[SA] iPod Touch 6th Gen 128GB for $198 @ Officeworks Keswick (Clearance)


I'm not sure if this is clearance across all stores. Seems to be a reasonable price for the 128Gb model. Even though its not the latest and wont run iOS 13 its still a good music player / mini tablet :)

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    its still a good music player / mini tablet

    Is it just me who doesn't see the sense in buying an iPod Touch nowadays when phones can be bought just as cheap with expandable storage? Carrying around a second device just for music these days is unnecessary?

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      Maybe unnecessary, but does have a few advantages over just carrying one phone, especially if you have lot's of music on itunes and have an Android phone, or want better quality sound, or better battery management etc.

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        Small 1000mah battery so not sure how that's better than a phone.

        Someone can grab a cheap Android phone off Facebook or Gumtree and it will have better quality audio or DAC than this iPod.

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          I would dispute this on sound quality, a cheap android phone audio quality will be inferior to this, the iPod has a fairly good dac with cirrus and a fairly good speaker. In comparison to a Qualcomm or mediatek or exynos the dac is better, But then if you care about audio quality, why would you get this?

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            @Toughcookie: there's much better mp3 players out there now than this for $200 -especially considering the apple constraints u have to work around


            @Toughcookie: And I got a Meizu Pro 6 Plus for 100 bucks off Facebook, with a Quad DAC similar to what LG Has used in its previous flagships.

            Also, does iOS let you set custom EQ and proper bass levels adjustment? Didn't think so from memory.

            I had an ipod touch 6th gen and sold it because it didn't stack up battery wise or audio wise. Got better audio with my Meizu and using PowerAmp for jacking up the bass.


              @adrianhughes1998: Good luck with that one why don’t you grab it?, also when did I say Apple is best? I basically said there are better options.


                @Toughcookie: Re-read what i wrote. Did I imply or even write that Apple is best? You said that android phones would be inferior at that price and I gave you an example that I actually pulled off, where it's better.

                Anyways, OP has posted and a deal is a deal, no matter how shit the product is.


                  @adrianhughes1998: I can’t find that phone off marketplace I’m interested btw, definitely an outlier in comparison to a cheap android phone which typical of stock soc dac


                    @Toughcookie: Yep an outlier haha but with a bit of research can be done. Even saw LG G6's for around the 200 mark a month or so back. Kick ass DAC and processor Better than what's in the Apples.

                    Not sure why folks would go for an iPod touch at this stage of the game. Couple of years back made sense hence why I got one cheap off Facebook. Now not even close.

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                      @adrianhughes1998: Haha, people get so personal and fired up with their Own Personal preference that they completely forget about how other people use tech.

                      My comment was regarding using just one device versus two devices when using one for lot's of music/other/etc. and not Apple V Android, I thought that was Clear.

                      But thanks for pointing out that the Meizu Pro 6 has a good DAC and decent phone if bought cheaply. is it upgradable beyond Marshmellow without installing custom roms?

                      I use a HTC 10 also for the good sound as well as a Fiio, and never replaced my old ipod touch four years ago after it got stolen O.S.

                      I bet not many people have considered that some parents prefer a child to use an ipod rather than phone for obvious security/prepaid sim cost/health reasons as well as already having an established Apple Ecosystem ( lol ) from parents or siblings and have a healthy budged so this $198 is no big deal for them.


                        @ozhunter68: Nope wasn't clear that it was to be a moderated thread of opinions. I'm listing alternatives, people are free to make their own choices that's up to them. And of course their device ecosystem circumstances.

                        Yep, got Pro 6 on Nougat with FlymeOS 7.3. Not a custom ROM. There are hardly any custom ROMs because surprise surprise it's an Exynos chipset and they're notoriously hard to develop for / Samsung doesn't like releasing source code for its chipsets. So not sure what your point is.

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            @Toughcookie: Hei, do you know exynus has cirrus Logic CS47L93 DAC inside and Qualcomms Aqstic line of DACs are equaly good as well.


          @adrianhughes1998: @ozhunter68:

          Wonderful news. Flyme 8 which is most likely based on Android 9 Pie will be releasing in December this year https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/11/11/meizu-flyme-8-stable-r...

          You could probably grab it from this link when Flyme 8 for the Pro 6 Plus comes out around December if promised https://www.flyme.cn/firmwarelist-101.html#3

          It's easy to update. Just place the update.zip in the root of the sdcard not the phone, switch off the phone then hold volume up and power button while starting it up then update.


    Definitely not worth the price due to the specs and repairability, would rather get a used 6S.


    Rather buy a 2nd hand ipod classic.

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    Take a hundred off and I'd almost give it a go out of nostalgia, but 200 is ridiculous for a clearance price.

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    Picking one up for my Daughter, shes turning 15 and this would be a nice gift and a push to keep to her dreams of being a reputable artist.