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Colorful Graphics Cards 10% off [RTX 2080 Super $989 / 2070 Super $746 / 2060 Super $566 + MORE] @ Evatech + Delivery or Pickup


After how well our last batch sold Colorful is back with even lower prices and more models to choose from!

Last OzBargain Deal
Colorful RTX 2080 Super 8G / $1049
Colorful RTX 2070 Super 8G / $779
Colorful RTX 2060 Super 8G / $599

This Deal
Colorful RTX 2080 Super 8G / $989
Colorful RTX 2070 Super 8G / $746
Colorful RTX 2060 Super 8G / $566

Colorful RTX 2060 6G V2 / $476
Colorful GTX 1660 Super NB 6G-V / $350
Colorful GTX 1660 6G / $323

Pretty sure most if not all of the above is the lowest prices seen on OzBargain for their GPU, if not I'm sure the comments will fill up with corrections soon enough. Just as before, all RTX cards still are eligible to receive the Nvidia Call of Duty : Modern Warfare game redemption.

Call in the next five minutes to receive a bonus
Colorful iGame RTX 2080 TI Vulcan X OC [Pre-Order] / $1777

Eligible with any RTX series card above but promotion ends midnight 18/11 or while stocks last.

Granted those last two are not the cheapest possible 2080 TI's you can buy right now but they're more of the top end premium models. If that's your thing and you like all the fancy bells and whistles, it's the best price you're going to find for those particular models.

Of course the KUDAN is sort of in a class of it's own, it's definitely not value for money on a purely dollar / performance ratio basis but it definitely is pretty, unique and probably the best out of the box performer there is.

Just to get ahead of the 'WAIT FOR A 2080 TI SUPER' comments linked to wccftech or pcgamesn articles.. our sources say this is click bait / fake news but it wouldn't be the first time they are wrong? We don't expect anything any time soon.

Simply enter coupon code CFL10 at checkout with any of the eligible models above in cart. Code is limited to 1 card per order, 2 orders per household.

Any questions welcome, we'll be keeping an eye on the comments below or shoot us an email via our contact page on the website.

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    Wait for a 3080 Ti? 😁


    Any deals on the 2080super Vulcans?


      Unfortunately not at the moment. That's a pretty premium card, built in LCD monitor, huge cooler and some high end binned / overclocked GPUs.

      Even with a 'deal' you'd be looking at approx + $200 over the base model. Not very 'Ozbargainy' considering the trade off in price/perf.

      We have the 2080 TI's in the Vulcans landing soon if your interested, deal covers though as listed above.


    Can anyone who purchased a colorful card from the last deal comment on their build quality? Seem like good value on the face of it, just never heard of this brand before and reviews seem thin on the ground (at least in English?).

    • +2 votes

      I found this this video review interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtCbYx0qtV4

    • +1 vote

      Linus tech tips had a shallow look at some Colorful cards as part of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vh3R4vPLr4&t=465s

      Basically has unusual designs, can get pretty bulky and heavy and non-standard, so make sure to check out the dimensions and weight of the card you're buying.

      Haven't found any long term review of this card series, so not sure if the price is worth taking such a risk.

      • +1 vote

        i bought one before the linus review and my feedback is the same

        the designs are typical "gamer" on the extreme side, so agree that dimension support is important

        the software for tuning and RGB control is very basic. Hardwarewise its perfectly fine

    • +3 votes

      Take it with a grain of salt as we're the seller, but if you're interested in our take…

      RA/DOA rates to date are sub 1% and right in the middle of the pack when comparing to brands like Asus / MSI / Giga.

      Built quality can be a little subjective and hard to tell from photos on a website but if you get hands on with one you'll be presently surprised. Would put them on par with an equivalent tier product from MSI/Asus/Giga (Armor/TUF/Windforce) any day and they are definitely a step above the entry level stuff from Galax and Zotac (1 Click-OC / Twin-Fan)

      It's a shame the brand doesn't really have the cache it takes to move enough of the high end models for us to carry them but the premium tier Vulcan / Advanced models are really quiet nice. Hopefully this changes with time, more choice and competition is always pro-consumer.

      Also as a retailer that trades on it's reputation and is ultimately the one honouring the 3 year warranty on these, we wouldn't be offering them if we didn't think they we're top notch.


        Thanks all for the responses, and to the rep for an honest and detailed response.

        Definitely agree there's some real quality coming out of China (not to mention most established stuff is made there anyway).

        Just look at hisense - they really struggled to get a foothold here, mainly due to brand snobbery, but their TV's are great value and quality.

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      I bought the 2070Super from the last batch and it's sort of what I expected, a budget tier model of the card with a fairly minimal plastic shroud on it (which isn't a problem as it's just aesthetics, I plan to paint the shroud white later).
      Temperatures wise, it idles at around 30-33C in my system and under load in games like R6, PUBG, MW, it goes up to about 65-70C on fairly high graphics settings. The fans on them are sufficiently quiet, and I've set a custom fan curve on mine to make it quieter, though they do get very very loud at max rpm which it will do when you boot your system up every time but it'll slow back down after it initialises, so once it's running it's acceptable.
      In-game performance numbers is probably negligble as it's pretty much established that AIB cards don't really increase fps that much, probably within a few percentage of the Founders card as the above comment from Evatech suggests.

      My gpu is mounted with a CoolerMaster vertical bracket (so it's far away from the side panel, no thermal issues), in a CoolerMaster H500p White case.


        Sounds like the colourful runs a fair bit hotter than the Gigabyte Windforce. I have that overclocked and under intense use it may reach 63° at the most.

        • +3 votes

          To be fair, hard to make a comparison without matching the fan curve, measuring performance to see how well the chip is bloosting, testing in the same chassis for equivalent airflow and most importantly taking in to consideration ambient room temperature at the time.

          We run anywhere from 10 to 30 burn in stations a day for system assemblies here in Melbourne and a 2-7 degree difference can be the difference in a single case fan repositioning or running your tests in the morning instead of the afternoon.


    raised price to 1100?


      Not exactly sure what you're referring to there. The RTX 2080 Super? You have to enter the discount code at checkout to get the prices listed above.


    Can you please confirm if you have kudan in stock?


      As on this posts time stamp, yes.


        aaaaaaand as of this comments time stamp, all gone.

        A few more on the way in early DEC and open for pre-order, but after that they're all gone forever.


    I can't seem to check out with zippay the option does not come up when I go to checkout


      Hi Ken,

      Zip unfortunately at this point in time is reserved for orders containing a PC. I'm not entirely certain as to the specific reasons why but it's something management have been debating with Zip for a while and until its resolved, components or peripheral only orders will only see PayPal, credit card or bank wire payment options.

      We apologise for the inconvenience and if this changes any time soon we'll be sure to let you know.


    Still can't get over how much more the 2080TI costs over the 2080Super, the TI chips must be ULTRA rare and hard to come by in the fab centre. (yield wise)

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