This was posted 2 years 2 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$20 off No Minimum Spend @ Klook


Max 5000 redemptions and also one user per account.

Travel Trends 2020 Survey
Complete our survey and receive $20 off your next booking! No minimum spend applies.

Coupon code seems generic

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Referrer receives $4 credit after referee's 1st completed activity. Referee gets $5 credit on signup.

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  • Thanks OP. Just booked something for Korea!

    • +1

      Glad it worked ๐Ÿ˜Š enjoy your trip

  • +2

    Max 5000 redemptions and also one use per account.

  • +5

    Only valid for the first 5000 to complete survey….or now with this post the first 5000 ozbarginers

  • +3

    $0.90 Eureka Skydeck, thanks!

    • -1

      Bought Skybus AVV-MEL Bus Tkt for $4.00. :+)

  • Thanks OP!

  • -1

    Cheers OP! Got free Melbourne Museum and KAWS exhibition tickets :)

  • Link for survey?

  • +5

    Free skybus ticket sorted

  • Got a Japan 8 days 3GB simcard for $1.59! Great bargain!

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • The code is saying "not applicable" ?

    • What are you trying to buy?

      Maybe they've already hit the 5000 limit or sometimes they limit the things you can buy with promo codes.

      • +5

        Put your mobile number in first. Only valid for AU or NZ phones.

        • For people setting up new accounts, you need to make sure your country is setup to Australia or NZ. - This can be done via the dashboard. If you don't have a country set, you will get an error and the code/coupon will not apply.
          I verified email.
          then added a phone number but didn't need to verify the number.
          hope this helps.

          EDIT: looks like you need to verify phone number at checkout.

  • Thanks - worked great! Transport from Bangkok airport sorted for $7.39!

    • Bangkok eh? Spend that $20 you saved wisely ;)

  • Thanks got 2 free tickets to the perth mint!

  • Nice one OP. Fanx.

  • So, in the order confirmation it read "You have 1 activity pending confirmation", along with the pending status.

    Should I be concerned?

    • When searching go to Filter and select instant confirmation, some activities aren't confirmed instantly and will need to wait for the business to confirm availability. No need to be concerned :p

  • +1

    free skybus ticket received - thanks

  • Thanks Op, free entry to Aqwa perth for my boy.

  • Melb art museum ticket also or melb museum

  • my booking does not go through due to reaching the maximum number of redeem

  • +4

    Think the skybus is going to be packed with ozbargainers.
    Me included

  • -1

    Hi guys, I noticed that though description of some activities say 'open date ticket', they ask for a date when you try to make a booking. Does that mean I have to decide on a date now regardless it is 'open date ticket'? Thanks

    • +1

      It will be an open date ticket if it says so.

      But if you want 100% guarantee, contact Klook so you have their confirmation in writing.

      • Thanks. =)

  • Looks like the party is over "this promo code has already been used…"

  • Thanks OP, bought tickets for teamLab Borderless Tokyo. I used shopback too for an extra 1% off.

    • +1

      Great job. They cost a fortune when we bought it there but well worth the visit!

  • -1

    Awesome, got two free admissions for Seoul Tower

  • -1

    Thank you OP
    Managed to get good savings on Tokyo Skytree and Melbourne Star tickets

    Also, been used maximum amount of times now

  • Thanks op got a SIM for my next trip to New Zealand

  • This promo code has already been used the maximum number of times

  • +2

    we just hammered it, nice work!

  • -1

    Thanks! Booked 2 Hard rock cafe for next year's trip.

  • Cheers got 2 Bali Sims with 10gb data each for 70cents.

    • is it still working ?

      • Expired

        • yup ;/

  • Thanks Ops, I could preorder 4G SIm card for Singapore.

  • Thanks OP. Used for an airport pickup- much appreciated.

  • -1

    Legend - saved $60 on bookings for an upcoming Europe trip.

  • +9

    Did the survey before checking ozb and after itโ€™s been ozbargained :-(

    • +1

      Me as well

      • Me too, would have been nice if Klook had told us beforehand that it was limited to 5000 redemptions in the email. Wasted my time and gave my info for nothing. Should have rang my mum instead.

        • +4

          It's not too late. ๐Ÿ˜ You can still call her. ๐Ÿ’

      • Same!

    • Me three. Sad way to run a survey.

  • +7

    Ugh wasted my time on the survey too… They probably shouldn't have made the code generic so that those who legit did the survey don't miss out.

    • same boat

      • +1

        Email their customer support and if you completed the survey they will send you a 1 use unique code.

        • Great customer service. I can also confirm that I received a unique code from Klook after the problem with the survey. I successfully applied the unique code and got $20 off my purchase.

          • @waitinghopefully: They never sent me a unique code. Iโ€™ll try again, what did you guys put on the email?

          • @waitinghopefully: Whatโ€™s the email address? I just submitted a general enquiry from the Klook app form. No replies yet.

  • Ha ha I did the survey after about half an hour after receiving the email on saturday. Got rejected using code. Replied quite aggressively to the [email protected] email which probably does not work so just sent a less blunt message to Klook on how I felt about it on the app contact us.

    • Wow I only got the email of the survey on Sunday

      • Actually it was Sunday. Oops. My mistake.

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