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Android Auto/ Apple Carplay for $199, Ownership of Select Current Toyota Models Required @ Toyota


If you purchased a Current Generation 2017 Camry, a Current Generation 2018 Corolla Hatch or a Post-facelift 2018 Prius you can have CarPlay® and Android Auto™ installed for $199 inc. GST by booking a service at a Toyota Dealer. To make the process easier, if you book your install through myToyota you’ll have all your details conveniently stored in one place for next time.

This is a great deal considering the price of Android Auto/ ApplePay units. I will miss out as I have a 2016 Corolla.

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    • Voted up becuase I like to counter these BS votes

      Inappropriate use of a positive vote. 😜

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    One of the biggest reason I overlooked Toyota for my last car purchase was Android auto… Once you have Google maps and Google assistant there is no going back…

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    this is a PSA not a deal…

  • I have a 2017 corolla so miss out as well :(

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    Is standard public transport a deal cos you can take a 40km trips for under $5? Rrp but cheaper than a taxi/uber.

    • Only of you get a seat and have 4g access

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    $200 for a literal software update

    • People are saying they physicaly have to change something and pay the dealer service centre employees to do the work… they arent Toyota employees directly

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    True, this isn't a bargain. But if it wasn't on ozbargain, I would of probably not known about it. I hope I can use carplay wirelessly and not have to connect my phone via USB. When I made a booking, I read In terms and conditions that some functions may be lost.

    g. some functions, including iPod* (Audio Playback), USB audio / USB video, Bluetooth® audio, Bluetooth® phone and the Toyota App Suite, may not be available. Personal data or other information (Data) stored on your vehicle’s head unit may be lost or destroyed. Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited (TMCA) is not responsible for any loss of Data;

    • No, this isn't wireless Carplay, you need to be plugged in

  • It would be nice if Nissan offered the same deal for Qashqai. In built infotainment system is lagging behind the industry (and the rest of the car).

    • Nissan are a-holes, the telematics system in my car along with the Android app haven't worked in 3 years. Initially they said they were going to upgrade their servers, then they didn't and just forgot about it. I called them a few times, they don't return my calls. Complete a holes, and won't be buying another one.

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    This should be free, as part of next service.

  • How is this a bargain if it's rrp?

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    Given Mazda charge $500 for the same thing… I think it's a bargain. Might put price pressure on Mazda.

    • The Mazda upgrade is available for every vehicle with MZD Connect going back to 2014. This Toyota upgrade is only for a few models sold in the last two years.

      • Paying to upgrade a 5yr old system seems reasonable. Kudos to Mazda for doing that. Paying for a car that’s less than 2yrs old and should have had it in the first place…

  • Try Kia - another brand with ACP & Android free, looks like Toyota are having another bite at the consumer cherry!.

  • Standard in every Ford model except Transit ($500) in MY20 range

  • Lmao $200 for what has been included with any Ford with sync 3 since 2017 and plenty of VW cars for even longer.

    Toyota probably don’t want people to get it unless they really want it. Otherwise they might find out how good it is and not buy another toyota 😂

  • Might not be the best place to ask - but what is the real benefit of using CarPlay? My car has it, and I’ve tried to use it a few times, but always end up turning it off and going back to the standard entertainment system instead

    • Best benefit is GPS….your car will display Waze, Apple maps and google maps.
      I also use Spotify and or Apple Music

  • Honda AUSTRALIA is WAY behind with including Android Auto and Apple Carplay in the HR-V series. I bought the 2016 model 3 years ago and it didn't have AA and AC, while HR-Vs in Japan and Europe did. In Australia, the 2019 model STILL doesn't have AA or AC, while all other countries do. What a joke!

    • still waiting for them to follow Mazda, and now Toyota, to offer upgrades on their infotainment system. I've been doing a lot of research on upgrading my HRV's infotainment and discovered I may lose some functionality on the wheel controls which is really a bummer.
      I went to the PH recently and found my uncle's HRV infotainment supports AA and AC.

  • Can I retrofit a 2018 Rav4?

    • +1

      Nope, not without swapping the whole HU and go aftermarket but you'll lose the vehicle settings in the factory HU

  • So only if you buy a new car?

  • Can someone please tell me how this differs from just having the android auto app on my phone and connecting it via usb?

  • (2018+) How to Install Android Auto To All New Mazda Cars

  • Honda says: "we wish to advise that we have no information or plans for the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto to be available for the Honda HR-V. Unfortunately, there is no option for this to be retroactively fitted on a model and variant it was not designed for."

    Kinda sad seeing most Honda's these days have that feature.

  • Did anyone get the AA/ACP done to their vehicle and how did it go?

    • Had mine done a week ago. No issues.

  • Is the Hi-lux covered?

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