Public Service Anouncement: Beware of Being Short Changed by NAB Deposit ATMs

Last night I deposited my week's earnings into my local NAB deposit ATM. I had counted it as 26 $100 notes and had them neatly lined up all squared and facing the same way in my wallet. I pulled out the wad and inserted it into the receiver. The machine took a while to count it before displaying a total of $2,500. At that point I questioned myself but thankfully I tapped the button for returning the notes. My 26 $100 notes were returned and I instead reinserted them in bundles of 10, 10 and 6.

If I hadn't been diligent, it seems I would have lost $100. What if I have been short changed before but haven't noticed!? I'm sure others have lost due to these ATMs.

What recourse would I have if I didn't receive all my money back? Would I need proof of what I inserted? Videotaping each deposit would be quite a hassle! I'm really quite unhappy with the service.

So beware of depositing cash at deposit ATMs. I thought an Australian big four bank would maintain their equipment to a high standard. I was wrong. Don't trust the technology!

Has anyone had similar experiences? My search found this:

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    Good advice. Thanks for the warning.

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    When depositing notes, I always go to the counter. Have heard of these occurrences before, so not going to risk it.
    But it is comforting to know there is a button for returning the notes (not continuing) if the amount displayed is different from what you know it to be. So as long as you are diligent, you can make sure the right amount is recorded.

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      It's happened to me once.

      Went to deposit a stack of notes with a teller (person), and in the line another bank employee encouraged me to deposit at the automatic deposit machine.

      Right in front of her, the machine miscounted, and I told her "this is why I don't use this" and went back in the line.


        Quite a few times at the local Commbank branch, when I went to the teller line to deposit, there was a bank employee whose specific job was to intercept people and tried to direct them to the machine (inside the bank). The reason given was it would be faster, you would not have to line up etc. I always declined.

        But after a few times the same person kept asking me to do this, I just said I was of the older generation, and not savvy with machines :-)
        She never asked me after that.

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      I've had my wife deposit cash for me at my NAB branch before and the cashier legit forgot a $500 stack of cash off to the side.

      I didnt know exactly how much I gave her, I said it was roughly $X amount but when she came back and told me a much lower number I thought she was joking.

      She ended up going back down there and they had to check video footage, dont trust people or machines count it yourself.


    I'm still yet to see a CBA coin machine count correctly. Due to this I simply refuse to do notes via machine as you're dealing with larger amounts and therefore larger potential loss. You can and should inform them if it counts incorrectly and they should audit the machine and be able to confirm but you really have no guarantee.

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    Please tell us more about your weekly earnings and any other boasts you'd like to share.

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    Why do you get paid in 100's, Scrooge?

    Surely that was the day's earnings?

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    A couple of times I've withdrawn money from an ATM and it partially dispensed the amount, waited ages and then spat the rest out. I always count what comes out but if you didn't I wonder if people walk away and the next person finds money.

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      And I wonder what happens when NAB counts the notes in the machine and finds too many…

      Bank error in OUR favour, collect $200. Bastards!

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        Many (many) years ago I withdrew some cash from a NAB ATM and it spat out $30 or $40 more than I asked for - and as was shown on the receipt. Thinking it was my lucky day, I pocketed the money and went on my way.
        Maybe a week later I got a call from the same NAB branch. Yes, when they discovered the cash in the ATM didn’t tally with the transactions, somehow (???) they traced it back to me who had been overpaid, and I had to pay it back. They pretty much treated me like I was a thief; which I guess I was.
        But yes, if the reverse was the case and an ATM transaction erred in the bank’s favour, would they go to similar lengths to trace the origin of the error and contact the customer and tell them that their balance had been corrected - in their favour?

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          everyday banks balance the ATM


          Many (many) years ago, I lived in a town where the only ATM was in one of the pubs. It was one of those private ATMs, which I absolutely detest, by the way.

          I withdrew my $100, and that's what showed on the receipt. But only $80 came out. I told the person behind me, and then went to the bar and reported it. They wrote it in a book which they kept for these ATM errors(!) and told me to come back on a certain day, which is the day that Armagard came and restocked the machine and did the balancing.

          I did, and of course, the ATM had balanced. And there was nothing that I could do. The pub wasn't interested. Armagard wasn't interested. My bank wasn't interested. I was the only one affected, so I was the only one who cared.

          Then not many years ago, I bought a car for my daughter. I did some repairs to it, and she decided that she no longer wanted the car.

          I advertised the car on Facebook's Buy, Swap, and Sell for $2200. I had various offers, but eventually agreed to sell to one person for $2000.

          He gave me $1000 cash and transferred the other $1000 from his account to mine. I watched him do it.

          But the money never arrived in my account. My bank couldn't find it. His bank couldn't tell me anything, citing privacy laws. Who knows where that $1000 got to!


            @Kandrew: For such a significant amount ($1000), you could have asked the buyer to request a trace from his bank (if you can get hold of the buyer). There would be a trace fee, but it is insignificant (compared to $1000). Banks cannot simply say that the money is lost. (I am assuming the buyer entered your right account info, in front of you).

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            @Kandrew: You watched him use a fake webpage designed to mimic a bank site.


            @Kandrew: I guess the lesson was to confirm the money arrived, not that he sent it somewhere.


              @bmerigan: Easier to do these days, with instant transfers of money through the banking system. Even three years ago, that wasn’t possible.


            @Kandrew: Fake banking app probably. Gumtree scammers seem to have them for bank deposit pickup scams.


              @wetsandwich: Quite possible. My mind doesn’t work like that, and so I’m often left wondering what happened about certain things.

              There was a shop design at Target, Ashfield which I thought was very convenient but it was suddenly shut off and I complained about it to my then wife. She started laughing and I asked her what she found so funny. She replied that whilst it might have been convenient for me and other shoppers, it was more convenient for shop-lifters, and then proceeded to tell me how they would exploit the situation. I was dumbfounded. I simply don’t think like that and so it would never have crossed my mind.


      I once withdrew $200 (4x$50).
      It gave me 5x50.

      Nice! Receipt said $200, my account afterwards said i withdrew $200. But there it was in my hand,$250.

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    Sounds like some are a little jealous of your earning capacity scrooge!! LOL

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    Why would anyone brag about how much money they earn? You don't see me bragging about the $5k I made last week…

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    Back 10 years ago, the "ATM" cash deposit was by envelope (similar to street post box)

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      Yeah, but it was just like a safe drop and was manually counted and added to your acc account by staff the next business day…


      Lol first time o used one of those was so scared after I discovered that the money wasn't in my account instantly

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