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[PC] Humble Monthly - Yakuza Kiwami, Soul CALIBUR VI and My Time at Portia $12 USD (~ $17 AUD) @ Humble Bundle


When you subscribe, you will instantly get the keys for:

Game Steam Price
Yakuza Kiwami A$ 29.99
My Time At Portia A$ 41.95

You will receive the rest of contents for December Humble Bundle on 7th December 2019.

You also get access to the Humble Trove.

Each game is yours to keep forever, subscription can be cancel anytime.

Also unsubscribe would't affect you to get the unrevealed games (which will be available at 07/12/2019)

Don't forget to use the referral links down below to help others to get some credits.

Last month's unlocks:

Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy
Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy
Call of Duty®: WWII
Shenmue I & II
SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising
11-11 Memories Retold

Referral Links

Humble Choice: random (270)

Referrer receives $11 AUD in Wallet Credit for the first 30 brand new subscribers that signup for Humble Choice after clicking on a referral link.

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    Ehh last months was better.

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      I skipped last months. Will probably pick up this months for Soulcalibur but not gonna play the others.

      • can't seem to PM u!

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    Don't forget that Humble Choice starts after this final Humble Monthly - the prices will be dearer, but if you are subscribed to Humble Monthly when it begins you lock-in US$12 price for Humble Choice Classic until you unsubscribe.


    • Wow, great information I had no idea about this. Cheers! Oooh and a 20% discount in the Humble store. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

      • It is actually "Up to 20% discount".

        I don't pay enough attention to the discount and am not going to enter into the complexities of it but it can indeed be 0% for some titles.

    • Thanks for the info, would you happen to know if we can still skip months on the new plan? Quite a money grab IMO.

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        They reveal all games up front, and you can choose to pause I believe.


        Can I pause my subscription?

        Pausing your subscription is fine, and will not cause you to lose access to Classic for doing so. Only canceling your subscription will cause you to lose access to the Classic plan. Additionally, if your subscription is paused when Humble Choice has launched you will still be converted over to a Classic plan.

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      The $132 a year Is a pretty cheap option for games but Humble Bundle has become 1 good game to 10 average/bad/already own it games.
      A rarely ever buy anything from them anymore.

      • by that calculation $11 for a AAA 'good' game each month is terrible value.

    • Damn, I was about to cancel my subscription.

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    Anybody want Yakuza or My Time in Portia? I'll never play them.

    • yes please

    • Can I dibs the Yakuza?

    • +2

      TheLaserSonic can have Yakuza and supatight can have my time in portia. I'll private message you guys

      • +1

        Good man.

  • I forgot to suspend last month and ended up with games I didn't really want. Off to suspend.

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    Another solid month for me, not as good as last months but still much better than the other recent Monthlies

  • Can you guys let me know if I'm reading this right?
    I subscribed last month for Spyro etc. with my next billing date on 30th Nov. It makes sense that I can't unlock Dec's games until I pay the next bill? Which I can manually pay now, or wait until the 30th?
    If I don't want these games, I can simply pause my subscription and then wait to see what gets released on Humble Classic?

    The last Spyro post said that if I subscribed then, I would get the next month's games on 01 Nov. Which seemed like a loophole to me, because you could subscribe mid month - claim two months of packages, then pause / cancel for a month and effectively pay half price. What I explained above seems to be the case, and makes a lot more sense.

    • +1

      The last Spyro post said that if I subscribed then, I would get the next month's games on 01 Nov.

      It said 'You will also receive the contents of the November Humble Bundle on 1st November.'

      As in, in addition to the November early unlocks.

      If you pause/don't pay for December then you won't get any of the December games (Early unlocks/December reveals)

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        Ahh, makes sense. Cheers.

  • I'm more just annoyed I literally just bought Soul Calibur VI from the Namco Humble Bundle recently… and they even ran out of keys and only just got around to issuing them not long ago.

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      That was a good promo if you played your cards right there was the 20% off Humble Store discount you could have combined with the 85% off if you buy more than 5 games promo.

      There was some coupons also active around that time so I managed to pick up a lot of stuff including tekken 7 and some naruto games but didn't have the humble store discount active when I did it so missed out on the further 20% off which sucks.

      Getting the soul calibur dlc and season pass heavily discounted is going to be a hard one but not impossible but I doubt it will get a more than 75% off discount which is where the namco humble bundle promo was so good combined with the humble Monthly humble store 20% off.

      Ah well like life and games you win some you lose some.

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    Would love to have My Time At Portia if any of you don't think you will play it!

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