore. Just terrible with speeds and suppprt. They can and will jack up price as they wish. They refused to grandfather my original $60pm unlimited on the 100mbps plan. 4 days into a new billing cycle, they wouldn't honour the pro-rata refund/cancellation and had to go through TIO to even remotely get something but that took 3+ months.

    That's just my personal experience with them.

  • +4 votes

    Worst NBN experience. Moved parents to Aussie BB, paid less, Speeds more than tripled on wireless Towers.

    They even kept charging despite me warning my parents they may.

    Terrible wait times too.



      Fee for no service is a criminal offence. Just ask AMP and the banks. ACCC and the police should be contacted.


    Well almost all previous comments seem to be of a negative for MR, I on the other hand, seem to be lucky and have always had stable and consistently better than Optus 100/40 connections.

    Then again, I do have FTTP/FTTH.

    But personally overall, just better than Optus, and of the two times I called them, they did answer quite quickly.

  • +1 vote

    $99 per month for a sub par service. No thanks.

  • -1 vote

    So the "Pro Gamer" package mentions nothing about latency lel …


      To be fair, ISPs can't really control latency. You could be connecting to America or other parts of the world and getting 200-1000ms ping, or anywhere in Australia and getting 2-75ms


        They can if it’s there routing causing the problem


    Yeah I signed up for this when it first came out, it was crap. Speeds were awful, customer service was fine but took hours to get through. Ended up canceling and getting out of contract.

    I paid the extra for the ‘gamer’ benefits but it was terrible. Swapped to a normal provider.


      Plus one to balance the poor sod leaving negatives


    Depends on your location, I live inner Sydney and when I was with MyRepublic I was always getting 90-100Mbps!
    Never had any issue even in the evening.
    I don't think the issue is related to MyRepublic itself but to the NBN that suxx big time!

    Although for this price I would try to get TPG FTTB instead (if you have access to their Fiber connection).
    Same speed but only $59 per month.


      As I've said above, I believed my parents were at the mercy of over crowding Towers yet when I switched it was significantly faster.

  • +2 votes

    I actually feel bad for OP… I hope it's not too late

  • +1 vote

    Worst customer service ever but I was getting 90+ before they moved me down to the 50/20 plan. I now get 45 in peak for FTTN


    Haven't had too many contacts with customer service, but they did make a mistake with my move, which they subsequently fixed.

    Haven't really had issues with the internet service or speed. On HFC.

  • +3 votes


    They make cancer look cool.


    Don't know about others but my experience in WA was that their latency was not good, pinging 80-90ms whereas now with Exetel, it is 5ms. Probably because they have to go through eastern state servers… Got them initially because they were cheapest and offered unlimited speed/data, but their pricing is now on par with everyone else. So might as well go with the local Aust companies like Exetel or AusBB.


      Have a look at super loop

  • +1 vote

    $99 is not a deal


      You don't have to get their $99 keyboard plans.

      Order any MyRepublic NBN plan in November to receive a $50 account credit when you enter Promo Code “SPRING50” during sign up.

      But if you do join a keyboard plan for one month, you get 100/40 unlimited for one month + a keyboard for $50.


        Terrible deal still


    This deal is still on until November 30