Lectro Strata LED Solar Garden Bollard $2 (Was $4) @ Bunnings


Credit to PriceHipster

Lectro Strata LED Solar Garden Bollard with black stainless steel square housing designed for use in outdoor spaces such as lighting pathways, driveways, garden beds and outdoor features. This solar light is powered by the sun making it free to run and can be easily installed almost anywhere.

Bright White LED
Amorphous solar panel
8 hours charging time under full and direct sunlight
Up to 6 hours operating time
Includes 1 x AA 1.2V 400 MAH NI-CD rechargeable battery

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    Vic stock - Maribyrnong and West Footscray.

    Not sure about other states

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    The past 4 Solar lights I have bought for the front yard are all not working why this one can anyone vouch for a good garden solar light.

    My front yard definitely gets light during the day maybe it is the batteries how often are you changing your batteries in these solar lights?

    Obviously you cannot put these in shady areas or darkness where no sun can charge it.


    LOL what you guys expect from a few dollars light


      I am convinced that solar lights at this point is a scam like how long have they been selling these and every single one has died on me in fact I can't recall the last time I saw a working one in someone else's garden they were always wired.


        I bought a bunch of $1 clearance solar lights from Bunnings when I moved into my current house. 18 months later and most of them are still working fine. YMMV.


          Did you use the given battery or replace them out.

          If using stock battery what are they using and how have you positioned them?


            @AlienC: Replace them with good nimh battery, they will last longer. But good nimh battery cost more than then light T_T


            @AlienC: @AlienC: Stock battery still, never even thought to replace the battery since the lights only cost $1. Positioned so they're in full sun most of the day.


              @Timm: Any idea if they are still available at bunnings or got a link to the same lights be it bunnings or ebay or some place else because my place desperately needs solar lights in some blind spots where falling and tripping is a hazard.


    Ni-Cad battery? probably last a week…


    These are cheap crappy lights that will probably only last a few months.

    Don't even think they have a waterproof rating.


    Sold out most places in Brisbane Region. Cannon Hill store ended up giving us the aluminium ones for $2 instead.


    Can i use my old Eneloops in these?