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$50 eBay Gift Card When Signing up to eBay Plus $49 (1 Year Subscription) @ eBay


eBay Plus Link

Basically the $1 sign up deal in a different format i.e. $50 eBay gift card when pay $49 to subscribe.

  1. This offer entitles you to receive a $50 eBay digital gift card if you sign up to eBay Plus during the Promotion Period (‘Offer’).

  2. The Offer will only be available for the period that it is advertised on ww.ebay.com.au (‘Promotion Period’).

  3. The Offer is only available to users who have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia, and who have a relevant purchase history (‘Eligible Users’).

  4. Standard eBay Plus membership fees of $49 per annum will apply from the time of sign up. For the avoidance of doubt, if you accept the Offer you will not be entitled to a free 30-day trial of eBay Plus.

  5. If you take up the Offer, we will send the eBay digital gift card code to the email address that you used to sign up for the Offer, as well as via My eBay Message Centre within 5 business days of your eBay Plus membership fees being processed. By taking up the Offer, you consent to eBay emailing the eBay digital gift card code to you.


Who is eligible for this promotion?

Customers who have an eBay account with a registration address in Australia and who have a relevant purchase history are eligible for this promotion.

Will I still get a 30-day free trial to eBay Plus with this promotion?

No, customers who take advantage of this promotion will not be eligible for a free trial.

I’ve signed up, when will I receive my gift card?

You should receive your eBay digital gift card code via email and My eBay Message Centre within 5 business days of your eBay Plus membership fees being processed. If you can’t find it, make sure you check your Junk folder in your email. If you still haven’t received anything after this period, please contact your eBay Plus Premium Customer Service team.

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  • +9 votes

    Not only the $50 GC

    The invite I got, also comes with
    - $5 Voucher per month on plus items (min spend $50)
    - 5% Coles eBay discount


    • I actually didnt' read that, but you're right!

    • yay, missed that - now this offer sounds better, somehow :) thanks

    • I saw that too in the message, but when I clicked on the link it just brought me to "https://www.ebay.com.au/ebayplus/home" with no explanation.
      Not sure I would spend $50 a month though, maybe I should consider some Coles shopping (and hoping that it goes well, read some mixed comments last time on Coles via ebay) ..

    • I have not received any email, but one of my account is eligible.
      Is this available to all target user or some gets $50GC and other gets $50GC+$5/mnt+5% coles.

  • Is this gonna be a new users only type deal? I'm not seeing it on my account anywhere.

  • The only downside with giftcards is you cant use them with some of the coupon codes

  • I really hate selective sign up offers….

    • Same and I never seem to get them despite being a perfect candidate for them since I’ve never signed up :/

  • cant see any banners or email for my 2nd account(eligible purchase made, never joined plus). I wonder if this is a randomly targeted.

  • What's the point of this promotion when the first month of the first trial is always free…

    • I don't understand, this is for one year?

      Plenty of exclusive Ebay plus deals this year, definitely worth the normal price to me, deals like this are pretty amazing.

  • $1 deal is better IMHO. $50 spend without coupon? Can't say I can.

  • If you don't receive an email, is there another way to check if you are eligible otherwise? Perhaps a banner or message on attempting to sign up?

    • Ok found it - in case anyone else would like to check:
      "Clicking “Take up Offer Here” on the promotional banner on www.ebay.com.au/plus OR clicking “Take up Offer” on the promotional banner on the eBay app home page"

  • I just started my free trial yesterday. Do you think I can cancel my free trials and sign up for 1 year using this?

  • I can see this appearing on eBay now.

  • Yup … got the same banner on mine after logon to ebay.
    But some how my signup is $39 instead of $49

    • Even better!

      • Have been holding this up since i never get the $1 offer previously.
        Now i have signed up for $39 and a message after signed up that the $50 will be sent to my email in the next few days.

        • I had the $39 deal as well and signed up today (to get the $50 gift card) but was charged $49 a few hours later. Was just wondering if you got charged the $39 or $49?


    • Same here. Took some screenshots of the $50 gift card message just in case :)

      • Good thinking! I see it, but when I click.. .it does mention I have used the free trial… so not sure if that makes me ineligible…

        • Same here, it just says I'll be charged $49 immediately,no sign of ebay card.

          • +2 votes

            @cameldownunder: I'm on chat to ebay now:

            Live chat said this when I asked if I'd get it (after not receiving any confirmation on the final screen):

            I see, that banner was for advertisement. Emails for promotion were sent to random members. So if you haven't received one, I'm afraid you won't be eligible for the $50 gift card promotion, xxxxx.

            I called them out on being misleading and:

            Sorry about that, xxxxx. I will raise this to our Marketing team so it would not appear as misleading to our members.

            I'm currently being transferred to the "Plus experts".. hopefully I can either get a refund or maybe I'm eligible after all.

            Called them out on the banner:

            The banner is being advertised and this not only you who can see this. At the same time, all promotion that we offer is bound with terms and condition.

            (I told them that the T&C did not explicitly state that you had to receive the email)

            Yes, this may imply this impression but we can't still negate the fact there was an information about an email sent prior to this.

            I'm still arguing with them (basically saying "why did you even advertise it then?") but it doesn't look good for me.

            • @rith: Was about to buy after I cancelled my membership months ago and it has finally expired. There is NOTHING in the terms which excludes previous members and the T&Cs specifically state: 4. If you are an Eligible User and you receive an email inviting you to take up the Offer or otherwise see it on www.ebay.com.au, you may sign up to the Offer by…

              They have no leg to stand on and their chat people need to be better informed.

    • Great, same here. I was just about to ask.

  • What's the "Promotion Period"? They make it hard to find out when the offer ends.

  • Has anyone received their gift card yet that didn't get the email? I am able to see and use the link but didn't get an email/message from ebay. I dont want to sign up and have ebay deny the gift card based on not receiving the email.

    • I would like to know this too. Maybe ask ebay chat?

    • Where do you see the gift card link?
      I just signed up and it says they will email me after payment is processed

      • It is on the homepage, scrolling banner of ads.

        • That's just the offer ad, so you haven't signed up yet?
          I misunderstand you said you see the gift card link as soon as you signed up

          No, they don't send you the gc immediately
          I didn't receive any targeted offer email, but the T&C says it doesn't matter, I clicked that banner
          Upon signed up, there is an extra confirmation page says they will send you the gc within 5 business days
          Screenshot it if you feel worry

  • Hi everyone I thought I would make it easier for everyone as it is confusing. I don't think this is a targeted deal as I didn't receive an email but can see the promo ad for all 3 of my accounts.

    1) log into your eBay account
    2) click on the eBay Plus tab at the top
    3) you will see a banner saying "skip the trial and score a $50 eBay giftcard". Make sure you click on this banner
    4) agree to make the payment immediately
    5) make the payment - I used PayPal
    6) you will be automatically transferred to the last screen which will confirm your eBay gift card will be sent to you in 5 days. Here is a link to the screenshot https://i.imgur.com/76RV033.png

    Good luck hope this helps

    • Does this work if you've previously accepted a free trial?

      edit: can confirm it does. Chat said yes, and I signed up and got the "card will be sent" message.

      • Chat said no for me, but signed up anyway based on other comments. Was able to get the gift card message. Lets hope it arrives :)

    • -1 vote

      eyzonme instructions are on point!

      It's NOT a targetted offer.
      I didn't get any offers via email or via in the ebay inbox, but clicking on the Ebay Plus link on the top menu brings you to a page with a green banner across the middle. Clicking on that banner gives you access to this deal.

      Can 100% confirm that even if you've used the free trial in the past (I'm told everywhere that I'm no longer eligible for the trial!), you still get offered the $50 giftcard.

      In effect you get 12 months of Ebay PLus for -$1!!!

      Can't go wrong!!!! This deal should be getting hundreds of plus votes!

      • Shows up when I wasn't logged in but disappears when I logged in.

        Is definitely targeted

      • It's targeted. I cannot see the banner and feeBay wants me to pay $49 right away.

        You need to wait for unlucky people like me to confirm whether it is targeted or not. It's targeted because I am feeBay VUP (very unimportant person).

        No soup offer for me, NEXT.

      • I saw the banner and got this message

        "Sorry, you're ineligible for this offer due to lack of purchase history. You can still unlock a range of exclusive offers & free delivery on millions of Plus items if you join eBay Plus."

        it is targeted

      • Correct UFO, not targeted but you must meet the T&Cs. Subtle difference. Just re-joined.


    • I can see the banner (logged in) but when I click on it, it takes me to /plus/ which doesn't mention the voucher, only the trial. Will try to use chat to sort it out when they open.

      • When you click on the gift card banner there is no reference to the voucher in the signup/payments are. The message of you receiving the voucher is after you make the $49 payment.

    • Yup this confirmed my doubts, was seeing the banner (but no email).
      Signed up and got a message "Your $50 code will be delivered via email & to your eBay Messages in the coming days, once your membership fees have been processed."

    • Good work. Did it

  • I've received my gift card 😄

  • Just received the $50 ebay giftcard today after joining yesterday.
    I was previously used free trial. So this offer works if you have the banner after logged on

    • Were you charged $39 or $49? Because I got charged $49 (even though the signup page said $39) and still haven't received the gift card.

  • Saw the $50 gift card banner last night on all of my accounts, went to sign up today but it's longer there so it's probably ended or they changed it.

  • Can someone actually post the ebay banner url because I have logged on to my account and don't see the offer or the banner ad as claimed. I previously did a trial a few months back.

    If I click on ebay Plus it just will ask me to pay the full amount. So I believe the offer will only activate with the correct url referral link

    • After reading the below comments and also speaking with Ebay Customer Support (via phone) this is the full facts:

      1) YOU DONT NEED AN EMAIL from EBAY to confirm validity/eligibility of the $50 Ebay Gift Card offer

      2) If you previously were an eBay Plus member (includes if you had paid or had used a free trial only) you are eligible provided you can see the banner advertisement indicating this deal.

      1. If you are an Eligible User and you receive an email inviting you to take up the Offer or otherwise see it on www.ebay.com.au, you may sign up to the Offer by: a) Clicking “Take up Offer Here” on the promotional banner on www.ebay.com.au/plus OR clicking “Take up Offer” on the promotional banner on the eBay app home page; and b) Signing up for an eBay Plus membership through the sign-up flow.

      3) Make sure you are not blocking cookies, and running any type of ad blocking software as this might be hiding the $50 Ebay Plus Gift Card Promotion banner which you need to click on. Also there is tracking analytics in the URL banner link which is unique to each eBay member which is used by eBay to obviously get information. Just note that if they (eBay) fail to recognise your tracking information you will likely not see the $50 Ebay Gift Card being successfully applied to your account.

      4) You must sign into your eBay account and then go to https://www.ebay.com.au/ebayplus/home (this is where the banner will show)
      5) Image of the Banner
      6) After you pay for the subscription you will get a confirmation of the $50 Gift Card (code) being sent to your email and also visible in eBay Messages within the next few days (give up to 7 days).

      7) I spoke to Ebay Customer Support (via phone) and the call centre people are completely clueless to this deal. Initially they told me that I was not eligible then after pressing them about Point 4A (in terms and conditions of the deal) they changed their response to "As long as you can see the banner" and follow the sign up procedure you are eligible for this offer.

      As a precaution I recorded my desktop screen as I did the subscription purchase and also brought up the terms and conditions page whilst recording and highlighting point 4A.
      As many have pointed out the gift card code can take up to 7 days to arrive so be patience.
      Provided you have done the above steps I see there should be no issue with getting the gift card.

      It is best you keep an actual recording of your transaction as you can then use this as proof should they dispute your eligibility or not provide you the Gift Card. For those interested in screen recording software there are many out there but here is the one I used …

      Additional Resources:
      Free Desktop Screen Recorder

      Scroll down the page and select "Get Express Free" (button) to download the software

  • So saw a notification on my phone regarding the $50 voucher. Went into the app, saw the banner, proceeded to go through the process, pay ($49) via paypal, and never got the final message confirming it will be sent to me.

    Sorting it out with customer service. They mentioned they can see my membership, and that the voucher will be issued after 5 business days.

    Time to wait…

    Note: Previously used Ebayplus in the past.

    • Exactly same scenario for me. Was advised to wait the 5 business days. Tik, tok

      • I took a screenshot of the notification message on my phone, but when I click through there is nothing mentioned anymore of the voucher, so I hesitated to pay $49.
        I can also see it in the scrolling banner on home page via desktop, but again no reference when clicking through …
        I used trial before too.
        Update: In the meantime I have received an ebay message during lunch with the offer so I went for it.

        • I got this too, same issue. Contact eBay, they're insisting you should only get the offer via email or SMS not through notification..eBay is bloody useless.

    • Same.

      Signed up on the 6th Nov after receiving a push notification on my android app about the deal.
      Never got the gift card. Have contacted eBay support and awaiting a response.

  • No banner for me on website, and when I go through it says $39.

    HOWEVERedit, checked my email and I have an email offer about it. It still takes me to the $39 option even tho I got the email offer!

    • screen shot after you are logged in with your name showing in upper left corner.

      after you sign up, chat with them and they will honor it (that has been my experience with promotions showing up in my account but not applying)

  • Got it on two of my three accounts, but I'm not sure if I'll sign up

  • got the offer, not sure I want it…

  • Literally signed up to plus free trial 3 days ago. Any way I could take advantage of this offer still?/ end the free trial?

  • Does the gift card need to be used in a single transaction?

  • I got this on my secondary ebay account, is there any benefit to having 2 of them?

    Also can you use the gift card to buy a wish gift card?


  • Can you cancel immediately and the plus status remain active until the renewal date, or do we need to be setting a calendar reminder for 12 months from now?

    • Normally yes, with the trial I cancelled immediately but kept plus benefits for the month.

    • Typically yes, you can cancel ahead of time and keep the plus benefits until it expires.

      I did so with my previous ebayplus membership. Cancelled well ahead (several months) and kept it until September this year.

      Though by cancel immediately…I assume you mean as soon as you receive the voucher.

  • Got a message about it within my ebay account. Would it be correct to assume the gift card can be used on anything side wide, no restrictions?

  • I'm on ebay CHAT, the lady mentioned if I pay $39 I will get the gift card. If not, to contact back after 5 days and I asked for a copy of the chat!

    $39, $50 gift card and $5 credit every month to spend isn't a bad deal!(I assume stack the $5 credit with 5% off coles which is basically 20% off a $50 order)

  • I really don't see a lot of values in eBay Plus. Given the same pricing I think Amazon prime is worth way more than this. You get not only free delivery and returns on Amazon but you also get free video and music. Not to mention a lot of items on eBay are already free delivery anyway…

    Last time I did a free trial, I forgot to cancel it before they charge me the full year and I contacted support 3 times and they aren't able to cancel it for me. It's very bad customer service in my opinion and I would stay away from eBay Plus if I were you.