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[eBay Plus] Free Express Delivery on Eligible Plus Items (Max Discount $15 Per Transaction) @ eBay


Might be time to sign up to eBay plus and get the $50 eBay gift card.

Eligible items updated weekly.

Eligibility. This offer is only available to paid eBay Plus members.

Offer Period. This offer is available for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on www.ebay.com.au (“Offer Period”).

Conditions. The offer entitles you to Free Express shipping on Eligible Items, up to a maximum discount of $15 off Shipping costs per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 3 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Full T&Cs

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  • Just tried it on an EBay PLus item and it didnt work.

  • when eBay starts listing what's elligible or not, then this will be ok. It's not a deal to have to treasure hunt the entire website to try your luck on what you can and can't get under this stupid promotion.

    If Harvey Norman said "we have a sale….. but we arent telling you what, go search the entire warehouse and hope you find something" they would be in trouble with ACCC

  • Useless, since you can't stack codes (Can't use POW15 and PXFREE at the same time).

  • what's going on with all these eBay deals? So useless and come on, you are trying so hard eBay :(

  • eBay has become hopeless.

  • -1 vote

    This is interesting info, but not really a deal.

  • +1 vote

    I was looking for a dyson wall bracket.
    A number of ebay sellers claim local stick but were quoting end of Nov-mid Dec.

    Amazon offered it cheaper, sent from the US, arriving on or before 22 Nov. No codes or lists to scroll through, no tricks. Just cheap prices, great service.

  • Eligible items.

  • Like with most of these “deals” unfortunately the good times are long gone. No longer do you see a discount or $ cap worthy enough to warrant a purchase through eBay… so glad I made some big purchases before the regular price jacks and lacklustre sales.

    Will probably be saying the same for AMEX soon enough. Not bad for now but slowly approaching mediocre status.

  • OzBargainers have this weird self entitlement expectation from eBay, you spend so much time on the site & have obviously found items majority of the time much cheaper than in-store if its not always the cheapest then eBay is sh!t, in reality eBay dont set the prices the seller does, so if its cheaper elsewhere just go & buy it there, what are you whinging about? is there any logical reason eBay is supposed to be cheaper than everywhere 100% of the time? nope, you can shop on AMAZON that has about qtr of the items, lacks variety in mobiles, appliances, electronics, never releases discount codes, far from the cheapest, majority of the time they are only price matching other retailers & cashrewards/shopback brings it cheaper, you can shop in-store bing lee, tgg, HN, JB but you know know for a fact that its almost never cheaper that way, so you wait for eBay retailers to go on sale then hope its stacked with a eBay coupon, but if the final price isn't good enough here come the self eniteled ozbargainers to let the world know, eBay is the devil im going to shop elsewhere, when in reality they are still purchasing through eBay lol

    • People complaining about the lucky dip nature of eligible items seems a fair criticism to me.

    • Think you missed the mark with this one mate

      • Guess you didn’t read the comment I’m responding to.. but overall ozbargain is full of the biggest wingers in oz at times, expectations way to high

  • ebay plus is much better than last year.

  • Sorry dealbot, I really love your posts and appreciate your hard work. However, ebay's deals sucks ar$3 and stinks to the high heavens. I'm not about to scrounge through an entire website to figure out what items are actually eligible for free shipping after all, of all bargains.

    Again, absolutely nothing against you but I'm frankly sick and tired of ebay's stupid "eligible items" deals.

  • I bought a cheapie AirPods pro case $1.95 and upgraded the postage to express and it works, took off $6.95 express post charge. See how the seller response….

  • sup with the neggars with this deal? no love for expedited shipping?

    • I know right? I got negged for saying I got one of my purchase going. And yes? I received the express post tracking for a $1.95 item!

  • 'Eligible items' = downvote

  • Wait so doesn't apply automatically even I have EBAY PLUS active?

  • Got email about this deal, tried on two items and failed to get express post for free. Then after I purchased anyway (presents for xmas) ebay sends the bloody email again offering free express post!

    Unfair… :'(

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