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70% off All Data Plans - Data Packs from US $0.75 for 500MB @ Flexiroam (in App Only)


Some good deals to be had for those who've got a flexiroam sim or esim (especially for free from previous OzBargain deals). For the Singles Day sale Flexiroam has 70% off all data plans.

Some noteworthy plans (all prices USD) (all of which can be prebooked on a specific date):
500MB Thailand 3 days $0.75
1GB Thailand 8 days $1.50
1GB UK 3 Days $2.85
1GB Europe 8 Days $5.40
1GB Italy 3 days $1.50
3GB Indonesia 8 days $4.50

These prices below expired earlier today and seem to have been a mistake
Some noteworthy plans (all prices USD) (all of which can be prebooked on a specific date):
1GB Japan 15 days $0.90
5GB Japan 24 days $1.80
3GB UK 15 days $0.90
10GB UK 24 days $1.80
3GB Europe 8 days $0.90
3GB Japan/Taiwan/Korea 14 days $0.90
3GB Indonesia 8 Days $0.90
3GB Vietnam 15 Days $0.90
5GB NZ 15 days $1.50
3GB South Africa 15 days $0.60

Can only be purchased through the app.

EDIT: It seems like the sale has ended. All the prices have been reverted back to normal except for Global Plans where the promocode is still valid.
EDIT 2 : Seems sale is still on but prices are not as good.

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This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2019.

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  • Took a while to process as it kept timing out for me.
    I found adding my CC first and saving it worked.

    • Yeh I think the server is being slammed. Data is so cheap even when converted to Australian dollars the the price is around 40c per GB which for coverage across Europe is amazing.

  • Other than the first review that makes this product the best thing ever, the genuine reviews suggest the Sim is much more useful as a tooth pick.

  • So I guess if we are not existing users, we can't participate in this deal? lol

    • I think you can buy a sim then purchase a data pack however a few people on ozbargain have a flexiroam sim from previous deals.

      • yeah the sim isnt exactly very cheap lol

  • Is USD$4.50 + $9.50 for 15 days 7GB in Vietnam good?

    • +1

      With the current promo it's US$1.80 for 10GB valid for 24 days in Vietnam.

      If you've got a Pixel 3a/4 or iPhone XR/XS with esim then it's an additonal US$5 for the esim activation otherwise a standard sim is around US$10.

      • $10? for some reason, i saw $40! got to check again hmm

      • Good catch, I didn't even see that one before.

    • Don't forget + USD9.90 for delivery. Unless there's a free delivery somewhere?

  • +2

    If you don't have a SIM - get one here:

    Free Australia Shipping (domestic, though they charge USD)

    Microchip - USD 10.00 (AUD 7.29)
    SIM - USD 5.00 (AUD 14.58)

  • +1

    The europe pack mentioned has an existing 30% discount on it. so when i tried to use the 11sale11 code, it says code is invalid as the 30% discount has already been applied. what a waste of time

    • Experiencing the same with the Android app. Bizarre.

      • i think for further out dates in 2020, there is an existing 30% promo already in place and app will not allow u to remove that to use this 11:11 code. really silly to penalize further dated activations. there is only less than 2 months left this year. good luck to them doing this lame promo

  • It is showing 88$ Vietnam for me in the app…?

    • Oh my bad, I haven't put in the promo code

    • Actually comes out 56$ for Vietnam 15 days 3gb. Am I missing something?

      • It should be showing USD$17.70 (no code needed)

  • Can’t get it to work on iOS app with any of the Europe plans. Hope this is an oversight.

  • +1

    I think those prices that I listed above were a mistake.

    Seems flexiroam have completely disabled the promo code and reverted back to normal pricing.

  • +1

    Any idea how long till the sim card expires after last use? Couldn't seem to find any details on the FAQ

  • Is the plan supposed to show in Order summary?
    Can only see "X SIM $0.00" and "$9.90 shipping" listed….

  • +2

    Hi Folks,

    I think someone broke the Internet with this sale.

    I can confirm the sale is back up in the Flexiroam X App (with the original 70% Off)

    I can also confirm that Flexiroam X SIMs never expire! No minimum recharge or usage.

    Our Flexiroam X STarter Kits come with 100MB of Global Data that last for a year (Flexiroam's don't)

    Yes, we also offer FREE postage Australia wide!


    James (CallCloud Australian distributor of Flexiroam)

    • On the app it is still showing 9.90 USD for shipping

  • The sale is back up, but prices aren't as good as before. Probably won't buy now.

    • Yep it's a shame. I've locked in 5 plans and I guess I'll have to wait and see if they still honour the cheap prices.

  • What are the chances they will honour the ridiculously cheap prices? I managed to get the "10GB UK 24 days for $1.80" but looking more like a pricing error now. It is now priced at $13.20 for the same plan with 70% off. Dunno if I should purchase that whilst the sale is on just in case they don't honour it

    • Do you have the esim or a regular sim?

      • regular

        • +1

          ah bummer

          was going to say if you've got an esim compatible device that there are a few similarly priced options to the current flexiroam price of $13.20.

          If just going to the UK then it's still not bad value but the price is almost matching local sims.

          10GB will set you back around £15-20 but also come with calls/texts + internet in Europe assuming you're arriving in the UK first (and able to buy the sim).

  • Used a flexiroam for china a few weeks ago, stayed in Beijing metro area. Could barely get 3G, usually on 2.5G and still drops out regularly. I don't think it was possible to use my 1GB in the week due to the internet speed. Just to emphasise how bad it was, I couldn't pay the taxi fare with an app and had fo tether to the drivers phone to do so.

    The service is top-notch, although the product is pretty disappointing. I'll probably try it again for one more country to see if it's just the region

    • Could just be the region. China uses non standard 3G and 4G bands which many phone from outside of China don't support.

      • possibly. It was an iPhone SE though

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