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Sirui 15% off Sitewide


15% off Sirui.
I've been looking for a tripod. Done!
Also humidity control cupboards

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  • I have the waterproof carbon fibre tripod, and one of the carbon fibre monopods with feet. Good quality. I purchased elsewhere cheaper, not authorised reseller, and missed out on the 6 year warranty.

    • How is it? I am looking to buy a tripod and was thinking of the regular carbon fibre one. My previous regular carbon fibre took a lot of abuse - inc underwater (even though it wasn't). Its legs are a bit stuck but can still work. How does the waterproof one differ?

      • The waterproof one is supposed to not allow water into the legs if you have them tightened, provided you keep the water below the top of the legs (otherwise the water just runs in from the top I believe). I only used mine on one holiday, in very cold conditions in salty water/mud. I didn't clean it (apart from a quick wipe off) and the legs seized up by the end of the month away. The inside of the threads are metal, so if the salt water gets in and you don't rinse it, it will oxidise. I have it sitting in my garage where I guiltily cast my eyes away from it thinking I should do something about it one day.

        If you have a regular tripod and willing to break it down and wash out/dry the legs and connections etc after use, you'd probably be ok. I didn't want to put in that much effort so went with the waterproof one. But it needed a rinse off at least within a few days of use in salt water.. If I had my time again, I would have given it a quick rinse in clean water every couple of days.

        You probably already know, but normally with a tripod you extend the bottom leg section last so that if you don't need the tripod fully extended, you leave the lowest thinnest leg to extend last, giving the best stability - but in the water, you do the opposite and extend the lowest leg first, so if the water level is below the joint, it has less chance of getting in.

        • Wow. That's lame waterproofing. I literally submerge my tripod while snorkelling and then never rinse it. I at one point had it in a geyser taking a video of what was inside the 90 degree highly mineral water.

          The centre column did snap off because the flimsy thread broke. So I superglued it back on.

          Still works. Leg fold tabs a bit sticky at times. Never rinsed.

          But thank you. You have taught me the waterproof one is not worth it for my needs

      • The quality of the Sirui is good, like Benro, knockoffs of Gitzo etc but well made. I wouldn't say no if someone gave me a Gitzo though. I find the Sirui and Benro ones to have more functionality, and better value. I started with Manfrotto but its not as good value.