Singles Day (11/11) 2019 General Discussion

Singles Day 2019 officially begins on Monday, November 11 2019.


1 Day before Click Frenzy starts is Singles Day. For those who aren't in the know: Singles Day started out as an obscure “anti-Valentine’s” celebration for single people in China back in the 1990s. However, it didn't actually become a retail festival until 2009 when Chinese retail giant, Alibaba decided to use it as a sales event.

On the 11 of November every year, Chinese retailers join together to promote discounts for a single day; and as obscure as it may seem here in Australia, the 2018 Singles Day sale eclipsed Black Friday sales with a gross sale figure of $42 billion

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    Lest we forget the bargains.

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      I'm expecting to be down voted for this, but I find this comment pretty offensive. This is Remembrance Day (a bit of a shame OzBargain is promoting it as Singles Day), as it's a day to pause to remember those we lost in the course of duty.

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        That was the point, perhaps it didn't come across properly. It was meant to be a mocking comment on how this "singles day" of buying cheap shit seems to be more important. Enjoy my +

      • -6


        • +3

          most sjws aren't particularly respectful towards the troops tho?

          • @Nillionaire:

            most sjws aren't particularly respectful towards the troops tho

            I find it very strange the way they think …
            So they claim social justice for all, but at the same time excludes those vet shrug R.I.P logic …

      • +1

        Remembering all those that Australian soldiers killed on foreign soil.

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    Any cashback boosts?

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    Worth noting that AliExpress sale starts at 19:00 AEDT

    • … on Monday. Late, not early.

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        • +1

          4pm Perth/Beijing time. I went looking because i thought he meant 19:00 today.

        • +3

          6pm for our Qlders

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    Cheers to all the singles out there and the never ending joy of ONS. To those who commit to one for life, I salute you.

  • Msg me if ur single pringle

    • +7

      That'll teach them

    • +3

      100% support local aussie products

      • -1

        Just to be frank Aussie dont have big manufacture at ALL

  • +3

    I was in Shenzhen last year for singles day. Bought so much stuff from the Xiaomi flagship store

  • +4

    Hot on the heels

    Hot on the heels is after.

    • Thanks for updating scrimshaw - sorry to be such a pedant, I just can't help it.

      Next time I'll do it with semi random bold a la jv so that at least you can laugh at it ;)

  • +18

    Pretty poor tastes really…. Today is Remembrance Day. 100 years since the end of a terrible war that a generation of Australian's fought and died in..

    This is Australia not China…. yet

    • +13

      There are many events held across the country to mark the occasion. Ozbargain is bargain site for people looking for a deal like 11/11

      • -14

        Choose a different date. This is sheer insensitivity.

        Next, they’ll be declaring Anzac Day is a shopping festival, and people will be getting up early for the sales instead of for the dawn service.

        • +15


          Even has a red poppy to mark the day and show respect. Ozbargain have big bright Chinese sale symbols..

        • +2

          Choose a different date. Easier said then done, Chinese culture is deeply entertwined with the siginicance of numbers and simply put pun's based on numbers.
          So you're essentially telling, not just a whole country but all people of chinese descent around the world to stuff their culture and pick a date more convinient for the white world.

          • +14

            @jwsc: Single’s Day, as a shopping event, began in 2009.

            It hardly has a rich cultural history. It’s a crass commercial event, started a decade ago. Now it’s being exported with a lack of cultural sensitivity to countries that have marked Remembrance Day as a solemn event since the end of WWI.

            If a company tried to move into the Chinese market and rebrand National Day as “hot wife shopping bonanza day”, I’m pretty sure they would all be rounded up and sent for re-education pretty quickly.

            • +2

              @DisabledUser77742: i never said it was historic, but the way the Chinese choose their holidays is.
              and considering that Australia did that with Australia day to the indeginous popuation, it isn't really one to speak.

              Also, rather than China exporting the holiday, it's more the rest of the world not wanting to miss out on selling to an extremely large portion of the world in an increasingly global economy.

              • +1

                @jwsc: Wow. Bringing in indigenous persecution? That’s some serious whataboutism worthy of the wumao army.

                And if it’s just crass exploitation selling to Chinese, then surely locals have a right to complain about it, and suggest that the date isn’t appropriate for the local market and should maybe be slightly shifted just for retailers in those countries which commemorate Remembrance Day.

                At the very least there shouldn’t be a huge, red banner at the top of OzBargain.

                • +7

                  @DisabledUser77742: if you dont like the comparison of Austrlia Day then how about we start complaining about Hallmarks Valentines day, that's just a commercial event right?
                  Out of respect for those that were chased out of Catholic Vienna back in 1670?
                  I'm sure Cyber Monday probably has some historic even it clashes with.

                  honestly if you go deep enough or far back enough, you will always find days of celebration or siginifcance that clash with one another, The year isn't long enough for each holiday new or old to only occur on days where nothing historic has happened before.

                  Red is lucky colour in China, it's a Chinese cyber sale, that you can choose not to partake in. But that is your choice, and 'locals' that choose to partake shouldn't be shamed for having an open mind, Chinese locals shouldn't be forced to chose between the their two worlds.

                  • -7

                    @jwsc: It’s Remembrance Day. It’s the most solemn day of the year. If you don’t respect it, you shouldn’t be in this country.

                    And I say this as someone who is half-Chinese.

                    • +1

                      @DisabledUser77742: i've actually always saw remembrance day as a day of celebration as well. yes it's a day we remember all those who lost their lives fighting for Australia and pay our respects to them, but it's also a day we celebrate the end of a war, and surrender of our nations enemys.

                      and being half chinese doesn't make that comment any less racist and xenophobic.

                      but again, if you dont want to do anything other pay your respects, thats your choice dont try to push it onto other people and call them insensitive, Chinese or not.

                      • +1

                        @jwsc: It’s not racist to say: “everyone in Australia should remember the fallen during Remembrance Day, rather than buying cheap plastic crap on Taobao”.

                        It’s not even patriotic. It’s an international commemoration.

                        I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that people reserve this day for solemn reflection, whether they’ve been here for a few years, arrived here as kids, or have ancestors that have been here for thousands of years.

                        The importance of remembering the fallen, and reflecting on the horrors of war, should supersede any shopping bonanza that may arise and try to distract attention from what is a very solemn and serious occasion.

                        But if you do feel the need to shop instead, then nobody can stop you. However, just don’t advertise that insensitivity… especially if you happen to be an Australian retailer.

                        • +6

                          @DisabledUser77742: it's racist to say ANYONE doesn't deserve to be in Australia for any reason.

                          Some people dont believe in war.
                          Should they be kicked out?

                          It's wrong to say people can't reflect in anyway they want.
                          Again, how you chose to commemorate this day is your choice and your choice alone and should not be pushed onto others.

                          Besides, how is this war more or less significant than other wars or mass deaths.
                          you want to remember the fallen, then remember those who died, when the indegenous were invaded, when world war 2 ended, vietnam war, korean war, the list goes on. and that's just those that directly affected Australia in a large way.
                          should Children born on this day not be allowed to have a birthday?
                          should all shops close, today? I mean if we can't partake in an international sale without being attacked, then why do any shopping at all? we probably should close all the restaurants too, be damned to those who live cheque to cheque.
                          and those who have to wait for sales like singles day to buy something they desperately need because, the small price difference to you, mean a great deal to them, well too bad, if they want to partake they can just be on their way out of Australia.

                          Just because someone chooses to do things differently to you does NOT mean they shouldnt be in Australia.
                          Everyone in Australia does NOT have to do things the way you want.
                          Remember those who fell does NOT mean doing nothing else that day.

                          • +1

                            @jwsc: I guess we can agree to disagree then.

                            But I’ll definitely be boycotting any Australian retailers that try to drum up sales today.

                          • +1

                            @jwsc: Fun playing find the logical fallacies in this thread:
                            Strawmen, whataboutisms, false dichotomies, hasty generalisations, red herrings, appeals to hypocrisy

          • @jwsc: Australian. Not white.

        • +2

          History is full of wars. Most old world countries don’t dwell on this particular one to the same extent as Australia. In fact, its mainly seen as a pointless struggle between imperial powers or newly developed industrial-scale murder. Humanity at its worst really and I’m saying that as a European and descendant of a soldier in the Somme. In fairness, almost every country has their own quirks or manipulations in how they view history. Today's China is one of the worst offenders. At least I’ll just be downvoted here for stating the truth :), not put in prison.

    • Well then stick it to them by buying their stuff cheaper, thus depriving them of greater profits.

    • -3

      Melbourne and Sydney are basically turning into a chinese colony

      • +1

        too true

    • +8

      Okay Boomer

      • As in baby boomer? That I am not lol

        • -6

          Okay Boomer

          • -1

            @centrelink: Yes… lets all be condescending of the Baby Boomer generation- because of course Gen Z knows best!!

            You just make yourself and your entire generation look stupid with the "Okay Boomer" catchphrase.
            In two words you optimise an 'all knowing attitude', but in reality no nothing.
            I'm not even a Boomer and I find that phrase pathetic.

            Go on… you know you're busting to say it again…

            • +7

              @UFO: Okay boomer

              • @centrelink: Read you like a Golden Book (oh wait, you're too young to know what that means) :).

                • -1

                  @UFO: Okay boomer

                  • @centrelink: Six white boomers, snow white boomers?

                  • +1

                    @centrelink: The new "whatever" reply to everything…. clever little darlings.

                    • +2

                      @UFO: Okay boomer

                      • +1

                        @centrelink: I didn't know that there was 5x negative vote limit in 24 hrs until I stumbled across @centrelink. You learn something new every day!

      • I'm pretty sure you've got to use OK instead of Okay for full authenticity, but nice to see this coming over here too.

    • +2

      If it helps, today is also Peppero/Pocky day (aka #4 couples awareness day) in Korea?

    • +8

      Agree. Poor taste. This is Australia, not China. Though I'm more blaming on our local retailers (ebay included), 11/11 in China is none of their businesses.

      • -1

        So then, a local retailer owned by people of Chinese descent, is it poor taste for them to part-take in the Singles Day festivities, and try to spread some of their culture?
        Or should the Chinese Australians only bring up their festivities when it suits "Australian Australians"?

        • +2

          I mean, I'd understand if this were a genuine holiday, but Singles Day is just a made-up, commercial day for shopping. Singles Day sales in China only became a thing a few years ago. There is no cultural significance behind it other than to shop.

          That being said, there are some obvious racist undertones from some people opposing it here, so I can see where you're coming from.

          • +1

            @monkeymuffins: undertones is a bit of an understatement lol.
            but we dont only import genuine holidays and events.
            Melbourne Cup day is a bs holiday the year after year allows animal cruelty to continue.
            Yet the rest of Australia still insists on celebrating it.

    • +6

      No body really gives a F about Singles Day here. It's all about bargains. Most of them aren't that good anyway.
      The focus today here is still Remembrance Day.

      We've had bargain deals on Anzac Day before. Didn't see people whinging / complaining.

    • -4

      Really poor taste indeed, how their people try to include Australia in their festivities, and how dare Australia welcome such festivities.
      This is Australia, but it doesn't mean we can only celebrate things of importance to Australians.
      As and Chinese Australian, I find that comment alluding to Australia becoming China simply for partaking in the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday even more offensive and poor taste.
      Australia is a mulcultral community so why can't we celebrate two things at once.

  • +5

    how is a country that prides itself on being a multicultrual and inclusive community par-taking in a holiday that a China and people of Chinese descent celebrate insensitive just because it coincides with another date of significance. If this is so insensitive, then celebrating Australia Day is so much worse, since that coincides with what the native Australian's call Invasion Day.

    • +9

      prides itself on being a multicultrual and inclusive community

      It seems not everyone subscribes to this. That's why.

      Also, we have a public holiday for a horse race but not a day of remembrance significance. Go figure.

      • so, only the non inclusive communit suscribe to ozbargain?

        Also Melbourne Cup day is only a public holiday in Victoria, and Remembrance Day is not the only day of significance in Australia that is not celebrated with a public holiday. Though there are plenty of holidays of little siginificance celebrated, like Grand Final Eve Day also Victoria, the former Families and Communities Day in ACT.
        Holidays aren't always consistently important.

      • We have bank holiday for bankers which is a load of poo IMO.

    • +10

      how is a country that prides itself on being a multicultrual and inclusive community par-taking in a holiday that a China and people of Chinese descent celebrate insensitive just because it coincides with another date of significance.

      Because we don't celebrate the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Bastille Day, the 1st of May, Kim Jong-Un's birthday or any number of other foreign national days and festivals, whether they're officially-recognized state events or just a marketing promotion.

      This is Australia.

      We have our own festivals and national days of celebration and for one thing, far too many pointless ones on the calendar already.

      This is the diplomatic equivalent of having a party every time another country sneezes; there's obviously a finite limit to how much of the rest of the world's meaningless affairs you can keep track of and acknowledge.

      Why not Ethiopian New Year's Day while we're at it?

      par-taking in a holiday that a China and people of Chinese descent celebrate

      1. "Single's Day" is not even close to being an officially recognised public holiday in China. It's the Chinese equivalent of "Black Friday" sales, another made-up marketing event to encourage pointless spending that no one actually celebrates per se, only exploits for low prices.

      2. Many, many other Western nations such as the UK, US, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand along with dozens more around the world have their own Remembrance Days (or Armistice/Veteran's Days) on the 11th of November and that has been the tradition for over 100 years now, observed by millions worldwide annually, so clearly the date was already considered sacred and significantly defined by that event to an overwhelming number of Western nations well before the made-up "Single's Day" came into existence.

      3. I sincerely doubt any significant number of Chinese in Australia actually celebrate or acknowledge Single's Day in any way.

      China might not give a crap about honouring the dead of WWI, but people in the Western World genuinely do, and I'd wager a lot more of them acknowledge and pay respect to Remembrance Day than some bullsh*t advertising campaign no one's every heard of.

      This is like suggesting America should have a national "Muslim Awareness Day" on 9/11 or China should have "Japanese Sushi Appreciation Day" on December 13 (the start of the Massacre of Nanking); and that it's wrong to find such ideas insensitive and in poor taste, because "muh diversity/inclusivity".

      Not everything is about identity politics and feel-good moral relativism, some things are just a matter of common decency.

      • This is Australia, we don't celebrate many holidays around the world, you are right (which is a shame if you ask me), but we also don't stop minorities from celebrating them, we dont stop them from telling the rest of our population about it, in fact we encourage those other nationalaties, ethnicities and relgions to join the celebrations.
        This includes proper holidays, or new ones that popped up just cos they can.
        Also for years Japan celebrated the Emperor's birthday on December 23, which is during the period of which the Nanjing Massacre took place. Christmas is celebrated in China during this period. While it might not be the day the massacre started, the entire time it took place was still a very dark time in China's history, and yet China, one of what some would say is one of the less welcoming countries, hasn't tried to guilt people residing in China into not doing anything.

        and like I mentioned before February 14 was the day Venice evicted Jewish people from their country/city, but I dont see either parties boycotting Valentines day and telling people it should be completely ignored and Valentines day too is a made up holiday.

        and FYI China also lot people in WW1, probably the only reason it's called a World War, not a Western World War, cos side track, but I always found the term WORLD war for WW1 very presumptuous for lack of a better world, since most of the eastern world didn't partake.

      • It is not really a good idea to bring up WWI and China - if you know a bit about history. My world history is pretty bad, but China was in a big mess during WWI time. Japan refused to let China fight in WWI. Despite of that, China still sent people to assist in things such as tank repairs. They did try to help out.

  • +1

    So im shopping chart has about 10 items in it … all them were sitting there for ~3 weeks .. total price (including postage) was around $120. I knew that 11/11 coming so I just left it there for the time being. I just checked (11/11 haven't started yet) but my chart is 141 all up.

    • +2

      Just an update with all the 11.11 and 2.95 coupon my 3 weeks old shopping of 120ish became 117.4 … in summary ~5-7 off :) hardly a bargain

    • "2018 sales eclipsing black Friday sales for first time"

      does it sound like the govt telling its ppl to spend more for national pride?

      also the price jacking could be only a way to break further records, it wont look good if 2019 is the year that sales actually drop.

  • +9

    Man, that whole thing was a fiasco. None of the codes worked and some things automagically changed their prices.

    • +1

      It's almost as if it wasn't actually a properly defined or widely-recognised celebration and no one takes it seriously, not even the people who started it.

  • I don't see anyone complaining about woolies offering Single's Day's sales. No comments on being insensitive towards Rememberance days in that thread.

  • I was checking the Xiaomi and Dyson, couldn't find any deals.

  • +5

    I'm not single, I'm 'self-partnered'

  • +3
    • +11

      If people want to remember they can .

      If people want a bargain they can .

      If people want to remember and grab a bargain they can .

      @# ing people trying to tell other people wants right and wrong this day is BS in this thread .

  • +3

    The same people being offended by the date of Singles Day being the same as Remembrance Day are the same people that won't change the date of Australia Day even though it is Invasion Day.

    • -1

      Double standards.

    • -3

      There's no such thing as invasion day, a nation has to have to have an army to be invaded. Australia was never invaded it was colonized.

      • it was 'colonized' after it was invaded.
        the english came here and took away the land and rights of the people already here.
        the very definition of invaded.
        they then "colonised" it so it wouldn't sound so bad

        • -3

          It was never invaded, that's a fiction.

        • -1

          If it was invaded, then the Aborigines would be "conquered" and hence have no rights or claim to compensation.

          One comparison that's interesting is the Maori's fought back against the British very well and have a much better standing within their Parliament and the community. They even used Trench Warfare to high success.

          Australian Aborigines on the other hand were colonized and hence have the standing they have today.

          • @TheOtherLeft: they did have practically no rights for the longest time.
            or are you going to say the stolen generation was a normal thing to do because they were colonised?
            to invade is to enter without invitation, like a home invader.
            conquering is a brass term to justifify war, invasion and massacres.

            Your essentially justifying the actions done to aboriginal australian's because they didn't fight back as well as the Maori's?

            Hong Kong was a colonised through treaty, Australia was invaded, then colonised, or colonised through invasion.

  • Did any business stop activities on this day ?

    Yet many in this post want Ozb to stop lol .

  • +1

    Bought a camera on eBay last night for $800, hopefully can bring it down to ~450ish with 12% Shopback, $150 cashback campaign, TRS refund and 28 Degrees price difference

    • Damn thats some hardcore ozbargining there :D

      • yes, i have done something similar before :-D

        the cashback campaign and TRS refund are quite decent discounts.

        the problem is, the TRS Refund counter at Sydney Airport is usually quite busy.
        it's very easy to miss your flight.

    • What's the $150 cashback campaign from?

  • Boughta 18v cordless drill, and some attachments so I can use it for cleaning. Paid under $70AUD

    Was going to buy a Topping D10, but backed out because those promo codes didnt work.

  • Should they change the name to "Self-Partnered Day", because you know, being called "single" is offensive in this day and age.

  • Has anyone noticed that AliExpress is charging 10% GST ?

    I just got a 'rude shock' when I checked my orders, 1 day later,
    to see that every item that I had bought, had a "~11% extra" charge to the items.

    In fact, I had chosen all item prices to be in AUD.

    • +2

      They've been charging the GST ever since it came into law. Thank Gerry harvey

      • I knew eBay (AU or U.S.) were doing it, and this is evident when you're paying for the items.

        However, AliExpress did not tell me I was going to be charged the GST.

        That's why I bought what I bought, thinking the price was lower during the 11/11 sales.
        Butt then, I saw the invoice a day later and got shocked.

        ( Lucky that I used Shopback, so any cashback I received, is just offsetting the GST )

      • PS:
        Yes, I've known Gerry Harvey had been picketing this for years.

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