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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Combo Kit $136.08 + $9.95 Delivery (Free C&C) @ Georges Cameras


little bit of midnight shopping!

Been waiting on one of these to drop from the RRP of 189.99 for a while now.. sure these will be snapped up pretty quickly. Unsure if grey import. $9.95 Delivery option is express

they also have the non combo gimbal (https://www.georges.com.au/dji-osmo-mobile-3-smartphone-gimb...) for $121.68 excluding delivery

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  • That's the cheapest (but still expensive) so far I guess. Bought mine since last Binglee deal. Not sure if anyone got the same issue of disconnecting between the phone and the gimbal. Other than that, it's good gimbal.

  • added to cart but cart shows empty?
    edit: nvm refreshed and worked.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Good find. Also the osmo pocket is 499. Plus 9.95 for shipping, some people could use the amex deal to bring it down by another 50.

  • Anyone have experiance with how these work with iphone 11 pro video stabilization?

    • I remember reading into these and apparently the combination of the iphones stabilisation and the gimble didn't play together nicely and caused weird effects.
      But I used one for a couple of days with my iPhone 8 Plus and it was fine, aside from having to take my phone out of the case whenever I wanted to use it in the gimble cause the phone with the case was juuuuust too big.

      • I've heard that too with an older (not iPhone 11) model where they disabled the phones stablisation to get a good result. For exactly the reasons you said.

        Not an iPhone owner so I can't offer any hands on knowledge.

      • You can't disable the iPhone's mechanical stabilization so there are issues.

        I've used this extensively with my XR along with Filmic Pro. Still works but there are some real jitters if you pan too quickly.

  • George is getting OzBargained (very slow)

    I bought one thanks OP!

  • Nice price for the combo kit. Cheapest so far ~ Ordered 1

  • Just phoned them, there on back order and will take about ~2 weeks to ship. Still happy to wait

  • Awesome. Now to get a plate adaptor to use with GoPro Hero 8. I'm guessing the ones that fit up to 7 will fit the 8. Any recommendations?

  • Can recommend this. Paid RRP about 3 months ago as I needed something in a hurry. Been using it with a Galaxy S10+ and a Note 10+. Happy so far.

  • i watched a comparison between this and the q2, it says that this has weak motors, when you put a phone on with a case it tips to sides because it gets unbalanced. is that true?

    • I use this with my note 10+ you need to balance the phone in the gimbal before you start it up. I have had to use a lighter case as my other one is too big/heavy

      • isn't the note 10+ already a good enough stabilizing phone? like it has super steady, do you really need this?

  • Thanks - grabbing one to replace my Osmo mobile 2, the smaller size is a big plus for me.

  • Sorry for my noob question! Should I buy this and use it with my iphone 11 pro of should I get the Gopro hero 7?
    I dont use it for sport of anything, just want to seldomly capture some moment.

    • iPhone stabilisation is good, but not great. This will make the videos more stable, provided that you use it a special way (I.e. pan slowly, walk without too much movements, etc.), otherwise the video will have some jittering and it does kind of make the clip unusable. GoPro has some pretty good stabilisation using software and hardware, especially with how easy it is to apply the in-app horizon stabilisation, however it is an extra camera you have to carry. Of course, neither of these options compare to low-mid end SLR with a good gimbal if you’re talking purely about how ‘good’ the footage is.

      Personally, what makes a phone such a great camera for me is the fact that it’s so readily available and easy to share pictures. A gimbal can kind of impede that to an extent. A GoPro is great for capturing action shots in places you wouldn’t really want to take your phone (or with the mounts, places where you can’t held a camera), but it is also an extra thing you have to carry and more expensive. Having used these all, I remember being really excited to use the gimbal to capture all these really nice and fluid shots (and it definitely does once you get the hang of it, plus the tracking is cool for getting certain shots), but after a while, the added bulk of carry it around meant that I just used it less. Having said that, I do often go for hikes/diving/biking/travelling, so the GoPro made more sense to me as a cheaper camera that still took good footage and could take a beating.

      So yeah, it really does depend on your specific circumstance, but just thought I’d share my insight to help you make a decision.

  • DJI osmo Mobile 3 Series OSMO DJI OSMO Mobile 3, Black (DJIOSMOM3)
    Amazon AU
    Free delivery

  • Just got JB to price match the combo for $146-

  • price matched at JB

    asked heavy norman as well and they declined because it's "too cheap compare to retail price"

  • Has anyone confirmed if these are from a seller that will allow the purchase of DJI Osmo Shield protection

  • Deal is live again

  • Anyone received the shipment tracking detail?

  • Useless store, still say processing…
    CSR even don't have any clue regarding ETA.

  • I canceled my order via email with the seller and they promptly issued a refund.
    Next time George, don’t over commit unless you can get stock in within a reasonable time. Looks like folks will be waiting close to 4 weeks.

    • Yeah bait tactics really, there was no indication of such a delay. I'll see if one pops up on Friday, assuming George won't have shipped by then I will cancel order. If they have it's a win/win.

  • Weird, just got a blank email with tax invoice attached.

    Does this mean they have stock?

  • They've got them in now, just trying to get them all shipped out. I dropped in and picked mine up rather than wait.