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Alienware AW3418DW 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $1189.40 Delivered @ Dell


Dell Alienware gaming monitor at 40% off + $100 off with discount code
You can also get 8.40% cashback with Cashrewards, that makes the price $1089.49

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    cheapest ever nice find big rip at jb hifi

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      The cheapest ever price was $1,095, part of Click Frenzy back in May.
      You could stack three discount codes on top of each other.

      On top of that Dell approved all the cashbacks, so final price was $899.64.

      • I wonder if this price will come down even more on black Friday or next click frenzy event… It looks like Dell has a newer 34'' model now.

        • Yep. I would say it's pretty close to certain given the AW3420DW was just released in the US and will be coming out here within the next few weeks.

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          Actually already out in Australia https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/alienware-34-curved-gaming-m...

          But it's $2,299.00 AUD..ouch..

          • @kml22: Nice.

            Yeah $2,299AU was also the RRP of the 3418.

            The only functional difference looks to be sRGB color gamut of 134%, compared to the 3418 which is 95%,

            • +1

              @crazycs: and fast IPS with 2ms grey-to-grey vs 4ms of the AW3418DW. It's also currently 33% off on the US store ($999usd)

      • wow

      • I was one of these lucky few. I'm very happy with the screen, will never go back.

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    Ugh, I don't need this rn but I kinda want it!

    • +1

      want is enough. Go for it.

      • +5

        Your wife called and said it’s fine

  • anyone got one of these? tossing up between this and the x34p

    • Dell has better warranty, advanced RMA. X34P is cheaper, also depends on which aesthetic you prefer.

    • +1

      Personally would buy in store or second hand, these high refresh IPS panels in the past have had very poor quality control, and would be a pain in the ass to have to send back to Dell if you get such a panel with high backlight bleeding or dead pixels.
      (From someone who had to go through 2 X34P's in store and then settled on buying second hand.)
      This is a good deal though, if you want to take that risk, though the X34P can be found for $250 less with the exact same panel so up to you

      • i thought Dell was a lot better to deal with as they send you a new one first and pay for the postage of the return one?

        • Yes, Dell are among the best, but the problem I had was the level of backlight bleed I had that was unacceptable to me in a $1000 monitor was perfectly acceptable to them until I went in store and specifically pointed out where the dead pixels/backlight bleeding was. It's the same process in the end but ultimately less hassle in store as you aren't left waiting

      • Smart! I have one of these which I bought from the factory outlet, total of $689. The box it comes in literally is like a bar fridge box! It's chest height and wide, very wide.

        The delivery driver said that was the biggest monitor box her ever seen.

        Mine is running at 144hz, based on below comments it might be a slightly different model. Edit, checked, mines a HW version and was $689

        Love the quality though, it's the right resolution for spotting enemy aircraft in DCS, but then I got hooked on VR :)

    • I've got one of these and there's two x34s in my family (not x34p). I think it boils down to aesthetic preference really.
      The Dell warranty was okay, mine had some issues and needed a return. Dell were a pain in the ass to deal with and were only offering a refund for a long time (which sucks since you typically buy it on a discounted price and would need to rebuy at the regular price).

      When they finally approved the return (after 3 months due to low "replacement" stock) then it was a seamless experience.

    • I've owned both.
      Go with this.
      Better warranty, better build quality.
      X34p is hit or miss and people online have reported issues. I had to rma my x34p as well due to flickering.

    • I have this monitor, can vouch it is the better one. Used a few different types at stores and ended up on this :)

    • bought one, dell shipped it overnight! amazing

  • +1

    Also works the 49" Ultrasharp ( https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-ultrasharp-49-curved-mo...) for those that missed out on the pricing error (like me!)

    • Looks like you need a 2080ti if you want to game. Very nice for productivity!

    • Might still be available via chat man. Try and ask a few diff people!
      Edit: But don't tell me if it works out because I've been fence sitting on buying one for weeks, and have chosen not to lol

      • +1

        hahaha, we are on the same boat mate. I have cancelled the order already, otherwise I will end up buying an extra eGPU and larger desk to fit the monitor if I pulled the trigger to buy it.

        • and maybe a $400 desk mount to support the heavy bastard.

          • @ts13: Bingo, my current $49 Aldi desk mount holds a 27inch screen with no issues, but will definitely need a high end mount for a 49inch screen.

  • The spec info says native resolution 120hz. I'm sure other people have said it'd native 100 but 120(oc). Can anyone confirm?

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      The panel is native 100, but Dell may factory-OC it to 120hz. Just saves you the hassle of doing it.

      • Ah, makes sense. Thank you.

        • There's literally nothing to it. You go into the On-Screen Menu and choose 120hz

  • Got a Asus PG349Q recently but still have to say this is very good deal for this model from Dell.

  • Are there working codes for other smaller screens? I checked on the website but I couldn't find any. How did you find the SPECIAL100?

    • +4

      Have no idea, I was looking for this model. Just tested a bunch of codes and this one worked :-)

      • Ah right! Like random codes you found on websites? :)

        • +4

          Brute force persistence.

  • This one will be on sale more often as the new model released.

  • +2

    Is this better than LG? It's similarly priced.


    • That's a great price for that monitor. Got me considering it now.

      • That’s a great find. That’s the one on my list. But I would need to upgrade my gtx1080. Will wait till 7nm GeForce and then pull the trigger.

    • I think they are different panels (Nano IPS?) but in any case the LG is Freesync whereas the Dell is G-sync.

      • I would definitely choose the LG over the Dell, but I wouldn't buy a monitor from a seller located outside of Aus.

        • With 98.4% feedback, too

    • +2

      The LG has a better display with IPS nano and 144Hz with FreeSync 2 and HDR400 only

    • Would you need to pay tax for this product with inventory coming from NZ >1k

      • +2

        I believe the product is coming from Australia despite the item location being noted in NZ. The reason for my belief is 1) the seller's website (outside eBay) redirects to their Australia site and they say they have physical presence in Australia, 2) the price on the Australian website is identical to their eBay price which includes GST on their website, 3) there is no mention of GST or import charges on the eBay site - international sale always mention those charges. If you have operations in both countries (although headquartered in NZ), why would you not fulfil the order from the Australian operation? I have placed an order last night so can let you know if there is any issue.

        • Looks like they’ve taken the listing down?

        • I messaged them, they confirmed they don’t have warehouse in AU, the goods will be sent from NZ, and returns will have to go through them. So most likely you would need to pay extra GST, even if not, I would be concerned about warranty.

          • +3

            @Lastora: This is what I was told by one of their sales reps: “ We ship from NZ, however all duty and tax are taken care of, Tax is charged in the check out and Duty is spread out over all parcels from that day so we cover the cost of it. We have an Australian Business number also.”

        • Hey @tupac has your monitor arrived? Mine has been stuck in Sydney since Friday and it's supposed to come to Melbourne.

        • The seller also confirmed that duty and taxes are already taken care of. So I'm not sure what the hold up could be.

    • thanks for the link.
      did some reading, and ended up buying the LG.
      funnily enough, it's the same seller that i bought my 27 inch monitor from.

      • arrived today with a cracked screen…

        • Sorry to hear that! Are you based in Sydney? How long after “arrived at destination facility” did you have to wait to receive it? Also did you have to pay GST on incoming goods? Thanks!

        • Oh no! Mine is arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Sucks to have to wait so long only to have to return it.

    • After tossing and turning over the LG vs the Alienware, I ended going with the LG (primarily for the 144hz native). Thanks OP and Tupac!

      • Any feedback on how the LG monitor is? Am considering this model myself if the price is right

        • Mine arrived with no damage. Took longer than expected as apparently got held up at customs.

          Bit too early to comment on quality, however initial impressions are very good (however I don’t have a X34P or AW3418DW to compare with). But for the right price, this seems to be a killer screen!

          Best of luck with purchase.

          • @Sharyingh: Thanks mate. Tossing up between that and the MPG341CQR, which is identical in specs, but a VA panel.

          • @Sharyingh: Awesome man. I hope mine comes soon and is undamaged :/

  • +3

    I bought this in May, around $900 after cashback, I am quite happy with the performance, highly recommended as a gaming monitor.

  • was going to buy this in may but i was too late by several seconds. then i bought the kogan 34" for $449 and i love it

    • wow that is cheap, I was reading these comments just because I have a dell 34" at work, however I'd never have imagined getting one for home because they cost so much, but for 449 I could be in.

      2 questions, is it curved? And is it good enough for gaming? I don't game personally but just curious as at that prices you could almost buy 3 for one of these

      • Curved, and yes good for gaming.

      • yes. i was really worried about the input lag but i don't notice it. it looks really nice, not boring looking like the dells

  • Anyone used this with a MacBook Pro and has any issues?

    • +1

      Just did some research, as I am planning to use this monitor with a macbook (for work) as well as my gaming PC (for gaming obviously). Looks like the monitor only supports 100hz+ refresh rate via the DisplayPort and the monitor only has one. The HDMI port only supports 30hz or 60hz (couldn't get a clear answer on this) So if you're looking to use this monitor with more than one device and want 100hz+ then you either need to go through the hassle of unplugging/replugging the DP cable each time, or get a DP switcher. It seems most DP switchers only support 60hz and to get one that supports 100hz I think would cost several hundred dollars.

      Anywho this is kind of a deal breaker for me now.

  • +2

    I don't mind the specs on alienware/predator monitors but boy do they look gross

    • +1

      With the LEDs switched off, this one actually looks a bit smarter than the impression given by pics of it, at least from the front. Would still prefer it with an UltraSharp-style rectangular base stand, though.

  • Just ordered one, thanks

  • +1

    Love mine. Got it from the May deal. Very happy with it.

  • +4

    It is an amazing monitor and I have never regretted my own purchase when I got it for ~$1400.

    Main differences for me to the X34P are:

    Alienware has:
    - NO power brick - the X34P requires one
    - Preferred the very clean look of the Alienware over the X34P - did not like the Predator logo bottom centre of the screen, Alienware has no logo. Personal preference only.
    - LED lighting is located on the back of the monitor, which I preferred - X34P has them on the bottom edge of the screen
    - Stand more solid and stable, some reviews said the X34P could wobble slightly on desks
    - Dell warranty

    I think both are great choices, but the Alienware ticked all my boxes.

    Monitor comparisons below:

    MONITOR Signal Processing Response Time Average Lag
    Acer Predator X34 5.25ms 3.95ms 9.20ms
    Acer Predator X34P 5.25ms 3.95ms 9.00ms
    Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 5.30ms 3.90ms 9.20ms
    Alienware AW3418DW 0.35ms 3.45ms 3.80ms
    • The Alienware does have a logo, it's just not as noticeable on the bottom centre of the screen.

      • +1

        It is the word "ALIENWARE", not a picture of an alien head (ie: their logo).

        If you consider that their logo, I leave that to you.

  • I get this monitor is primarily for PC gaming, but can anyone comment about how it goes with an Xbox one connected via HDMI?

    I hear the Xbox won't display at 21:9. Will it display at 16:9 at 1440p.. or are you stuck with 1080p?

    • +1

      Yep 16:9 1440p

      It’s much worse plugging your Switch in haha

    • XBOX does not support 21:9 and extensive research I did says it never will.

      I am hoping Scarlett will be the first to change this though.

  • +2

    Brought one thanks. I ended up getting $90.82 back in cashback. Total = $1,098.58‬

    • Weird. I got $91.91. I think they calculate the cashback without the 10% GST. $1189.40/1.1 x 0.085 = $91.91

  • +1

    One of my better purchases over the past five years, I couldn't imagine going back to a non-curved, 1080p monitor after experiencing this bad boy (especially for gaming).

  • Thanks for posting this. I ordered one.

    • Does the shopback 11% or cashback 9% include the Special100 promo?

      • +1

        Yes, Cashrewards does.

        • Bugger. Just ordered mine yesterday with 8.5% cash back from cashrewards.

        • Just messaged and asked sb/dell, sb says "With regard to your inquiry about the promo code, if the code is not listed on ShopBack's website and you have used it in your order, I'm afraid that you will not be eligible for cashback. " About to cancel my order haha

          Anyone got tracked cashback from shopback?

          • @iwantaphone: I got cash back from cashrewards. It shows up as tracked anyway.

  • Looks like the click frenzy coupon doesn't stack but Special100 still works. Anyone got a better deal?

  • Did this monitor get any further discounted?

    • What? It's been discounted 40% + $100 off + 9% cashback.

      Not sure what you're referring to?

      • Sorry, I wondered if a new code related to click frenzy may have applied to reduce the price further is all. All good!

  • Amazing price!

  • I got it delivered on Thursday. Only 4 days to regional QLD. It is pretty awesome. Really solid and amazing screen.

  • Bugger! The cash rewards cashback was 7.00%. Ended up paying $1,114 ish.

    • What mate? The code makes it $1189 before cashback, did you forget to apply the code first?

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