Click Frenzy Go Wild 2019: Tuesday Nov 12 2019

Click Frenzy Go Wild 2019 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, November 12 2019.



As always expect deals to be posted earlier than 7pm.

Follow all the deals, discussion and view participating stores via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2019 Sales & Promotions page. The Click Frenzy sales page can also be accessed from the 'Pages' menu at the top of the website for easy access.

Please add 'Click Frenzy' tag to your deal post and remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.


Frenzy Bucks:

Promo text:

Members who spend $200+ during Click Frenzy can score themselves a $50 Click Frenzy Visa card on us!

If you are one of the first 400 Click Frenzy members to spend $200 or more on any combination of the Click Frenzy deals on offer we'll reward you with a $50 Click Frenzy Visa Card.

More Information

Go Wild 99% off Deals:

The 'Go Wild' 99% off deals are back again this year. You can see comments on the 2018 Go Wild event or the 2019 Mayhem event. They aren't for everyone, quite a few OzBargainer's got free products, but a quite a few also missed out and it can be time consuming! If you are interested in participating ensure you subscribe on the Click Frenzy website now. It's also a good idea to Login/Update your account, or signup if you don't already have one.

They are doing the question/answer format again, however it will be a pop-up instead of a notification bell.

FAQ/More Details

Every time a Go Wild deal goes live a pop-up will appear on your screen. It will appear on whatever screen you are on on This pop-up will include a question that you will need to answer within 30 minutes.


Answers will be ranked by accuracy first, speed second.

Some revealed 'Go Wild' deals:


Go Wild Details/Updates:


8-9pm AEDT - $1 $100 TravelOnline Vouchers
9-10pm AEDT - $1 Sodastream Kits
10-11pm AEDT - $2 Amazon Kindles
11-12am AEDT - $12 Apple iPhone 11

6am-7am AEDT - $3 GHD Mini Stylers
7am-8am AEDT - $4 Nespresso Touch Coffee Machines
8am-9am AEDT - $6 Nikon DSLR Cameras
9am-10am AEDT - $4 PlayStation 4 Console
10am-11am AEDT - $1 UE Boom
11am-12pm AEDT - $5 LEGO Roller Coaster Set
12pm-1pm AEDT - $1 $100 Catch Voucher
1pm-2pm AEDT - $1 Eye Shadow & Glow Kit
2pm-3pm AEDT - $3 Apple Airpods
3pm-4pm AEDT - $3 Google Nest Hub
4pm-5pm AEDT - $1 $100 Shopback Credit Voucher
5pm-6pm AEDT - $8 Microsoft Surface Go Tablet
6pm-630pm AEDT - $1 Drunk Elephant Midi Committee Kit
7pm-8pm AEDT - $7 Razor E Electric Scooter
8pm-9pm AEDT - $1 My Deal Chiropractic Mattress
9pm-10pm AEDT - $17 Macbook Air 13" Laptop
10pm-11pm AEDT - $6 KitchenAid (Refurb)
11pm-12am AEDT - $23 Samsung 65" 4K UHD TV

All finished! See you next year.

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  • +2

    Here we go again…

  • +3

    Servers are down, down down.

  • +17

    Click frenzy: a massive waste of time

    • Go Wild Details/Updates:

      I knew I had forgotten about something…

      Anyway I tried logging in last night, reset password, and still said incorrect I gave up.

      Will try again later today..

      • -1

        I wouldn't even bother. Apart from the impossible to get deals, the others aren't anything better than you can normally get that I've seen.

  • +1

    I've yet to actually take advantage of these

  • +2

    They lost their relevance post Amazon Australia coming here; that is if they ever had it after the very first failed attempt.

    Didn't even know it was a thing still

  • +19

    Here's some stats for Click Frenzy:

    This is Click Frenzy's 24th sale.

    Past 23 Sales:
    CF 2012 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2013 (Mother's Day Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2013 (End of Financial Year Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2013 (Father's Day Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2013 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2014 (Mother's Day Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2014 (End of Financial Year Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2014 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2015 (Mayhem Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2015 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2016 (Mayhem Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2016 (Travel Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2016 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2017 (Mayhem Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2017 (Travel Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2017 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2018 (Junior Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2018 (Mayhem Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2018 (Travel Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2018 (November Sale, 24 hours)
    CF 2019 (Travel Sale, 29 hours)
    CF 2019 (Mayhem Sale, 29 hours)
    CF 2019 (Travel Sale, 29 hours)
    CF 2019 (November Sale, 29 hours) - Upcoming

    Total hours leading up to CF 2019 Nov sale - 567 hrs

    Some questions during the last few Click Frenzy's involved stats of previous CF events (e.g How many Click Frenzy events have happened in the past?). Let's hope some similar questions show up again!

    Let me know if I've missed an event or made any mistakes. Feel free to add more stats if you have any! :)

    • +3

      Edit: Click Frenzy 2018 November sale was in fact 25 hours. So 568 hrs.

  • Anyone else having trouble logging in? I thought I knew my password but it didn't work. I reset my password, it emails me a code and allows me to reset (I think), but then advises me its an incorrect password.

    • +2

      After reading this, I tried logging in and bit by the same bug. I knew my password, but the site rejected. Tried resetting and still complains about Incorrect username/password. :|

    • In their latest email "Create your free account on our new system!"

      Maybe give that a go if you can't access your old account.

      • +1

        Thanks @hamza23 . That is very helpful

  • +1

    Looking forward to the Click Fail rants…because the servers will surely go down yet again.

  • wait so its about answering the correct answer and has to be the fastest to get the deal?

    • +1

      Answers will be ranked by accuracy first, speed second.

      Check the Go Wild FAQ for more info

      • ok doubt i'll be winning anything then lol

        • +7

          Here are some pro-tips:

          1) Setup auto-fill on your browser (assuming the answering page requires you to enter your personal info)
          2) Get familiar with the deals/pages. Some questions require you to simply count how many deals there are in a certain category. (e.g last event question - 'How many different travel destinations can be found on the "Travel Packages & Accommodation" sub-category page')
          3) Have multiple tabs open. As soon as the question pops up, switch to your other tab to look for the answer. Every millisecond you save puts you ahead of the rest.
          4) Check Click Frenzy Instagram, clues are posted on their story throughout the event.
          5) Read questions carefully - this is a silly tip but a lot of people have misread questions in the past due to the rush.

          I've managed to win a TV and a Myer $200 GC in the past so your chances are definitely high. Many other OzB'ers have scored something in the past as well :)

          Good luck!

          • +2

            @Smogul: I think last time or the time before that 99% of the questions were ones that had to be guessed which was kind of lame.

            • @exc3113nce: I remembered last time their forms didn't do Autofill?

              Also I'm hating this trend:

              4) Check Click Frenzy Instagram, clues are posted on their story throughout the event.

  • -1

    Wonder how much Go Wild stock there is?

    1 of each?

    • +1

      In the past there have been multiples of everything (based on winners announced on this forum). I would assume there would be similar volumes for this event.

      • would the answers to the questions be hard? easy to find?

        • +1

          They never disclose the stock available. I believe the cheaper RRP items will have more stock whereas the expensive items ($12 iPhone for example) will have less stock.

  • +2 article and Lifehacker lists more Go Wild deals :

    $1 $100 Travel Vouchers
    $3 GHD Hair Stylers
    $23 Samsung TVs
    $6 Nikon Cameras
    $3 Apple Airpods
    $7 Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooters
    55% off RRP Sony TVs, Cameras & Headphones
    $4 PS4 Console
    $3 Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphone
    $10 LG 55" HD LED TV

  • Any Christmas lights on sale anywhere?

  • To bother this year or not. That is the question.

    • +5

      You know you shouldn't, but you will.

      • Exactly aha. Won't be getting up for all of them though.

  • Has anyone received an email yet with the timing of the first 99% off deals? It is only 4 hours away!

    • The first email was sent out at 6:56pm last Mayhem event. Expect it around then.

      • Thanks

      • Any browser better than the others? I'll be on my PC..currently using Firefox.

      • Do I need to subscribe to get their email in spam or it will go to inbox?

  • +1

    I wonder if it will be unanswerable questions and only some moderator in the back dungeons of Click Frenzy will know if it's "accurate" or not like last time???? I'm still convinced they have past successful Go Wild deal winners on a blacklist somewhere in that same back dungeon. But then I never claimed to NOT be a total sucker for punishment.

    • +1

      Past winners are eligible to win again, confirmed this via live chat yesterday.

      Plus I've won in two different events (Nov 2017 and Frenzy 2018).

      • +1

        Of course we are "eligible" to win again. Click Frenzy will always confirm that. Discussions in the May 2019 Mayhem event seemed to reveal that anyone that had any success in past events (2018 and earlier) had no success whatsoever in 2019 events, where they changed the format to make it fairer. I would be comforted to hear from anyone who has had success both this year and in previous years? Anyone?

        • +2

          Won a gift card on Nov 2018 and one of the robot vacuums in May 2019. It was tough though.

          • @TheMommy: Well done. My faith has been somewhat restored. Thank you.

            • @Bluellama21: Haha you need more than that. It was hours of refreshing and watching the screen.

              • @TheMommy: I got a Garmin dash cam in Nov 2018 but for Mayhem 2019, try as I might, I just couldn't get anything. I really didn't like that the public cannot verify the answers to these types of questions. How many subscribers signed up in the final hour to Click Frenzy's November 2018 event? There is no possible way we can know (even after the fact) whether our answer was 'accurate' or if the person giving out the discount codes was giving them to people who were even close. It just seems a little shady. At least in years gone by, the answers were somewhere in the website and searchable, you just had to be quick.

  • "deals" are on. NOW

    I would say the line up and the discount is pretty shit tbh.

  • did any deal start those cheap ones?

  • Still no details on which item for each specific hour?

    EDIT : Just received email with the items and time frames.

    • really? got no emails myself.

      • +4

        8-9pm AEDT - $1 $100 TravelOnline Vouchers
        9-10pm AEDT - $1 Sodastream Kits
        10-11pm AEDT - $2 Amazon Kindles
        11-12pm AEDT - $12 Apple iPhone 11

        • thanks mate appreciate it! site is gonna crash right on 11pm LOL

    • care to share? no emails here…

      • +2

        $1 TravelOnline Vouchers 8-9PM AEDT

        $1 Sodastream Kits 9-10PM AEDT

        $2 Amazon Kindles 10-11PM AEDT

        $12 Apple iPhone 11PM-12AM AEDT

        • Crap compared to last year's - looks like CF downhill from here on out.

    • My email is empty :(

  • +3

    Looks like the site is already going down!!

    • +1

      yep re-directs aren't working!

    • Site is semi-cooked/par-baked.

      Redirects to My Deal aren't resolving. Neither is the homepage of the site.
      Redirects to DJ City aren't resolving. ""

      • Yeah i'm finding that with My Deal as well plus i couldn't get Sony to work.

  • +8

    $1 Travel worth $100: 8-9
    $1 Sodastream:9-10
    $2 Kindle:10-11
    $12 iPhone: 11-12

    • What does that mean?
      Edit: Got it thanks

    • Do these crazy prices appear randomly between the times listed on the main page or is it somewhere else?

      Website is a clusterfk

      • +1

        the appear as a popup apparently.

        • +1

          thanks, time to disable Ghostery and ABP

  • nothing's happening

    • The first notification starts at 8pm onwards, not 7pm. The first will be a $100 Travel Online voucher.

      • oh thanks!

      • That may be to ensure the site is not pounded by ozbargainers atleast in the first hour !!

        • Any idea on how many iPhone they are offering?

  • F

  • Sony Click Frenzy price for 49-inch X80G 4K UHD LED LCD Smart TV - $995
    Harvey Norman price yesterday was exactly same plus Bonus $50 Harvey Norman Gift Card

    Aren't there supposed to be bargains during CF promo?

  • +1

    Just had a browse through, not a decent deal to be seen. With a year to prepare you'd think they could do a bit better than this.

  • Is this the best place to find a bargain for a MacBook air 256G Space Grey? so far I have only found The Good Guys… who put there prices up this afternoon from $1799 to $1999 and then give you 10% off. I still had up the old price and they wouldn't let me add the FRENZY10 code… I am pretty sure there is a law against that???

    • they're still allowed to have exclusions

  • So… are there any actual good bargains this year? Can't seem to find any

  • Can I go for more then one 99% off item just wondering first time.

    • if you succeed in winning a 99% off item then you are ineligible to go for anymore after that.

      • What is the probability of winning a 99% off item

        • About the same level of probability as Click Frenzy not crashing and failing to redirect you to the deals:

          Extremely low :p

    • One per household.
      I've snagged an item in the last two Click Frenzy's so the odds aren't that bad really. That said, I was working night shift so just parked on a PC constantly refreshing.
      You have to go for just about everything though, don't think you'll get the TV or iPhone and let the others slide.

      • What did you get?

        • A fitbit the first year and a $200 Visa card last time around.

  • Good guys now broken

    • +1

      I found one of their links has an extra . after the au. Might be that

  • +1

    Anyone else received absolutely no emails whatsoever?

    • I always get the ones about the sale starting but never get the go nuts/wild/whatever deals until they're pretty much over.

      • I didn't even get that. Complete….radio silence.

        • I eventually got mine, email timestamp says 6:58pm but appeared in my spam about 30 minutes later.

  • +1

    8:01 and no email

    • check spam that's where mine went.

  • +1

    where is the travel 100$ deal?

  • +1

    No clue what am I doing here, Don't see any deal happening :/

  • Has anyone seen the pop-up for the 8pm deal yet?

    • no yet, please tell guys @smogul

    • Nope. What an absolute flop.

      • +2

        between 8pm and 9pm!

      • What's floppy about it? Says Notification between 8-9PM?

        Floppy eyes?

    • Just come up now for $100 Travel Gift Voucher

  • +2

    From Instagram the clue for the travel vouchers is "Know how to find brand pages"
    Might be worthwhile to keep a tab with this open

  • +6

    TravelOnline (8-9pm)

    Q: "How many turtles and people are featured in TravelOnline's deal images?"

    A: should be 15, but not gonna answer (waiting for iPhone lol)

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