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20,000 Bonus Woolworths Rewards Points with a Woolworths Car Insurance Policy @ Woolworths Insurance


Comprehensive Car insurance deal from Woolworth from Rewards members (Possibly targeted).

I haven't bought any policies from them, so cannot vouch for it but I am sure that there are lotsa of our members who may have.

Blurb from the email

Car Insurance Offer
*Offer applies to new policies only that are issued before 23:59 AEDT on 02/12/19 27 days after you received your email and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. You must be a Woolworths Rewards Member to receive the points and enter your Woolworths Rewards card number and the promo code at the time of purchasing the policy. Woolworths Rewards bonus points will be loaded within 45 days of the first premium being paid in full. Redemption of Woolworths Rewards is subject to the Woolworths Rewards Terms and Conditions available at woolworthsrewards.com.au.

^Up to 10% discount consists of a 5% saving for online applicants, saving in first year only, and up to 5% if drivers under 25 are excluded. Minimum premiums apply and may reduce the saving.

Available for a limited time only to insured drivers aged 25 or over. Based on comparable Comprehensive cover. Subject to minimum premiums. Savings apply for first year only. Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Any other available discounts applied before Price Beat. Please read the Woolworths Car Insurance Price Beat Offer full terms and conditions.

Travel Insurance Offer is 2000 bonus points for comprehensive travel insurance:

code: T2K

Travel Insurance Offer
Limited time offer and applies to new policies only. You must be a Woolworths Rewards Member to receive the offer and enter your Woolworths Rewards Membership number and the promo code at the time of purchasing the policy. Woolworths Rewards bonus points will be loaded within 60 days of the first premium being paid in full. Redemption of Woolworths Rewards is subject to the Woolworths Rewards Terms and Conditions available at woolworthsrewards.com.au.

=Dependent children who are under 21 are covered for free when travelling with an insured adult.

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  • very explanatory title :D

    • +1

      sorry, too keen to get the deal up. RichardL fixed it up for me :0)

      • No need to be sorry. Thanks for the post.

    • Still working today. I have an existing policy with them and just took out a new one. Premium $10 more but $90 in front.

      • Woolworths are fooling and cheating with this bonus points offer. The offer is still valid if you enter a coupon code 20KR. but the premium increases by $50 if you include the coupon code for this offer compared to quote without this offer! I suggest you check it again and respond here. That is outright cheating for me!

      • I'm an existing customer and the quote for a new policy with Woolworths that I just got quoted from their website is cheaper than the renewal quote they sent me - and that's not including the extra 20000 Woolworths Reward Points! Did you cancel your existing policy in order to take out the new one?

        I'm guessing so because the existing policy will automatically renew otherwise.. Which is a bit of pain because I have to call them as my policy is "pending renewal" and can't be changed on their website.

        • I did this, cancel and sign up again.

        • New policy is always cheaper than renewal.

  • +4

    Doesn't appear to be targeted. Also appears to work on third party cover. Take it out monthly, crank the excess right up - came to $16 per month for me. 20,000 points conditional on first payment being taken and insurance held for minimum 30 days past that point.

    • They didn't offer third party for my vehicle. After signing up there was an offer for a $100 gift card for taking out further car/home/landlords insurance which I guess is equivalent to this 20000 points.


  • Meh. WW wanted 1490 when my renewal from existing is 790. Clicked on 'price beat', but 'we are sorry we cannot beat it'

    • Mine said it couldn't price beat, but then dropped the price after I clicked back to correct a typo and returned to final screen. Weird.

      Also, I preferred the CARX03 deal, as it's a $100 gift card. Can use at Dan's.

  • hmm comes up with 652.70 then when I go price beat it drops it to 534.91…..how does that work lol

    Comprehensive $726.36

    $663.86 per year incl. GST and Gov't charges if paid annually then

    Congratulations! Your Price Beat application has been successful.$534.91 per yearincl. GST and Gov't charges

    Drive Less Pay Less

    Bonus 20,000 REWARDS POINTS*
    Annual KilometresUnlimited
    See what's covered
    Annual Kilometres
    See what's covered

    • +1

      Where is the price beat? I can't see any button

      • After Quote…
        Got a comparable Comprehensive renewal notice for cheaper?
        See if we can beat it!
        Click here

        comprehensive insurance on
        old car driven limited km
        Quote: $339 / $308 5000km
        Had $184 Suncorp quote ($50 off online)
        Price beat: $154 - unlimited km.
        With $100 of points - effectively $1/wk for comprehensive insurance!

        • I must have been reading the Qantas T&C.


          • @knobbs: Confusing when checking out multiple policiesđŸ˜‰

            About to take out this policy - now down to $140/yr! With $100 of points.

            • @Rather be Travelling: $140/yr ? Wow I will have to get another quote haha

              • @knobbs: Yes. Got a new quote @$170 from Suncorp - Woolies repeatedly price beat by $30.
                It's an old Honda Acord, agreed value only $3500.

                • @Rather be Travelling: The last one I paid for my 2003 C200 was like $600-700. Value is pretty close to your $3500 figure I think haha

                  • @knobbs: Lot of factors determining price, like age of driver & location.

                    I used a 5000km limited policy to price beat. That's all I drive per year.

                    My old policy ran out last night, so time to sign up. Won't be driven until weekend.

        • Does anyone know if they price beat the PAYG policy. Their quote page shows price beat against the Comprehensive unlimited km option only! Also they say they beat renewal premium from existing insurer, not new policy quote from any insurer. Has anyone been asked this when you have done taken the price beat option or later after taking up the policy.

          They state they could ask for renewal quote for your previous policy after you have purchased using price beat.

          • @vmathews2204: Woolies never asked for or checked.

            Never noticed that. I price beat against an online quote - for 5000km limited! That was in December.

            • @Rather be Travelling: Ok..that's interesting. In fact they do not ask from which insurer either in the online page, correct? Did you get the Price Beat done online or over the phone?

              Also interesting note they price beat for limited KM (Pay As you Go) because they have it against unlimited option.

              Check what I mentioned about bonus point offer. Did you get that offer?

              Another thing, how did you feel their customer service was, over the phone etc? Have you had much dealing with them after the policy?

              • @vmathews2204: Price beat online. No phone contact.

                Gave me unlimited policy. No question of which insurer being price beaten. But was same as current insurer - Suncorp.
                Got a new policy online quote to price beat. Had adjusted excess etc - to gave a cheapest policy to price beat.

                Got 20k pts ($100cr) onto Rewards card within 45d. No problem.

                No contact - just bought policy over phone.
                They send me 10% off Woolies reminder emails each month.

                • @Rather be Travelling: Ok, thanks for the info. Very surprising to hear that you took a limited km policy quote and compared with another quote of same type and still they gave you a Price beat for Unlimnited Km!! Wow…Woolies are wooing customers like anything.

                  That is why I was keen to know the experience of dealing with them like claims or renewal premium hikes faced by anyone here..such real issues after purchasing a policy.

                  I am sure you would have got the bonus points. But do check again now you will see what I mentioned. Take a new quote without coupon code for bonus points first and then go back input the code and see the price difference.

                  • @vmathews2204: Oh, I won't be renewing - twice the price of my old Suncorp policy which suited me.

                    As has been commented elsewhere, you can request a new price beat quote & points again… Rather than renewing. Or will look for a different attractive deal.

                    Things may have changed.
                    I originally checked the price with points, then came back weeks later & again price beat & used code - got same price & bought. At effectively $40 for first year (less 10% off groceries once a month.

                    • @Rather be Travelling: Contacted Woolies they wont be Price Beating new quotes they will only price beat renewal quotes!

                      • @vmathews2204: Unfortunately, I can confirm what vmathews2204 said - just tried to price beat a quote (which I have done successfully before from Woolies), and they refused, said they will only beat a renewal notice. I queried this and they then checked with their manager, who then confirmed this. Which now makes their price beat really rather useless - because we all know that in the second year the renewal premium goes up a lot, and the special sign up promos no longer apply, so renewals are almost always worse than just shopping around for the best deal at that time. Oh well, I had been with Woolies insurance for 4 years, it was a good, but time to move on to greener pastures, because even with this bonus point offer I can do better elsewhere.
                        In retrospect, the peak for price beating was 2016 and most of 2017 when both Coles and Woolies offer price beating on car insurance, and with two genuine price beat providers you could drive your insurance costs way down (and I did), then Coles stopped offering it end of 2017, and now Woolies have effectively stopped by only doing it on renewals in around mid 2020.

    • My quote came down for unlimited km to $30 less than 8000km limit but no 20000 points offer with that option.

  • What is there method in determining how many KM are actually driven? From 8,000km to 15,000km is an extra 50% in price? $900 to $1400….

    • you enter your current odo reading during the sign up and when you make a claim they'll ask for it.

  • as in do you we just say what starting km is?

  • -1

    There is 0 bonus points if you are not over $2k. Other than 1 point per $1 spent and access to well being.

    • +1

      How do you know that minimum policy to qualify for 20,000pts is over $2000?
      Hasn't been the case before.
      Not in t&c.

      You'll receive your bonus points within 45 days of paying your first premium in full.

    • +1

      Did you mean to post this in the qantas car insurance thread? I paid $30 for a month of woolies insurance and got the points after 30 days. Just switched out to bingle and then back to woolies again for another lot of points.

  • Offer extended
    Same emailed offer (received 22/11) with same code states:
    But hurry - offer ends 19 December 2019.
    That is 27 days after email date - as stated in t&c
    Same code has been in use for ages.

  • Didn't get any email with the offer but it just worked for me, thanks.

  • Does anyone know if Woolworths Car insurance has a cancellation fee after the cooling off period? The PDS says there may be a cancellation fee and it will be stated in the Certificate of Insurance. So no idea what it will be unless and until I purchase the policy and receive the Certificate of Insurance. The guy from the Chat support says there isn't and it is waived for all customers. If so not sure why it is stated in PDS! Other insurers who have Cancellation fee state the amount up front. Has anyone checked their Certificate of Insurance for any Cancellation fee mentioned?

    • I had a policy with them in 2018-19. This was stated in the COI "You have 14 days after buying or renewing this policy to decide if it meets your needs and you wish to continue. If you choose to cancel your policy within the 14 days after buying this policy we will give you a refund provided you have not made a claim. Should you decide to cancel after the cooling off period we will deduct a $30 fee to cover reasonable administration expenses"

  • Tried to apply the code today - confirmed with the contact centre that it expired 26/10/2020… 1 day out!! Damn!

  • Try CARX03 - similar benefit but $100 gift card

  • +1

    Code is now REW20K not 20KR, or just use the Go to Deal link. Incredibly cheap comprehensive insurance for my old car with a low km policy. With the rewards points and 10% off a grocery shop every month, reckon it will cost me nothing. Reviews are not great - the word is you have to hassle to get a pay out - but it's been years since I had an accident, and this is cheap peace-of-mind insurance.

    NB Only one 10% off shop per month per rewards card allowed, so if you already have a Woolworths Mobile discount it won't be applied. I share a rewards card with my wife, with her Woolies Mobile discount, so I signed up for a new rewards card and registered with that.

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