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[VIC, NSW] Free Deliveroo Frank Green Cup with Coffee or Tea Pick-up Order via App (Melbourne & Sydney)


Just got this email from Deliveroo in to celebration of their 4th Birthday, they're giving away free Frank Green coffee cups with every purchase of a hot beverage tomorrow at participating locations in the app.

Snippet from the email

Sip away with Deliveroo and Frank Green

Our new pickup service allows you to skip the queues on all your favourites. To celebrate we’re giving away Deliveroo Frank Green reusable cups. All you have to do is visit the app tomorrow and order a tea or coffee on Pickup from one of our selected restaurants and cafes*.

PS - It’s our 4th birthday here in Australia, and we’re the ones giving stuff away. Nice hey.

*Offer is a free Frank Green Deliveroo Branded reusable Cup (Prize) with any coffee or tea ordered using the 'Pick Up' feature on the Deliveroo Australia app at selected cafes in Melbourne and Sydney. Offer valid from 7:00am 13 November 2019 until stocks last. Total number of Prizes available is 4,000. Limited to 1 Prize per eligible Deliveroo Australia customer. Not valid with any other offer and Prize cannot be substituted for cash or any other item. Offer available in select areas of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia only. Subject to availability.

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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    No minimum purchase? Sweet deal if you are lucky enough to get one. It's a borderline competition since you don't know if you will get one until after you paid for the drink already

  • +4

    No list of participating shops?

    • +20

      @voldemort It-must-not-be-named..

      • PRICELESS!
        I actually logged in just so I could + your comment : )

  • +24

    That cup is all hype btw, it leaks everywhere and customer service is subpar, threw my cup away


    • +9

      I bought a custom one about 1 month ago.
      The only option for monogram was 10oz. The local coffee place said 10oz was a stupid size since small coffee is 8oz and large 12oz. 10oz just doesn't make sense.

      Either way it's so hard to clean the lid and very agerage product overall.

      • +5

        I believe you when you say old people would get angry at these

        • -7

          Ok boomer

      • +1

        This one is the 12oz one

    • +5

      My house has several of these and none leak.

      I got one as I got sick of Keep Cups leaking after a few months of use.

      Now everyone I live with has a Frank Green and after several years none leak.

      • +11

        I've had one of the glass keep cups for years. and never had a problem with it

      • All my keep cups - plastic, long play and glass - have not leaked for over 12 months.

      • I too have one of these Frank Green cups, the kind with the Visa NFC in the bottom.
        Got it from ANSTO during their open day a month or two ago, so far no leaks, but the heat does radiate away though the rubber/plastic shell a little faster than my old thermos. Really convenient to never carry my wallet when getting a coffee.
        Will buy another.
        (edit: make sure you open the drinking valve BEFORE screwing on the lid, otherwise the pressure build up can cause what looks like a leak around the edge)

        • +1

          edit: make sure you open the drinking valve BEFORE screwing on the lid, otherwise the pressure build up can cause what looks like a leak around the edge

          That's a good point.

          If you overfill the cup the lid mechanism can cause the liquid to overflow into the screw threads.

    • +1

      A metal one?

      I’ve had one for a while, just be mindful to point it away from you when you open it after you shake it about by walking a bit, because it ends up being slightly pressurised.

    • +1

      I have a love hate relationship with mine (old stainless steal). I have to use it a particular way to stop it from leaking. I find I have to cap my coffee (not screw the lid on), the heat then warms up the lid (expands a bit), then 30 minutes later when it's time to leave the house I screw it on as tight as I can. Then cross my fingers it hasn't leaked all over my lunch bag by the time i get to work.

  • +2

    How do you select pick-up on the app?

    • +4

      You need to be in a location where restaurants/cafe allows pickup.

      Try Melbourne’s postcode (3000), there’s 3 cafes that give out free cups.

    • Working that out was a nightmare. I still haven't found the button and made my own coffee.

      • Try logging out and back in :)

  • Unfortunately, I'm not going to be Deliveroo's radius tomorrow but if you are getting your coffee anyway, why not?

  • +14

    Lids are extremely hard to wash, you need to take apart the entire mechanism and even then, need to use a small brush to clean the edges. A dishwasher can't reach the gaps between the clear plastic in the inside of the lid.

    • +8

      I fill them with water from the sink, screw the lid on and shake it upside down with the mouthpiece open so the water goes though the mouth piece

      • Me too. Works fine.

      • same, but I take the full mechanism apart at the end of every week to give it a thorough clean as well

        • We had the same problem since we have about 20 of them in our office, bought a 3 piece baby bottle cleaning set from Kmart for about $3 & now we can get into all the nooks & crannies in the lids if a wash out as mentioned above doesn't get them clean enough.

  • Is there a list of locations available?

  • Please share if anyone have location ^^

  • +9

    1) Change your location to a place with lots of cafes eg Sydney or Melbourne CBD.

    2) Change to Pick up

    3) Change time to something like 9am tomorrow

    4) Filter by Offers for "free item" tag

    There are 7 places in Post Code 2000.

    Good Luck!

  • So only CBD then right?

    • Appears so…I've tried North Sydney, Parramatta and Macquarie Park and no luck.

      Looks like 10 locations in total with 400 cups each.

      • Couple new places have been added

  • Do I want to join deliveroo on the off chance I might get a cup?

  • $4 for cuppa coffee? Yeah nahh

    • +8

      How's 1987 treating you?

  • So trying to order from shortstop donuts in Sydney but they don’t have coffee on the menu for pickup, and it won’t let me check out without adding another item.

  • +4

    Btw, you need to actually add the cup to your cart, along with the hot beverage. If your chosen store is participating, you'll find the cup as a menu item.

    • How do your u find just the cup though

      Edit. Found it for some locations

  • +2

    The place where I picked up in Melb only had two keep cups for the entire day!

    • Which spot is this?

      • +5

        Not sure if it's the same place but Oli & Levi only had two.

        • Gardenia in Sydney CBD had very little as well. I placed order with the cup and then rock up, they said cups ran out. Was crap coffee too

          • +1

            @Qmar: They had at least 3 full boxes when I was there at 815. I preordered at 7am with 2 accounts and got 2 cups.

            • @Bargain Master: Hmm which is even more surprising as I was there at 830 and they said they ran out of cups O_o

        • +1

          Thanks for reaching out.

          I think there may have been some confusion with the restaurant, all participating restaurants were given 2 sample cups earlier in the week and should have received their stock to hand out before the promotion started.

          I will reach out to their Account Manager to follow up with the restaurant directly on what happened here.

          Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

          Kind Regards,

          Deliveroo Team

      • +1

        Oli & Levi

        • +1

          Not sure how many Bullrun Cafe have. But I just got mine from ‘em. Did see a few other people getting them too.

          • +1

            @squarepants: I pre ordered last night for pickup today but I just rang Bullrun Cafe and they have already run out of cups so I had to cancel my order. Which suggests they just gave them out in the order served today, and didn't keep any aside for orders that were confirmed for later.

            • @Melburnian: Sorry to hear that.

              What time did you pre order for? I suspect they did not have any system of tracking which orders came in first I order to set aside the cups.

              As you said, they appeared to give them out in the order in which people came in to collect their orders.

        • I could not even add the oli cups to the order means it's gone.
          Just wondering I've added to the order for later, it still does not guarantee the cup as they say subject to stock availability.

          • @raiseyoursteaks: Yeah I have one set up for later - I wonder if they're just handing them out first come first served - or if they're actually keeping tabs on orders

            • +1

              @poppingtags: Try going in earlier to collect your orders. i had mine lined up for 8:15. But because i pass that cafe on the way in to my workplace, i thought i'd pop in to try and collect it anyways. Worked out better that way.

        • +1

          I have just returned from Oil & Levi on Collins and there were KeepCups. It is a 340ml / 12 oz White KeepCup with the green Deliveroo logo

          • @Ab3Fr0man: Shows up as sold out on the app now. We’re you able to add the cup via the app?

            • @BargainJunkie: @bargainJunkie I added the Free item earlier. The order was placed at 8:39am

          • @Ab3Fr0man: Are they the plastic ones as well? Keep cups would be alright as well. The Frank Green ones are the same size.

  • +1

    I just picked up mine from livelo in Sydney cbd. By the looks only had one box, unless they had more out back. Also it was first come first serve by the looks of things so not sure what will happen with those that pre-order.

    • +2

      They should have the brains to save the cup based on who pre ordered first. If they give to a bunch of people who cuts before you but orders later that will suck

      • They might have, although visually I could not see it. I would have assumed to see a large stash separate to the pile they were handing out. They were just handing them out as deliveroo people came by, I ordered just before walking up.

        • They were just handing them out as deliveroo people came by, I ordered just before walking up.


  • +1

    Very hard to clean the lid

  • I don't get how anyone is selecting pickup… I can't see that option anywhere on the website or app, the website even says collection isn't available at this time!

    • Filter it at the top.

      • The filter lets me select free item but there's still no pickup options showing.

        • Below the filter there is a pickup or delivery button. If no. Update the app or reinstall.

        • I've had the same issue on iPhone SE. Sounds like this promotion has been more of a miss than a hit. Certainly if I could go back in time I would not participate. Still, I can't imagine it will be my biggest regret in life. According to a self-help article online I'm meant to look at this experience and say, "that's interesting because things usually work out for me."

          …I guess that's probably true.

        • Mine disappeared after my first order. After logging out and back in it reappeared :)