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AliExpress 15% Cashback (Was 5%, Cap $50) | Amazon 11% (Health/Personal) @ ShopBack

Edit - Extra $2 bonus with any purchase over $5 for all users!

The AliExpress cashback will end at midnight (thanks gotyourback).

A great cashback deal to kick-off Singles Day!

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$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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        yep, first time using shopback, if the other items don't track or they don't at least end up honouring it, it will be my last time using them.

        • +1

          They're usually pretty good with basically everything else in my experience, just this big AliExpress sale they seem to be screwing everyone over unfortunately. Cashrewards usually has slightly less cashback, but at least they help you out no matter what the odd time it messes up.

          Poor form from ShopBack to run a promo and not honour it properly.

  • +4

    If Shopback screws this up I can see a mass exodus of Ozbargainers. Over to you Shopback.

    • +4

      Or at least some form of confirmation from the rep re why those items that tracked aren't showing up at the advertised 15 percent…

  • +3

    Wheres the 15% SB?

  • +2

    So I just received another email notification for tracking. However the transaction date is listed as today and cashback seems to be tracked at 5% instead of 15%. Looks like they've delayed transactions on more expensive items so the cashback is lower

    • +1

      Always like that. Bug here bug there. Never do testing, never disclose full conditions and terms. You can tell. Every deals posted, people always asking questions…. They never learn…

    • +2

      Same here, and the order numbers don't match there is like 1 digit different between shopback and aliexpress.

      have emailed them to fix, will not be using them again if they don't correct their issue.

    • +3

      Same just received tracking notification for most expensive order at 5%. Disappointing…

    • Same here, but hopefully this is just a bug. Surely they can't get away with it if its advertised, and confirmed the order was made on that date?

    • Some time in the last week, the other 10% cashback has been credited…

  • +5

    Seems the cashback is only 5% not the 15% that was advertised. Really made my purchase no better than buying locally just slower delivery time.

  • +3

    Yep. Finally got confirmation today, far short of 15%. Maybe not too late to cancel? Where is the rep?

  • +1

    Same here, order tracked as being today not 2 days ago and only for 5%…😠

  • +1

    I think, their system is not capable to handle special promotions. I mean, when the standard is set to 5%, when they do special 15%, then the cash back will be given in two lots, 5 and 10. My complain is, they should do test, test and test before going live (how hard is that?). And then communicate the result. So we don't have to be in limbo….

  • +1

    Having the same issues as many users before me!.

    Why aren't the order numbers adding up! Emailed shopback, wonder how long would they take them to issue a response.

  • +1

    Made a large order and it's still haven't been tracked.

    • I bet if you made a $1 purchase it would have tracked immediately.

  • +1

    Saw exact same issue last year with 11.11. Some of my orders get delayed tracking and lower cashback %. Might be delayed processing of referrals on AliExpress side and not really ShopBack's fault.

    Only AU$0.84 difference this year for me. So meh.

    Pretty random which ones get delayed.

    Used AliExpress coupons for all my orders and they all stacked OK.

    • +3

      I should have got $122.85, I only got $71.79.

  • Did anyone receive an explanation as to what is going on with the cashback? It seems the 11.11 purchases came through at 5% and not 15%.

  • I got a reply from shopback to say they are looking into it. I am not sure how much I was meant to get but will calculate it later. Does anyone know what the cashback is on? is it only the item price, excluding shipping and tax?

  • Should have got about $37, but so far have about $9 if my calculations are right.

  • +1

    Same here. Bought the Mi9t blue for $451 on the 11th at 7.20pm.
    Just being tracked but on the 13th for $20, so 5% instead of 15%.

  • +1

    I sent an email to shopback yesterday and still no reply. This is the first problem I've had with Shopback but it's shown me the big difference between them and Cashrewards in terms of customer service. So I will be avoiding both aliexpress and shopback for bigger purchases from now on. Cashrewards sometimes doesn't offer as much cashback but atleast you have peace of mind that they won't screw you over

    • True but they replied to me saying they are looking into it

  • +1

    Just got this email that had this talking about tracking issues..

    Ahh. No, if was orders on the 11th

    "We noticed that you have placed an order with Ali Express via ShopBack between the 12th of November and 13th of November"

    • They really better rectify this or I will tell everyone about it and never use them again. Cashrewards is better but I didnt think shopback was this bad. :(

  • +2

    Got this email:

    Hi there,

    We noticed that you have placed an order with Ali Express via ShopBack between the 12th of November and 13th of November.

    We have identified a sales reporting issue with AliExpress that resulted in incorrect tracking for some purchases made between these periods.

    But not for worry, we are investigating this matter with the utmost urgency and we will get back to you with updates on this.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are working hard to answer all your queries and to resolve this at the soonest. If you are eligible for cashback, we want to ensure you receive it!

    If you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team and they will be more than happy to assist

    Thanks for your patience,
    Team ShopBack

    • I got that too, but it was 11th, didnt know it was going onto other days.

    • Haha…. Technical issue right on time when many people uses…

    • Yep got this too. My transaction was reported on 13/11, although the click date was 11/11 on cashback click activity. It's good that they are proactive about this without having me to report the issue.

  • +2

    Cashback tracked for two small transactions but it's only 5%. Not good.

  • Wow this mess with ShopBack/AliExpress just keeps on getting worse! Not only has my AliExpress order only tracked at 5% instead of 15%, they have just knocked back my $2 OzBargain Exclusive bonus on the grounds that my AliExpress order wasn’t attributable to ShopBack, even though it is pending in my account! Anything not to pay out :(

  • +1

    finally went through my order numbers, cross referencing order numbers from aliexpress against order numbers in shopback (10000 number difference for some reason)
    Turns out of all the orders, mostly small crap, every small $ item tracked at 15% and the few $20-$50 items didnt, and they tracked at 5%

    seems strange those higher $ items didnt track at 15% despite all being the same click through with multiple items being paid for at the same time (different sellers)

  • +1

    My AliExpress purchase on 11.11 Not tracked yet. But i have one entry tracked for 13.11 (which I didn't make any purchase on that day). But the amount also way too small around 5.5%.. weird. The cashback is on the purchase price only not include tax and shipping, right?

    • Thats basically whats happened to me.I made lots of smaller purchases on 11.11 and some expensive ones, the cheap ones seem to have all come through at 5% and lots of pending clicks which have not come through. It may be an aliexpress issue too, I noticed the payments were coming through all through the night, saying order confirmed, like I had made the order at that time, but I made all of them on the night of 11.11 and they continued to come through the next day too. I am not sure but I am assuming the tax and shipping is not included so I tried to find items that were free shipping to get maximum discount. Still no mention of that but id assume so.

    • +3

      It seems the problem is that for many who purchased from AliExpress on 11/11, they are sending the transactions through to ShopBack as made on a later date. That’s why you’re not getting the bonus rate. I wonder if it’s deliberate? That would save them some $. My transaction has been reported as made on 13/11 but the order details on my AliExpress account and Shopback click history show 11/11. Hope they can sort it out.

  • +1

    Some of mine from 11.11 tracked today at 5% along with some from a later order. Theres a serious problem they have to sort out if they want to maintain any kind of credibility at all.

  • +4

    Same as everyone else: cashback tracked at 5% only. False promo. After Chemist Warehouse fiasco, another blunder by Shopback.

  • +3

    Made a single order of AUD$188.27(credit card) total split between two sellers on the 11.11 and showing as a cashback of $9.81, I'm not sure if this is 5% of the total or 15% of the cheaper order AUD$67.72 with fees? Either way I'm pissed, if these orders don't track at 15% will OzBargin admin continue to let Shopback be advertised here? Literally only reason I brought from Aliexpress was the 15% cashback.

  • +4

    @mods Please ban Shopback if these issues are not rectified by them.

    • I rescind this comment. Shopback have sorted and I have my Cashback at 15%.

  • +1

    Shopback please provide an update.

    • +1

      They are replying to the multiple poor reviews and facebook comments saying they are looking into it as a matter of urgency, but still not heard anything different from the initial email. If they dont atleast honor the deal with proof of orders they will lose all credibility.

  • They have fixed something with the code 8.00571E+15 Aliexpress being added to many tracked items, but it still does not add up properly. I have calculated the sale price of all items (not including shipping or tax) and it should be about $38 tracked, only coming out at about $30. It is so confusing because the cashbacks do not correspond to orders but I have tried my best to add it all up and it just doesn't work out mathematically. There seems to be some pending transactions from 11.11 but surely they should have tracked by now?

  • After a Missing Cashback claim full 15% was tracked for my 11/11 order. It was tracked at 5% and dated 18/11 at first.

  • +1

    well i got weird one:

    on 11.11 bought one item AU$ 80.71 tax AU$ 8.07 free shipping = total AU$ 88.78
    used coupon code AU$ 10.36 off so paid $78.42 (confirmed this on my CC statement)

    got 2 tracked entries:
    purchase on 13 nov $3.98
    purchase on 14 nov $7.97
    (note i didnt buy anything else between 11.11 and today)

    not complaining, i think i got around 15% anyway more or less dont care

    • Re above. I think I got 15% plus bonus $2. Can't remember there was $2 bonus event during 11.11

  • Lo and behold, missing cashback. I bought two phones. One has tracked and one hasn't. It's been weeks now. Why do these missing cashbacks ONLY happen when they have these 15% days?

    Oh, and the second phone, which hasn't tracked, didn't have any codes at all applied. I removed everything to play it safe.

    • Did you go back to shopback again before buying the second phone?

      • Yes. Separate transactions. I always reload shopback after each transaction to play it safe. Been using them for ages. I bought two phones and several small items like cases, screen protectors, etc. Everything but the second phone has tracked.

    • same, my purchase was incorrectly tracked. now i'dm wary of using shopback

  • Shopback have sorted my issue and credited my cashback at 15%. Will use them again.

  • Looks like my cashback was sorted but then they sent rejected emails for the claims I put in, saying rejected as it wasn't attributed to shopback

    But the claim was against something that had already tracked

    Definitely less useful/helpful customer service compared to cashrewards (based on my limited interactions with each)

    • Likewise, I got this email, which is BS. 5 of my 6 orders were tracked. I didn't do anything different with this order. No codes and shopback was reopened after every purchase.

      Thank you for your patience!

      Upon receiving the updates from AliExpress, your Missing Cashback claim for Order ID ************* was rejected because your order was not attributed to ShopBack.

      While you have made a purchase on AliExpress via the ShopBack platform, the following scenarios may have disrupted the trackability of your transaction:

      1. Using promo codes that are not eligible for cashback
      2. Opening of web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers after clicking through ShopBack
      3. Clicking through to another page from a banner or an advertisement on the store’s website whilst shopping

      Here are some tips to ensure a successful transaction:
      1. Avoid the above-mentioned scenarios during your next purchase
      2. Clear your shopping cart before clicking through ShopBack
      3. Use a Private Window or Incognito mode on your browser
      4. Please disable Antivirus/cleanup or Adblocker application completely as it may disrupt the tracking of cashback

      We hope these tips and tricks will help you in getting your next (and subsequent) Cashback tracked successfully. Feel free to reach out to us at any time should you have any further questions.

      Happy shopping!

      • same email, but my shopback account shows separate trackings making up the additional missing 10%

        cookie cutter incorrect email responses like this is just bad customer service.

        Ive emailed to clarify that the added tracking amounts wont be deleted, and the advertised 15% amount will be correctly applied.

        not exactly overflowing with rep feedback in this thread so hopefully we all end up with the 15%

  • +1

    I'm now wary of shopback. my cashback from the 15% aliexpress promo was incorrectly tracked as well (lower amount than it should have been) and when I submitted an enquiry for missing cashback it got denied. may just stick to cashrewards from now on. very disappointing.

    • +1

      Me too, it does seem like they are sorting it out. Its very close to the amount it should be but not quite now but its so messy and hard to work out what cashback is from what order but still after this will stick with cashrewards unless a really good offer comes up!