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QCY T2S TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones & 800mAh Case w/ Qi Wireless Charging $19.99 US (~$29.84 AU) Express Delivered @ GeekBuying


Back on sale - popular QCY earphones with free express shipping (edit: stacks with cashback, thanks @clear)

Small charging case with built in 800mAh battery which can recharge the earphones 8 times, for a total 32 hours running time from full (case) recharge.
Can be recharged wirelessly via Qi charger (difference between T2S and T2C)

IPX4 water resistance for workouts, True Wireless Stereo, Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction for clearer calls with the inbuilt mic, S/M/L eartips, tap gestures including play/pause sound, skip forward/backward and voice assistant.

Apply the coupon at checkout to get for $19.99 US (~$29.84 AU)
Click Proceed to Checkout and choose Australia Priority Line to get free express shipping (5 to 8 business days).

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    (don't know if stacks with cashback)

    You're good to go with Cashrewards :)

    • Hey Buddy!

      Any chance of getting a deal on the Tronsmart Element T6 in Red and also the Tronsmart Spunky Pro earbuds?
      Looking for a good buy (cheaper than AE).

      • +2

        Sure. I'll go ping Geek and see what they can offer.

  • Noob question. Do both earphones have to be used together as a pair? Or can the two earphones be connected separately? Tks

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      They can be used seperately, you can connect just one earbud at a time

      • thanks

      • +5

        Are you sure? I had the T1Cs and I couldn't connect with just the left, but could connect with just the right. Seems like the right one is the master and left is the slave?

        • +2

          Yes I can confirm. Only right one connects to my phone.

        • +2

          Right pairs to the phone, left pairs to the right. You can only use the right one solo.

        • +17

          Yes 100%, just tried it to confirm. When using both, you connect to the right earbud. When using only the left earbud you have to connect to it directly which is a different Bluetooth device (I think most people only ever pair it with the right and never consider that the left is a seperate entity that needs to be paired also).

          Using both Earbuds or just the right: connect to QCY-T2S_R

          Using just the left earbud: connect to QCY-T2S_L

          • @Stinge Master: So if you wanted to charge the right one while using the left one you could connect it to the seperate thing?

            Does the seperate thing come with it?

            • +4

              @Hirolol: Yes you can charge the right while using the left earbud. You simply remove the left earbud from the case (while the right earbud remains in the case) then pair/connect to the QCY-T2S_L (not QCY-T2S_R) device via Bluetooth. There is no "seperate thing".

          • +2

            @Stinge Master: Just tried with Left alone. And yes it pairs stand alone. Thought that right one is needed for the left one to work. Thanks a lot mate!

          • +2

            @Stinge Master: Thanks so much for this - until now I didn't know I could do this, and have just tried it successfully. And when using the left alone, and then removing the right from the case it then is smart enough to go into stereo mode.

  • +1

    Is this any good? Anyone's who own this please share feedback.

    • +6

      I have 2 pairs and I am very happy. Great bang for buck. Should be lots of comments about quality other deals.

    • +2

      I have a pair - using with iPhone 11.
      Works well - volume is good, clarity is good.
      Got it mostly for music, but tried calling and audio worked well both ways.

    • +4

      This sounds nearly as good as my Bose buds except it's 8x cheaper.

      • That's pretty crazy

      • Not when you get the Bose buds for $20 haha!

        Actually I missed that deal :( gone in less than a second

    • +7

      Cheap and cheerful for listening to music, however as with the feedback on this when it's been posted previously they're quite horrid with calls though.
      "I can hear everyone and everything else around you except you"

    • +1

      They are easy to lose. I've lost 2 so far, contemplating buying a third one. Usually forget them on planes

      It is probably just me and my forgetfulness though..

      • Same here..lost 2.. So easy to drop..

    • +1

      Very good for the price.

    • +1

      They are not as good at the Haylou product

      • What makes you say that?

        • Because I have owned both and the Haylou are better fitting, better looking and I just like them more.

  • +1

    I have this earphone its good but the volume is bad you have to put it up on high volume to make sound good unless there is a setting to fix that

    • +26

      yes there is a setting, I had the same issue but found there is a setting to change in andriod settings and its really good now…i'll look for it and link

      Edit: here is what to do :)

      There are three steps total to fix these volume issues once and for all.

      1. Enable Developer Options (options -> system -> about phone -> click build number 7 times)

      2. Press back

      3. Go to settings, and search AVRCP.

      4. Click on Bluetooth AVRCP Version and ensure it is on 1.6.

      5. Next, search for Absolute

      6. Select Disable Absolute Volume and turn this toggle on, if it isn't already.

      7. Unpair all Bluetooth devices. Restart your device. Pair the devices again. To the right of each Paired Bluetooth
        device in the Bluetooth settings page is a gear icon, go into each device and turn off the Phone Calls toggle,
        leaving only Media audio enabled.

      8. Exit settings, connect to the Bluetooth device, start playing something. Increase the volume using the volume up
        button and rejoice as the volume goes as loud as you need!!!

      • Please do - I just bought as well
        edit: THANKS!!!

        • +1

          No worries, Let me know if it works!

      • Worked for me! Youtube is now LOUD!

      • Hey it made an improvement thanks! Now i got another issue it keeps disconnecting after i use it for like 30mins after i did this

      • What does changing this do? I currently use my earphones at about 75% volume and that is loud for me already, so not really an issue for me. Just interested in what doing this actually does.

        • a free dose of tinnitus

        • no idea, just found it on the web and it worked

      • +1

        I just did this for my QC35's which are notoriously soft sounding from my S10e. Wow what an improvement, way louder.

      • +1


      • Will this work for the iPhone/ iOS too ?? To increase the volume ???

    • Never had a problem

  • How long does 'processing' usually take? Ordered a pair of TWS earphones last week and payments been confirmed and yet to send?

    • Send them an email. I had a similar problem and waited for a while.

  • Has anyone used these for running? If so, do they stay in the ear? I tried using Apple AirPods but find they always tend to fall out.

    • Yeah i have, they were good and dont fall for me…the only annoying thing is button to click to go to next or pause requires 'hard' press so i end up pusning it into my ear further lol, but apart from that happy

    • I bought little plastic thingos from Amazon to stop the airpods falling out.

      AhaStyle [3 Pairs] Earbuds Ear Hooks and Covers Silicone for Apple AirPods 2 & 1 and Earpods (Black)

      • Ah so those earbud ear hooks for airpods are also compatible with these?

    • I have the t2c from amazon a couple of weeks ago at 29.99. They work fine for the gym so probably running would be ok too.

      • Are the Amazon ones shipped from Aus or overseas?
        How long was the shipping? Contemplating buying this one or Amazon

        • https://www.amazon.com.au/Bluetooth-QCY-Headphones-Earphones...

          If these ones which are currently $40, I would say shipped fairly quick from Oz as listed as fulfilled by Amazon.

        • They are shipped from Australia , it seems QCY are the manufacturer and rebrand for tao/dudios/soundpeats etc. They're all much of a muchness but thought why not at $29.99. Even at $40 they're not bad value, took a week to arrive as had ordered other things.

  • +2

    These are good for the price but by God the mic is horrible.

    • +1

      Unfortunately that's the same for most earbuds, even high end ones.

    • Have used them for calls as well. While they're not noise cancelling or twin mics, I've yet to have someone who can't hear me at all,m just sounding like i'm in a tin can! usable but not what I'd call primary purpose, music is fine though.

  • I bought these last time they came up. The left ear bud stopped working a few days ago. Tried to re-pair it, it's completely unresponsive (fully charged or not).

    • Contact support and they will refund you.
      [email protected]

      • FWIW, my faulty QCY's, which I've had for about a month, are going in the bin.

        I've been offered a partial refund by Geekbuying…

        Will think twice before trying QCY next time as well as buying from Geekbuying.

  • +1

    I currently try to listen to music/sounds/podcasts while falling asleep. I find myself getting choked out by my cables when I wake up or my ears hurt from laying on my ear/side with my ear phones in.

    Are these bulky in the ear? Would I be able to lie sideways with my ear on the pillow with comfort for those that own a pair?

    • +3

      ok I gave it a go now, my pillow is medium hard, I found it is not comfortable, pushes in and creates a pressure gradient( but more comfortable than my previuis wire earphones), what I have done previously is i would just have the one ear and other on the pillow without an earbud

    • You should try a dedicated sleep headset, Google ebay sleep Bluetooth eye mask. The padded ones are very comfortable.

    • +1

      Can't you use a speaker?

      • I think sleeping with one ear bud in might be the solution.

        @lehni yes I've looked into a few of those as well.

        @onlinepred I would get sleep but then I would have to work out another solution for my wife.

        Every now and then I would just sleep in another room.

  • How does the audio quality compare to SoundPeats Q30? My Q30's recently died after a year of solid use, wondering if I should replace them with this or buy another pair of Q30's

  • Is the mic quality average for outdoors and the train?
    Any recommendations for a better mic earbud (either stem style or this style), happy to spend up to $60.

    • +1

      Mic isnt really good for calls. I'm already looking to replace these. Distortion is just another problem in calls.

  • I have been using the right one only but now the volume has decreased considerably. Practically unusable until I use left one as well. Does anyone know if there is way to reset them or fix this problem anyway?

  • Thanks OP. For $30 i've given these a shot despite having a pair of Powerbeats Pro. Hopefully they deliver decent sound as per reviews!

  • +3

    Only good for audio. Mic is pathetic.

  • Was just looking at these based on the forum post best budget headphones.. Thanks for the deal.

  • Whilst these are decent, I actually use my corded ones more. There's too much fussing about with them sometimes skipping. I keep going back to them to try them out but yeah usually just revert to old faithful.

  • How do these compare with TaoTronics earbuds - SoundLiberty 77 AU$47.99 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/496374)

  • What's the bass like for music? IE compared to wired iPhone headphones which are pretty decent (as most people know their sound quality)

    • Wired iPhone earphones are good but lack any punchy bass. Due to no noise isolation it also loses a lot of its clarity. TWC and most other by earphones at least have passive noise cancellation and sound better because of that. However TWC like most cheaper brands also do not have punchy bass or anything that really stands out. It's loud and clear and for that price its a great product.

      • Yeah, hear ya (lol) but I bought the soundpeats true wireless @ same price and thought were total crap so not buying these as no bass!! I cant listen to tinny music and realise the iphone wired arent $300 bose or sennheisers but still have decent base compared to these rubbish chunky things lol

  • seems to be out of stock now

    • yeah i just noticed this now as I was just about to try and check out! damn!

      • Select the shipping from europe or italy and apply the same code. It has stock. Or search the same product in the website and you will find another listing which has stock and apply the same code. I just got it but price is slightly higher AUD 30.02.

        • Cannot ship to australia

        • Changing the country/region to all the other available options brings up "sorry, this item cannot ship to your location" (location being just Australia).

  • Never had wireless earbuds would this be a good steppingstone to try them out?

    • +1


    • Yes - I tried style with the wire between the earbuds for some months (QCY as well) but found that the wire does get in the way/tangled with collars, and needed a small separate bag to store and prevent tangling with other things. Also the battery life was variable. Whereas with this style with the charging box, the headphones are constantly topped up. Recommend this style for those reasons, and the sound quality is acceptable.

  • I love these headphones. However Youtube volume is so low and no idea why ?? anyone else have this issue?
    Phones : samsung Note 8 and Samsung s9+

  • +1

    Weird, they must be continually updating stock levels. I was just able to order this now, totalled $30.02

    • Did you just add it to cart or did you click on the in stock notice?

    • for the T2S?

      • +1

        yep T2S, and I just kept refreshing every 10mins or so at work, eventually it let me click "buy now" and all was good!

  • Have the Haylou GT1 and am ok with it, does the QCY sound better to be worth getting?

  • +3

    Back in stock 😉

    • Thanks, ordered!

  • It takes more then a month to come but worth the wait as mine came 2 weeks back now with the last deal and I am happy with it.

  • How about these as an alternative for $15.00? https://m.geekbuying.com/item/E6S-Bluetooth5-0-TWS-Earphones...

    • No wireless charging?

      • No.

    • Was looking at them as well, ultimately settled for these because of the positive reviews on sound quality, larger battery, wireless charging and faster shipping just for another few bucks more.

  • If quality is acceptable, good to remove dependency on many cables (charge only Note10+, then reverse wireless when on the road).

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