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AliExpress 15% Cashback (Was 5%, Cap $50) | Amazon 11% (Health/Personal) @ ShopBack

Edit - Extra $2 bonus with any purchase over $5 for all users!

The AliExpress cashback will end at midnight (thanks gotyourback).

A great cashback deal to kick-off Singles Day!

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$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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  • Looks like you guys won't let me sleep tonight. No complaints though, Keep hitting the amazing deals!! :)

  • +18 votes

    Hopefully the cashback increase stays until AliExpress' 11/11 sale kicks off at 7pm :)

    • Someone said midnight in China is 3am, why the sale kicks off at 7pm?

      • Because the AliExpress sale kicks off in about 17 hours, 55 minutes and not 12am China time.

    • I've had an item in my cart for a couple of weeks now and now it says item not available, despite it having a special 11/11 sale price.

      It better be available in 16 hours!

    • 15% off ends at 7pm EST.
      So anything under $50 buy now, otherwise wait.

  • Oneplus 7t ?!?

  • Time to pick up a pair of Blon BL03 which seem to be the hottest chi-fi IEMs at the moment.

  • +2 votes

    Does the 15% Cashback starts now or at 3am? (China time midnight?)

  • shopback rep, Will we have eBay cashback promo? I'm ready to buy….

  • We need Amazon site wide…

  • I've only had the CashRewards acccount,
    but now looks like I will need to sign up to Shopback then.

  • Any idea if Shopback will allow the 11.11 sitewide codes for AliExpress?

    Edit: Nope. Ends at 7pm EST…

  • Is there anything on eBay??

  • Can’t believe the only Amazon category lol

  • Does Taobao have English menu?

  • aside from some translation issues ali is one of my go to's

    • Same, although the express prices are way higher than taobao. Took me ages to translate taobao, but it's like half the price of ali

      • This. Also last time I bought something from Taobao they didn't charge GST, so there's another 10% saving.

        • How are you able to purchase through Taobao? I thought it was China only? Could you please let us know any steps required to make an account and purchase?

  • Uggh I went with the "it ends at 7pm" info and bought stuff only to find out now its midnight :P Oh well.

  • Add eBay to the list?

  • It says the 11:11 sale starts in 8 hours 16minutes?

    So its best to wait till the sale is on then purchase?


  • I was going to buy this trimmer https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B07CTJ7WSW/ref=ox_sc_act_i... on amazon. Last night $160 increase to $169 so no go. Looks like price jack with new offers/deals

  • Store rep, can you please confirm whether or not the cashback will still be valid if the coupon codes are used today?? This is very important.

  • Store rep, can you please confirm whether or not the cashback will still be valid if the coupon codes are used today?? This is very important.

  • Is it necessary to empty cart? I’ve got a lot of items in cart and I have to manually add them to my wish list if this condition has to be met :(

    • Items can be favourited, and then you add the items to the cart AFTER you click through the shopback app.

  • So from the silence, I'm guessing we can't use the coupons and get cashback..

  • Shopback, I'm going to make a purchase based on the fact that I should be getting the 15% off. You better not screw me over and not honour it because my order has an automatic $1 store coupon applied or something…

    • Lo and behold, missing cashback. I bought two phones. One has tracked and one hasn't. It's been weeks now. Why do these missing cashbacks ONLY happen when they have these 15% days?

  • Whoever said the Cashback was supposed to end at 7pm, you owe me $19.27

  • Does anyone know, if it is limited to a single transaction?

  • Store rep, can you please confirm whether or not the cashback will still be valid if the coupon codes are used today?? This is very important.

    • Check the page. A whole heap of codes have been listed.

      • Should be fine if you're using promo codes listed in ShopBack, according to T&C in SB: "Use only promo codes from ShopBack"

  • +6 votes

    My wife just told me that she spent over $300 to maximise the Shopback cash back with the AliExpress 15% cashback offer!! But she just received an email from Shopback saying that her transaction summary has a cashback of only $6.87. She was expecting about $50!

    She is NOT HAPPY!

    She has become very cyical about Shopback and she has written to them expecting some type of excuse or loophole as to why she is not entitled to the 15% cash back.

    Others be warned, I guess. We'll see what happens.

  • Hi, AliExpress has been very slow processing payments. Can you clarify whether purchases made before midnight tonight (11/11) will be tracked, despite payment not confirmed until the day after. Thanks

    • Pretty sure it will be tracked by the time the order was processed by AliExpress, not the steps taken by the seller afterwards.

      • Thanks for replying. Looks like 15% cashback is still available on the app after midnight.

  • Anyone not got their cashback confirmation yet? Usually get mine within 3 hours but woke up this morning to nothing :/

    • Bought 13 items in 3 transactions; $460, $225 and $332 all have been payment processed by AliExpress after 6 hours and have Shopback tracked 5 items so far after 2 hours of placing order.

      • Did you get the right Cashback amount?

        • None of the Shopback and AliExpress transaction IDs match up exactly but one item was $218.30 before tax and coupons and I got a cashback of $32.25 for what looks like that one.

      • Same here. Placed 3 orders and 2 orders were partially tracked. The most annoying thing is that the third (most expensive order) was not tracked at all …

    • bought 2 things at around 8:30pm, none is tracked yet..

    • I have loads and loads of the cheap items tracking, but not the more expensive orders. I didnt use any coupons as I dont know how they work. The payment confirmations came into my email quite late though so there may be a delay I hope.

      • Same, I made a single order of 5 items and only the cheaper items were tracked. I don't understand how they would only track some items in the same order.

        • Was also getting weird emails saying I didnt pay for the order. Hope the site didnt have some glitches that stopped it tracking. I am mainly concerned for the expensive items which were a deal mainly due to the cashback.

    • I haven't either, starting to get a bit worried as I used an AliExpress coupon from the site, not a special coupon code :(

      • Regardless of what coupon you use, Shopback should still track the order. I've used Aliexpress coupons that I've earned on their app while using Shopback and it's been fine previously.

        It seems our orders have fallen through the cracks somehow :( I'll wait the 2 days then definitely put in for a missing cashback.

        • Seems a bit suss then. Having used coupons all the time and they haven't given you the cashback just this once…

          Hopefully it gets tracked by tomorrow for us (as well as everyone else having similar issues)

  • Is the 15% cash back still available still up on site, can't see expiry date?

  • Same as others, spent 300+ dollars on AliExpress using codes approved by shopback but only $6 cash back. Instead of 15%, only got 2%. What gives?

  • Like others, placed an order yesterday but my cashback was way smaller than expected. Activated the 15% offer, made sure the browser plug-in icon was green, used a ShopBack-approved discount code, and my credit card shows the money was deducted yesterday. ShopBack eventually logged three (?) small cashbacks this morning. Hope they make this right … if they don't honour their promotion, time to switch back to CashRewards

    • +2 votes

      Same. None of my order numbers seem to line up but I did two buys last night, each with a bunch of stuff from different sellers in it
      None look like they've tracked at 15 percent, but as the numbers don't exactly match my AliExpress order numbers it's also hard to cross reference to see what the actual percentage is (but it's way lower on most)

      No idea why they would track but not at the correct percentage rate

      • doing the maths currently
        -17 orders (done over 2 buys)
        -13 orders tracked so far (none of which have order numbers that match the actual aliexpress order numbers)

        total spend about $250 inc gst
        current tracked total $20

        not the 15% total yet, and seems unable to cross reference order against tracking number (whereas at leash cashrewards shows order $ + cashback $, shopback just shows the cashback $ with no reference to the order price that was against)

        not looking like 15% so far

  • I bought hundreds time before never have issue but this time I got like email confirmation price has been adjusted, and then another email saying order is confirmed but not shipped yet,….


    • Yeah I got many like this too.

    • Yeah, same.
      Had please pay, despite already paying, then priced adjusted/order accepted emails.

      And tracking in shopback but not at 15 percent.

  • Has anyone noticed the dodgy practices being employed by Aliexpress/Shopback?
    This item is impossible to find when clicking through Shopback but when searching the same phrase without clicking through Shopback it shows up immediately.

    • That's correct. I always add items I want to my wish list then use Shopback/Cashrewards links to buy them.

      • Items i purchased off the wish list didn't track :( I thought i read somewhere you can't use your wishlist or it will invalidate the cashback.

    • I find things hard to find across the board but I add the items to a tab in another browser, and if you copy the number from the link you can search that number and it will come up with the item.

    • Typical Chinese, always doggy. Remember the lipsync they did during opening Olympic ceremony….

  • I wish the order numbers corresponded to something so they could be checked up. I am still missing the larger purchases I made, I was meant to get atleast $25 cash back and can see in the click activity it shows some pending but with all other smaller purchases its always been fast. Does it take a while sometimes for more expensive purchases?

    • No that's pretty normal from Shopback, all the small ones track no issue but any larger amount they try multiple ways to not pay out. made 2 purchases in the excat same method one after another. Small one tracked immediately but the large one isn't on there still.

  • The AliExpress 15% CB is still on? The shopback app is still showing 15% I am confused..

  • +2 votes

    Same as many, spend nearly $300 only got 1 Cashback of $0.53

    And the order number is wrong too

    I do see the clicked activity but no CB associated at all

  • Still waiting for my cashback confirmation. Usually it took only couple of hours, now it's more than a day.

  • so i made a purchase from Aliexpress the other day, items from 3 different sellers about $150. Shopback only has confirmation of the cheapest item like $1.40. will it correct or do i need to contact them?

    • Thats happened to me too. for the 15% I bought a few hundred dollars worth of expensive items, aswell as lots of cheap items. Seems like only some of the cheaper items have tracked. Cashrewards seems a much better site, it always tracks and if it doesnt you can talk to them about it. I will be really annoyed if they cant track the bigger purchases.

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