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Woolworths Rewards - Free Google Nest Mini & Chromecast Bundle or XX Points with Purchases over 2 Weeks @ Woolworths


Obviously Targeted offer, probably the best I've seen regarding rewards/fly buys.

  1. Choose your reward - Google Nest Mini 2nd gen (valued at $79) and Google Chromecast (valued at $59) Bundle OR 9000 bonus points by selecting one of the buttons above or below.
  2. Spend $190 in one or more shops in-store at Woolworths each week for both weeks.*
  3. Scan your Rewards card in-store at the checkout.

Week 1 starts tomorrow!

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  • +16

    A targeted offer because, for many, $190/wk on groceries is a lot!

    • +2

      I combine with my parents, very easy then. Atleast it allows split payments unlike Coles offers.

      • The offers on both vary sometimes in one spend sometimes in one week on multiple

        • Yeah if you stop spending at one you Grocer get better offers… if you stuck with one you'll find your requirements just go up and up.

      • -20

        I combine with my parents

        What if you don’t like what they buy for you?

        • +14

          This isn't your best attempt…. I'm happy to disregard this one and give you a little longer?

          They buy their own groceries, I buy my own… like flybuys you can have multiple card holders, but you already know that…

      • Coles allow split payments at the store I go to, unless you're talking about online?

        • Not when it's towards a spend xx amount each week, it has to be done in 1 shop,

          Woolworths do accumulative for the week on their promos.

  • I got this offer a few weeks back but it was spend $70 per week for 4 weeks to get the google mini, we do regular shops at Coles so our flybuy requirements are through the roof.

    I wonder if I will also get this offer as well?

    • +1

      Pays to switch every so often, and I'd advise to do it before Xmas so Coles hopefully gives you a great offer by then. Between Xmas and Easter they generally go all out to catch people. When I worked at Coles logistics in a past life Easter was the busiest time of the year.

    • +1

      im doing this now on my second week. and it was only $50 a week for me.

      • Did you receive any email after qualifying amount spent on the 1st week? I didn't receive any email.

        • Ive done 2 weeks out of 4 for $50. You get updates on your receipt confirming your spend for the week. I did get an email. But I find it less reliable.

  • +6

    I have a very achievable target - $50 x 4 weeks for points or Google Mini.

    • +1

      You're lucky. Mine is $180 per week for 2 weeks gives 2,000 points (no electronics option)

      • Mine IS Google nest mini,and a chromecast - but its a $235 spend each week for 2 weeks

        • I have spend $130 each week for 2 weeks = google nest mini and a chromecast or 8000 points.

    • +1

      Me too .Two weeks to go.

    • Google Mini isn't the same as Nest Mini. The Nest Mini's are Gen 2 (better mic and speaker, wall hook) and retails for $79, the Google Minis are retailing around $50.

  • +1

    Whatever analytical rewards data sciency software this mob run makes no sense.

    Had a far worse offer sent the other week.
    "Spend $140 in one or more shops in-store at Woolworths each week for 4 week to claim ONE CHROMECAST" Starting Thurs 17 Oct - Sun 27 Oct

    Targeted email received Oct 24th. Campaign execution score 1/10.

    • +2

      My offer was spend $60 each week over 4 weeks for a ChromeCast. I don’t prefer Coles over Woolworths and vice versa and alternate shops between the two depending on the offers they send me. We’re a family of 5 so $60 a week is easy. But the more consistently you shop with Woolworths or Coles, the more you have to spend to be eligible for an offer.

      • +3

        But the more consistently you shop with Woolworths or Coles, the less they need to do to buy your loyalty.

        • Or shop consistently but use different accounts.

      • Mine was $50 for the same Chromecast deal. My wife’s account got spend $80 x 4 weeks (multiple spends) to get the Google mini. We are going for the mini.

  • If the offer through email or login to the card? I always forget to scan mine so maybe they don't bother.

    • +2

      Email, I don't think you can track them easily like Coles can on their app/online.

  • No offer here :(

  • +2

    I'm starting to think I need a second woolworths rewards card to reset their data. They want $210/wk from us for two weeks. We sometimes nudge the $200 mark if we're restocking expensive items like nappies and clothes powder but never two weeks running.

    Lucky I've run out of rooms to keep all these free Google home minis in.

    • Seems like you're confusing Google home minis with their Collectables.

  • +5

    My offer is spend $245 for 2x weeks to get either 12,000 points or the Google bundle… Clearly I shop there too much!

  • My offer is for $150pw spend for the bundle or 8000 points.

  • :( finally a deal I actually want and I'm not targeted.

  • I diver receive any email offers from WR.. wish I did!

    • +11

      How to rewind and not read this comment?

  • +1

    I got this offer about 10 days ago, Spend $50 in one shop in-store at Woolworths each week for 4 weeks.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if buying a boost recharge count towards the total spend?

    • +2

      Nevermind. Found the email no valid.

  • Dammit, spend is super high compared to some others.

    Spend $235 each week for 2 weeks in-store at Woolworths and get a Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast Bundle or 12,000 bonus points.

    • Mine is the same as yours.

  • +1

    $250 a week for 2 weeks for me.
    EZ PZ!
    Thanks OP

  • Mine is

    Earn 3500 quick points

    Spend $50* or more in one shop each week for the next 2 weeks at Woolworths. Starts Mon, 04 Nov!

  • +4

    They fking hate single people hey

    • +4

      just get a partner for 2 weeks

  • +1

    Hi XXXX, we've got a VIP reward, just for you.

    As one of our most loyal customers, you'll enjoy some bonus point perks, exclusive to you.

    Starts tomorrow!

    Activate now and you’ll be ready to collect 5x points on every shop in-store and online at Woolworths! Offer ends Sunday, 17th November.*

    • These x points offers are useless. About 10% of my points earn is the actual purchases the rest is bonus points like this offer.

    • +1

      Yeah I got ripped off and got this deal too :(
      Was hoping for the nest…

  • Or just shop at Aldi and save always, without the gimmicks.

    • Or shop between the 3 of them always coming away with the best deal. My local has a Coles, Woolies and an Aldi. I find because you can always buy Coles and Woolworths eGift cards between 5%-8% discounted, you are basically knocking 5%-8% off the cost of their groceries which seems to be an equaliser against Aldi. On top of that, especially for Woolworths petrol you get your 4c/litre voucher to discount your fuel and again you can pay for fuel with a 5%-8% discounted Woolworths eGift card (I don't think Coles allows this).

  • does opal recharge count?

  • From the email (My offer is $150/wk for 2 weeks for google bundle or 8000pts btw)

    Qualifying purchase amount excludes withdrawal of cash, delivery charges and Delivery Saver items, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor products, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care, Donations, lottery products and Pre-order Kiosks

  • Anyone know if there's any way to redeem offers like this in Tasmania?

    • +1

      Change your address.

  • Pushing hard for xmas

  • My offer is $165/week for Nest Bundle/9000 points!

  • Time for meal prep!

  • Spend $220 each week for 2 weeks and get 2000 bonus points is what I got

    • +1

      That is terrible.

  • If you don't get an email, how do you know or get the offer? Is there a link?

  • I didn't get any offer and I shop at Woolies each week… very targeted… :(

  • Damn! I got this offer on the 17/10, completely missed the email :(
    Mine was $120 min spend for 4 consecutive weeks for Google Nest Mini or 10,000 points.

  • -2

    So this is a standard Chromecast? Not even an Ultra? Who doesn’t already have at LEAST 3 of those things knocking about already?

    If it is an Ultra, ie. 4K streaming compatible then I am sad I wasn’t targeted, if it is a standard it’s just one less junk email I need to sift through.


  • Hmmm. Mine is $235 a week in store for two weeks and a bundle of a nest mini and chromecast or 12,000 points. So varied. Very targeted.

  • Does anyone know how to check the progress? I remember I used to receive weekly emails from Woolies, saying that I've achieved week 1, week 2, etc. We've been royally buying $110 every week since week 1. This is the final week, so just want to make sure my investment of $440 give me a return of Google Nest Mini. :)

    • I check my progress on the bottom of the receipt. It tells you how much more you need to spend or if already done, it tells you to spend next week.

    • In the My Rewards website you can check activity as well. Atleast to manually add spend.

  • Any idea how/when this will be sent/available for collection?

    • I believe the T&C mentioned a few weeks or so atleast

      • +2

        From the T&C

        At the completion of the campaign you will receive confirmation via email that you have qualified for a Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast Bundle. Once the Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast have been dispatched an Australia Post tracking number will be emailed to you. Please allow up to 6 weeks from campaign end for delivery. Woolworths takes no responsibility for incorrectly entered delivery details. If your Google Nest Mini and Google Chromecast are returned as undeliverable and correct address details are not confirmed by 26/01/2020 your reward will be converted to bonus points and 9000 bonus points will be added to your account. For more information concerning delivery, please refer to our FAQ page.

  • Has anyone received their email notification after sucessfully spending said amount of money at Woolworths?

    • I called them yesterday, they advised 2 batches, I'm on the second batch. Supposedly others have been notified. They can easily verify if you qualified.

    • Haven't received anything yet, but the FAQ's state should receive a tracking number within 7-14 days after the campaign ends so if you haven't heard by December 1 I'd give them a buzz.

    • Received a confirmation email from Woolworths yesterday. THen, email from Auspost with tracking number today. The tracking says that it's coming today via Express Post.

  • Mine arrived on Thursday 28th same day as I got the confirmation email. Both work well.

    • I got confirmation, then it arrived a day or so after and then I got the tracking in the afternoon…

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