$100 Cashback on Any Vertuo Machine, $50 Coffee Credit with Purchase of Any Original Line Machine @ Nespresso


Nespresso are running a promotion of $100 cashback on any Vertuo machine purchased from 'participating retailers' until 31 January. The T&Cs on the web site state:

Retailers who sell Participating Products in Australia and operate from shop fronts in Australia including both the physical shop front and online store operated by such retailers.

A Participating Retailer is not www.nespresso.com or the Nespresso Club via phone 1800 623 033 or Nespresso Boutiques.

Edit: after a comment in this deal I went through the claim process and there is actually a defined list of retailers. Note that Costco is not currently on the list. Peter's and Myer are, plus JB Hi-fi so Spackbace's deal is currently the best price.

The best price I can find so far is a VertuoPlus from Peter's of Kensington via eBay @ $199, with the PLEASE10 promotion taking $19.90 off. After cashback this comes down to $79.10 with C&C. If you're not near Peter's or don't want to pay for shipping then Myer currently have the same machine for $199 with no further discount. (Edit: as pointed out by TheSnyper below there may be better deals in physical stores so please post what you find in the comments.)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next eBay 20% coupon for a major retailer to save even more.

Nespresso $50 Coffee Credit With Purchase of Any Original Line Machine

Nothing special, just the usual coffee credit which is used to purchase more coffee pods from Nespresso later. This is for their original line machines and not for the Vertuo. Machine must be from a participating retailer per the T&Cs.

T&Cs here.

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    $189 at BigW? Plus 10% off later today.


    I looked into this a bit last night.
    Know Nespresso pushing the Vertuo hard so they can lock you into their pods.

    Can anyone talk to the pro's vs cons between the original & Vertuo?


      general consensus is go original if you're after espresso based drinks?
      original also has wider flavour choice.

      Might just wait it out a bit more. My current go to is actually robert timms coffee bags. When they go on sale, it's about 17c a cup.

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      We have both, and I prefer coffee size and taste with vertuoPlus. Easy to fill pods with good coffee. Nice Crema and variable brewing and cup size by inserting color coded capsules.
      Nice big (420 ml)strong cup in the morning or two and maybe a double espresso later in the day.

      Still have normal Nespresso machine with refillable capsules, but Vertuo has better brewing, cup flexibility.
      No issues in the past year.
      Highly recommended.


    Any idea if Costco is one of the participating retailers?

    Current offer Vertuo Plus Bundle $149.90 from Costco

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      They should be, per the definition in the T&Cs.

      Actually, on closer reading of the Costco deal you should almost be entitled to $21.10 profit for purchasing the Breville BNV420 and/or ENV155B for $79.99!

      Strike all that. Seems Costco is not a participating retailer after all, see comments in the original post.

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      I messaged Nespresso on Facebook and asked why Costco was removed. They said that Costco is running their own internal promotion which is basically offering the $100 cashback as an instant discount on the list price of a Vertuo machine rather than paying the full price and claiming the $100 from Nespresso later.


    Nice find OP


    Seems like it might be an even better deal here


    Would either of these machines be applicable for the $100 cash back? Sold by Delonghi on Amazon AU

    DeLonghi Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee & Espresso Machine Black $170.17 - $100.00 = $70.17

    DeLonghi Nespresso, VertuoPlus Bundle, Coffee Capsule Machine - Black $267.67 - $100.00 = $167.67

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    To answer my own question, here is the list of participating retailers. There was another 'Other' option mentioned, thats why its on the below list too:

    Better Electrical AU
    Big W
    Bing Lee
    David Jones
    De Longhi
    E&S Trading
    Harris Scarfe
    Harvey Norman AU
    JB Hi-Fi
    Joyce Mayne
    Kitchen Warehouse
    Miele Show Room
    Peters of Kensington
    Radio Rentals
    The Good Guys
    Williams Sonoma


      Reading the definition of the t&c's, there shouldn't be anything stopping other retailers being included (i.e. Costco) but hearing that they have actively removed Costco concerns me. Probably realised that they were selling the basic one for $80 and people would be able to profit on it.


      It says seller is Nespresso-au, so probably not eligible according to above mentioned:

      'A Participating Retailer is not www.nespresso.com or the Nespresso Club via phone 1800 623 033 or Nespresso Boutiques.'

      Maybe check with Nespresso.


        This is in the T + C's drop down

        "Participating Product must be purchased directly from either the Nespresso Boutique, by calling the Nespresso Club, visiting the Nespresso website and mobile app or Nespresso Australia eBay Store

        The Nespresso Australia eBay Store refers to only the official store located at https://www.ebay.com.au/str/nespressoaustralia"

        That store URL go's to that account.


          Just rang them and asked if the cashback applied to purchases from their Ebay store. They confirmed it did.

          I'm not convinced. The language on the listing is pretty ambiguous.


            @slamdunka: Yes, very ambiguous. I would be careful. Had a bad experience with a Philips purchase last year.
            They claimed Amazon invoice was not good enough, since it doesn't say invoice.
            Had to ask Amazon for an 'invoice' on chat and they had problem understanding what else I needed.

            Took 3 months to finally get the claim through, tons of emails with more information needed.
            Like 'we can't accept your claim since your provided information/ documentation doesn't meet our requirements…

            I have applied for loans with less hassle.

            So I am careful now. Amazon purchase of VertuoPlus had no problems with Nespresso claim.
            I am sure the list of accepted retailers works well too.

            Good luck!


    I got my machine today in the mail from Amazon online. Put in my cashback request. Sweet.. New Coffee machine. I've been looking for one since my Cafeitaly machine has hardly any pods available for it. So even if your machine lives more than 3 years, the pods available will dry up when new machines come on the market.

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    Nespresso eBay has a few Vertuo Plus machines and bundles for cheap, you might be able to match at TGG or JB to get it down to $149 and then $100 cashback on top :)

    Cashback isn't claimable from Nespresso direct, so the price match is key.


    I tried to claim $100 cashback but keep getting this "The serial number you have entered is invalid. #MC"..
    I copied the serial number from the machine itself…


    Just wondering has anyone had luck price matching anywhere using the Nespresso website or ebay as reference?


      In the comments above someone got a price match off the Nespresso web site at Big W. YMMV


        Thanks actually I didn't think anyone has reported successfully price matching, I read that comment above as someone saying bigW theoretically might price match.

        BTW I messaged Nespresso on FB asking if their eBay store is eligible for the cash back and they replied saying the eBay cash back is over, but ordering direct from their online store will get the cash back.

        I find that confusing since I thought the Nespresso store is not eligible for it. I've asked to double check, still waiting to hear back.


          Ok just checked with support they meant that the discounted rate on the Nespresso website is the equivalent of the cash back through retailers.

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