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Tranya T3 Touch Control Truly Wireless Earbuds $59.49 Delivered (15% off) @ Tranya Amazon AU


15% off Tranya T3 wireless earbuds, final price: $59.49.

[Longer Battery Life] - With the latest Class 1 Bluetooth technology, you can get 6-8 hours continuous playtime, and up to 60 hours with charging case for one charge.
[Premium Sound Quality] - Powered by Realtek headphone chip and high-definition speaker that provides 1. 5 times wider frequency than normal earbuds. You can hear more details, more texture of bass, and better clarity of treble.
[Built for Sports] - These lightweight earbuds are customizable with multiple ear tip options for extended comfort and are made to stay in place. With reinforced design for sweat and water resistance (IPX5), and powerful, balanced sound, T3 wireless earbuds work like an injection of energy were placed directly by the ears, making you stronger, faster, more agile.
[Auto Paring and Better Connectivity] - The earbuds automatically turn on and connect with your smart phone when removed from the charging case; automatically turn off and charge when return to the case. With the latest Class 1 Bluetooth technology and high sensitivity antenna, these wireless earbuds offer extended range and fewer dropouts, and stay connected as you keep moving.
[Passive Noise Canceling] - Tranya T3 wireless earbuds can block out most of surrounding noises. You will be out of the street noise and get into the fantastic world of music with the sound quality of T3.

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    You'll need to put the price in the title.

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    Random-brand wireless buds for $59? I'll pass, this is barely a deal.

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      In the TWS audio community these are pretty highly regarded for their price and they definitely punch above their weight. Just gotta check out Head-Fi and other places to find reviews. They for sure aren't no names in the TWS niche.


      I thought so too, but reviews on Amazon US are good and plentiful. They sell for $49USD at the moment.

      Personally I'm a bit bemused the the plethora of TWS earbuds, most of which look exactly the same for some reason. Do they intentionally copy one-another? Which is the 'original'?


      Just received my ones from an earlier order and they are excellent !

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    I just love how all the pictures for the Chinese wireless earphones have lighting bolts photoshopped on them.


    These got a review on GSM arena, https://www.gsmarena.com/tranya_t3_bluetooth_fully_wireless_...

    The sound quality gets a mention:

    In terms of audio quality, the Tranya T3 are decent sounding pair of earphones. The bass is strong and slightly on the boomy side in the mid-bass region but not to the point of overwhelming the mid-range. The mid-range is good in the lower and mid range, with good strong vocal performance.

    Unfortunately, beyond that, the frequency response sort of trails off with dull and underwhelming highs. This causes the audio to lose some of its sparkle and detail and sound a bit muddy at times. However, if your device or music player supports using EQ over Bluetooth then this is a relatively easy problem to solve.

    Despite the muddy highs, the sound is generally quite good. If you're coming from cheaper ear buds then you will definitely enjoy these more. They also sound better than the AirPods, although that's not a particularly difficult task.