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Kenwood Chef XL Titanium Kitchen Machine KVL8300S $671.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Just found this top of the range non-cooking mixer from Kenwood and wanted to share with the ozbargain baker and pizza maker community.
Main selling point for this tank of a machine are
*1700w motor
*Halo light
*Stainless steel attachements which are dishwasher safe
*10 year warranty (beat that kitchenaid)

Lastly, for those who want to save a little bit of money ($200 to be exact), there is the Kenwood Chef XL Elite KVL6300S $471.20
So basically it has the same attachments as the flagship model but with a less powerful 1400w motor, no halo light, metal body and 5 year warranty.

Blurp for the KVL8300S

Chef XL Titanium Kitchen Machine features:
*Designed and engineered in the United Kingdom.
*Die cast aluminium body.
*6.7 litre (total capacity) high-grade stainless steel mixing bowl with graduations for easy measuring.
*1700 watt geared motor.
*Variable speed.
*Intelligent Sense Control starts with soft mixing and gradually increases speed, for perfect mixing every time.
*Folding and total mixing actions – attachment socket turns in one direction while the bowl tool turns in the opposite direction, making sure all the mixture is picked up from around the sides and bottom of the bowl.
*K beater reaches every area of the bowl and is perfect for mixing or crushing dry ingredients.
*In-bowl illumination allows you to view colour, texture and consistency of your mix with ease while you work.
*Power whisk is specially shaped to create mountainous peaks, whip up the thickest cream and evenly mix a batter for the perfect rise.
*Sturdy steel dough hook can knead all types of dough, from pizza to pasta, for a buttery brioche or a crusty loaf.
*Creaming beater scrapes all ingredients from the side of the bowl, combining them for the smoothest icing or cake mixture.
*Folding tool glides through ingredients carefully, retaining the maximum amount of air needed for light macaroons and mousses.
*Easy-fit splash guard.
*Maximum capacity for bread dough of 2.6kg; 16 egg whites capacity; 910g flour for pastry capacity.
*All parts are dishwasher safe.

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