Buy a $500 Crown Gift Card and Get $550 in Value @ Crown Gifts


Buy a $500 crown gift card and get $550 in value.

Pretty much the same offer as last November.

10% additional value is nothing fantastic, but it's the best they offer each year now, the $400 for $500 value has not returned.

Also as a bonus they do not charge a credit card surcharge on giftcards (unlike anywhere else at Crown), so you are saving an additional 1.2%

Gift cards are good for hotel stays and restaurants at Crown, for a list of venues see

You can only purchase 1 $500 giftcard at a time to get this offer, but you can make multiple purchases of 1 card.

Terms and conditions: offer is strictly limited and valid for purchases made from 15 November – 31 December 2019. Offer is subject to availability at time of purchase, one gift card is issued per transaction. Offer is only valid with the purchase of a $500 gift card denomination. Offer is strictly limited and only available via Crown Gifts online. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer via Crown Melbourne, Crown Perth or Crown Gifts. Please refer to for further terms and conditions on purchases via Crown.

As of 31 March 2018, Crown Gift cards are valid for three years from date of purchase

Gift cards cannot be redeemed for Conferencing and Events.

Gift cards cannot be redeemed for another gift card or package via Crown Gifts. All packages and denominations via Crown Gifts are issued as a gift card.

Crown Gift Cards are NOT valid for redemption at any of the Retail stores in Melbourne or Perth.

Crown Gift Cards are NOT valid for redemption at Food court outlets, or Snack bars

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    Yeah how ridiculous is it that they charge so much for rooms (which given what they provide I'd happily pay especially at corporate rates), but still charge surcharge for credit cards.
    I think surcharge for credit cards at hotels and hospitals/medical centres (though not related) should be banned. Surely they can absorb the costs


    Average deal. If dining in certain restaurants like Crown Melbourne - Koko, Nobu, Bistro Guillaume, Spice Temple, Rosetta, you can get 20% off or more, when there are deals on gift cards such as Good Food or Gourmet Traveller


    I see your $50 and raise you a $550 Crown Voucher.


    Not as good as the old $400 with $100 extra I stocked up on them to pay for the room and use in their restaurants was a great week


    Bought $500 for $600 last time so can wait, especially since I lost silver now. No more free bread and drinks at Riverside…


      What free bread?


        At the Riverside restaurant. Grab a $7.50 meal, two (or more!) free bread rolls with butter, and multiple free drinks including a iced choc for dessert… best $7.50 value meal around :)


    Not quite 10%, this is like GST so it’s only 9.1% off.


    Did anyone buy the Comfort Sleep Mattress from Crown?

    It seems to be identical to the Comfort Sleep Signature collection all of which sell for $2800+ when on sale… My only worry is that it may have more fire retardant than needed.

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