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PureVPN - 80% Cashback (Was 35%) - New PureVPN Customers Only @ ShopBack


Stack with 3 year plan for $1.92 per month ($69USD) - Black Friday Early Access Deal.

New PureVPN customers only - I'm sure you can bypass this with a new email address. Cashback excludes taxes, fees or additional extras.

*Works with Netflix US and Hulu as per User reports

Seems good value.

Apps for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Enterprise-grade security

5-Multi login so you can use one account on 5 devices at the same time.

2000+ secure servers in 140+ countries

24/7 customer support

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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$5 for both referrer and referee + $10 extra bonus for referrer with $20 referee purchase by 4 Dec 2019

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  • +1 vote

    If my maths is right then it'll cost US$0.38 (A$0.56) per month after cashback.


    Noob question: will this slow my internet connection?

  • +1 vote

    I bought PureVPN and connects to their servers in China. The service is very unstable, connection breaks up everyday and reconnecting to their server is sometimes impossible. Speed is very slow too, take ages to open web pages, streaming video is almost impossible.


      Is this not more a problem due to the great firewall rather than purevpn? My understanding was no vpns that provide true privacy work reliably in China?


    Ive had pureVPN for 2 yrs and it works well for me, I am on a 30mbps connection and still download around 2.5-2.8MB/sec ie it maxes my connection.


      Same here I get around 4mb/s from purevpn.
      Not perfect for all countries like China can be slow, but I thought generally people wanted to access internet which isn't restricted by the great china firewall.


        Lots of Chinese internet services block IP from outside China, eg. Xiaomi AI Assistant, Huawei Chinese App Store, QQ Music. That's why I bought PureVPN to access China. I also tried PureVPN inside China and I can't use it to bypass the great firewall. It looks like their servers are blocked in China. What do you guys use VPN for? Access US Netflix?

  • +1 vote

    I was constantly getting ipleaks with PureVPN, which kind of defeats the purpose of it. But when it worked, speeds were good

  • +1 vote

    @ragerma I'm also with PureVPN and never had an issue with them. I bought a 3 year plan, then resubscribed when they offered a rip-snorter 5 year plan.
    My connections to various countries have always been excellent. My main uses are torrents(legal ones only of course) and bypassing geo-blocks.
    Here's a couple of Ookla speed tests that I just did on PureVPN from Hong Kong and mainland China. Ookla speed test 1, Hong Kong, PureVPN 72.90Mbps download Ookla speed test 2, Hong Kong, PureVPN 88.39Mbps download Ookla speed test 1, China Guangdong, PureVPN 55.94Mbps download I have the old Optus cable 100/2Mbps upload download plan.
    Anyhow I'm really happy with PureVPN, as you can see from these Ookla speed tests that I did a few minutes ago I consistently get excellent speeds. I very rarely get dropouts. I sometimes try to connect to a server and it doesn't work but I just move onto the next one, as PureVPN has more than one server in many countries.

  • +1 vote

    The 5 year $59 plan is a better option.

  • +1 vote

    I have a lifetime plan with them, always get max speeds and hundreds of servers to choose from.
    Now that every dick and harry bought NordVPN and PIA deal I've found that every site I visit requires additional captcha verification or straight out banned the ips. PureVPN works fine, for now.

  • -1 vote

    How soon do ShopBack reimburse the cash back?
    I bought a previous deal through Cashrewards and the cash back was ridiculously long - over 3 months (unacceptable in my opinion)


    While PureVPN does work, I find it very very slow. Most of that is probably because Australia's internet is very very slow anyway. I get about 10MB to their AU servers less to anywhere else.

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