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Canon PowerShot SX130 $184 at Harvey Norman, Lowest Price in Worldwide (Receipt Added)


Just got a Canon SX130 IS for $184 at Harvey Norman , I believe it is Lowest price in worldwide.

This is full manul control camera, perfect camera for practice before U buy a DSLR.
For this price, it is perfect one to learn photograph.
It has most of DSLR's function and full manul control wheel.

It use Rechargeable AA batery, it is cheaper…
I bought 4 SANYO ENELOOP rechargeable AA baterries for it.
2 in it and 2 for standby.

I am a student and I donot have money to got a DSLR, this is why I choose it.
I like this camera very much.

I believe, camera is crucial, what's more important is the head behind it.

it's price in JBHIFI about $329,
$299 in DSE,
$280 in some camera warehouse
$230 on Ebay(Grey Import)

$229 on HN web as below:

$184 after their 20% discount.

Many stock in Wiley Park store (NSW)

Someone may find a lower price on internet, but they charge a Very Expensive Postage. Their price + postage above $230.

Try to find out more about this camera on Canon website:

Just know how to upload picture, and upload my receipt as below:



If no stock in your local HN store or no HN in your sub, try to get price match in other store.

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